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May 26, 2014

Pina is a “Wild Bird” and Sandy has Canker

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Diary as of 1/22 – 2/7/2014

1/22   Look at our Pina: doesn’t she look like a “wild” bird (in any sense of the word ) –  sitting on one of her favourite places on the balcony?






And here is one of our circus artists who manage to balance on a very thin line:






1/23   Fifi laid her second egg #16 and Jimi is taking his turns to sit on the eggs again. He IS a faithful and dear husband!!!

1/24   Everything is going normal.

1/25   Today I found Sandy’s place where he sleeps on the balcony full of his vomit. So I gave him a Spartrix in the morning. During the day he seemed to feel better again. I will see how it goes during the night.

1/26   This morning I discovered new vomitted food though. So I grabbed Sandy when he came in to eat with the others. I put him immediately into one of the hospital boxes. I hoped that he wouldn’t become really sick as I caught him early. Apparently his mate had sensed that he had canker and had left him on last Friday. Can you believe this? He was terribly sad and was calling for her the whole day. This really did not help. What a rotten tart – she had promised “in good days and in bad”.

1/27   Sandy is still vomitting – after the 3rd Spartrix – so the canker was worse than I had hoped. I put him additionally on Flagyl and tube fed him baby millet cereal with apple juice and propolis. I also gave him a warm water bottle which I exchanged regularly as he seemed to need additional warmth.

1/28  After 4 days of throwing up Sandy has finally stopped vomitting. Thank heaven. He seems to feel much better. I think he (the only red male of the balcony flock) is on the way to recovery.

1/29   Last night I fed him de-frosted peas to see how he manages non-liquid food. He did very well during the night. His poops have become a bit firmer and he did not vomit. So he will get his medicine for 2 more days and off into freedom again if everything goes well.

It is fascinating: as a patient Sandy is totally obedient, takes his medicine without quarreling and has no problems to be tube fed. On the balcony he is very bossy with the others and never misses a good fight.

This was Sandy and his faithless Adele when they were still so much in love



1/30  Sandy is increasingly feeling better. Tomorrow he will have his last Flagyl portion.

1/31   This morning I gave Sandy his last medicine. If everything goes well he will be out tomorrow again if the weather is dry and nice.

2/1   Sandy is out on the balcony again. He is completely well and had his first bath today even in lovely sunshine together with the others and spent his first night outside as well. He is courting the females and seems to have put his unfaithful wife into the bin of oblivion…

2/2   Sandy is doing very well. His poops look a bit mushy still of course but it takes a little while until it is firming up again. So no worries.

2/3   Micky and Maggy should be coming off their plaster eggs by now…

2/5   The ladies are still on their eggs.

2/7   Now it would have been Fifi’s turn to leave the eggs. But also she is not willing to so yet. What’s the matter with these ladies???




November 8, 2013

Pina’s Birthday, a Miracle and Betty is limping

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From the

Diary as of 7/21 – 8/6/2013

7/21   It is Pina’s birthday today!!!! My sweet little baby has turned 4 years! Oh my – I still can remember those times when she hardly made it to her first birthday when she was scalped and badly injured by a foreign pigeon who wanted to steal and occupy the nest of Pina and her little brother Peppi. And then came that awful PMV infection where she was sick for many months and where we thought that she would never be able to fly again if she would survive at all. I dearly wish that she will have a long and happy life from now on. Happy Birthday, my little princess! loveFifi laid her first egg #3 in her new house!

7/22   Maggie laid her first egg #25. Oh my – time flies by…

7/23   Fifi laid her second egg #4. She is also creating perfect little eggs!

7/24   Maggie laid her second egg #26.

7/25   Now it’s Micky‘s turn: she laid her first egg #27. I wished she would give her body a longer pause as Pina does.

7/26   I forgot to tell you that we have two new little ones – the kids of Sandy and Adele with breathtaking colours. Amanda – with colours I have never seen in our area:


Amanda’s sibling is Vroni:


And here are some pics with Sandy and his kids together:


7/27   Pina is still not laying. After she and Rudi started to build their nest again now for the 3rd time without Pina laying, I thought I might try something different and put one of the plaster eggs into her nest. I had the impression that Rudi became somehow frustrated that he had nothing to “sit on” because he went to the nest and sat there for quite a while as if Pina had laid an egg. And Pina became somehow stressed also because no egg wanted to appear. So why not help them with a simple trick. Since the plaster egg is in the nest they both behave normal again and are very content. Oh my – now I am also a pigeon-shrink!!!

Micky laid her second egg # 28.

7/29   Jimi is totally happy with his Fifi. Did I tell you that I built a wooden house for them also, similar to the one that Gino and Micky have? It took less than 2 hours until Jimi and Fifi claimed it to be their own. They simply loved it. Also Jimi has started to sit on my knee again to have his meals there. He has become even more trustful towards me and defends his seat when anyone else is trying to sit on my knee. Oh my…



Both are very tolerant when I exchange their eggs for the plaster eggs and have no problem to sit on the fakes. Fifi is also very trustful and always wants to eat on my knees as well. How sweet is that?

7/31   Btw – regarding Fifi’s foot/toes – it healed completely!!! I really don’t know how this is possible with a broken tendon but apparently she somehow can cope with it. Since WEEKS I haven’t seen her curling her toes – instead the toes are perfectly normal and she can walk as if never anything had happened. It appears like a miracle to me and I am dearly happy about this.


this was the original condition in June – curling toes

8/3   We had another nearly patient – it was Nermel – with both feet bound together but thank heaven there was no damage done yet – not even a swelling and the job was easy. I don’t know what this little bugger was up to but apparently he had been too curious and went somewhere where he shouldn’t. I hate people who just shake their carpets on the balcony never thinking a bit what consequences this might have. I can only repeat again and again – these string injuries are terrible. They are mostly not only long time healing wounds but pigeons who are unlucky suffer extremely from pain and infections. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR CARPETS ETC!!!

8/5   What else? Berty and Babsi were here again. Berty is the one with only 3 toes left. All others have fallen off. I only could help him several months ago when one of his remaining toes was still bound. Poor little fellow – I wished I had met him before this all happened. He is such a beautiful one – totally black with huge eyes.

Tonight I have to check what’s the matter with Betty’s left leg – she is limping heavily. I very much hope that it is nothing serious and that I can help her quickly. We will see.

8/6   I checked Betty’s leg yesterday evening: it must have been broken some time ago. I could not detect any injury on the surface of the skin but when I felt her bone thoroughly I detected a “sharp” edge where there should have been smooth bone. So I think it was broken but the bone did not align cleanly. It healed but apparently she still had some problems with it. So I gave her some extra Calcium and massaged the leg with DMSO. Repeated this procedure after 2 days with positive results. No limping any more. And another pleasant development – Betty becomes a little more trusting: she even flew on the shelf – sitting next to Pina…




February 23, 2013

Strange Poop and Sandy has a Crop Rupture

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I am very behind my posts again so here is an update now:

From the

Diary as of 11/26 – 11/30/2012

11/26   Nothing special to report besides found some very strange poop on our balcony balustrade and I made some pics. I have never seen something like that before – no smell btw. Questioning other people who have some experience with pigeons did not really help.

My suspicion was that the poop was simply from some dark berries the pigeon might have been eaten for lack of other food???? The consistency was relatively thin – therefore I smeared it on a piece of kitchen paper to be able to photograph it properly. I could not detect any worms and it did not look like intestinal blood to me…


11/27   Something is wrong with Sandy. Cannot determine what it is yet.

11/29   I caught Sandy today. I observed him making the penguin stance for 2 days now after drinking and I wanted to check him out what was wrong. Also I saw that there were some feathers on his crop standing away slightly. When I had him on my table, I realized that he had a crop rupture, about 3 cm wide, horizontally in the middle of his crop . The wound must have been already a few days old (I had not seen him for a few days before), some dried seeds sticking in and around the wound but could not see any open hole into the crop itself. So the only thing I did was filling the hole with holy ashes from Sai Baba, pulling softly his feathers over the hole again and released him.

I checked his mouth, I checked his poop – there were no signs of an infection. He was eating with great appetite, courting other females, flying around and behaving as if nothing had happened. Only when he was drinking he was very upright afterwards as if he had to let the water run slowly down his crop. His feathers around the wound were totally dry and clean – so apparently there was no leakage from the wound.

I will observe him further but I think this time I thought it was better to leave him alone (other than the case with Loki where the wound was fresh and the seeds falling out of his crop. If I only knew what had happened to him. He is a very cautious bird and it took him a long time until he dared to come in for the first time.

Poor Sandy – I wished I could have helped him better but if I had started to remove all the old dried stuff (which will eventually fall off by itself anyway) I would have hurt him much more and put him under enormous stress. It is not easy to make a decision such as this one but these birds are strong when healthy and living in the open forces them to help themselves. So human intervention is not always applicable.

11/30   Sandy seems to do very well, eating and drinking still with penguin stance. I still leave him alone but will continue toobserve him.


September 3, 2012

Gino is caught in a Venus Trap and finds a new Girlfriend: Micky

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From the

Diary as of 6/1 – 6/15/2012

6/1   The weather is simply awful. It is raining since about 2 weeks. In between there is a bit sun shine but hardly an hour later it starts raining again. Not a good start into June. And not the kind of summer we were deperately hoping for. And the pijjies too…

The pijjies make liquid poop and you can clearly see that they don’t like this weather. I am only glad that no-one seems to be really sick so far.

6/2   I think Gino was caught in a venus trap. As it happens with humans this “sweet little” Adele is only playing with our poor Gino, trying to seduce him. Sometimes she is flirting with Gino and the other day she is together with Sandy. What kind of game is she up to???

6/4   I think Sandy and Adele are playing a real nasty game: in fact Adele is Sandy’s girlfriend but they both exploit Gino because they hope to get some food using Gino as a “door opener”. What a trickster pair!!! Gino – being so young and naive – hoped that he had found some new “friends” but in reality these both are cheating. I cannot believe this that pigeons can be so calculating.

6/5   Today Gino was perching in his hanging pot, obviously very sad and disappointed and watched Sandy who was cuddling with Adele. I think Gino slowly starts to understand that Adele will not become his girlfriend.

6/6   Micky is eating like a piggy so I thought she must have kids but I am not sure. I had her in my hands today and she has an incredible tough body, pure muscles. She is very slender but flying a lot and very fast. She is like a torpedo. No wonder that she eats so much. I wonder where she puts all that food though….

I am soooo happy that she is doing so well after she has been so sick (PMV).

6/7   Micky suddenly showed interest in Gino and was heavily flirting with him. Oh Gino. This is going to be a real drama.  Apparently Micky has sent her second mate to hell as well and now she fell in love with Gino. I can hardly believe it. Are we a kind of pigeon partnership organization or what – http://www.pijjie love.org???? It is soooooo funny. And apparently our Gino is exactly what our wild Micky was looking for. She is so sweet again and Gino has her fully under control – he, our youngster, has become a MAN!!!!

Gino and Micky

Micky – very decoratively placed between my plants

6/8   Micky and Gino have started to build their current love nest (one of my hanging pots!) on the balcony and to my amazement Lucky and Emma are tolerating it at the moment. We will see how this will continue. I have the feeling that Lucky has made a “contract” with Gino: he, Gino, helps Lucky or rather Lucky delegated the job to Gino – to chase off all the other pigeons who do not belong to the family. As a “payment” Gino may stay on the balcony with his mate. Isn’t this funny? Oh my – I think I am becoming gaga slowly with all these stories…

Anyway – Gino and Micky are such a sweet couple now coming in every day together, flying straight away into our bedroom where they still have their food bowl, in order to take their meals there and then they leave again together and fly to their nest or take a round trip in the neighbourhood until they are coming back.

6/9   More pijjies are coming to eat again. I think it is the wet weather. So I am feeding a bit more again at the moment because they are all getting very wet while they are grazing. This way they have more time again to dry their plumage. I don’t want them to become sick.

6/10   Today I watched Gino to court Chica. Awwwwww – this would be our dream couple. Chica is such a sweet pigeon girl. She would be a lovely mate for our Gino. But she is still much too young and has no real interest in Gino. We will see what happens.

6/12   Chica is something very special. First she is still together with her parents, Woody and Maggie, which is quite unusual. During the night she sleeps on our balcony and each morning she is picked up by her parents – then they fly together away for grazing. Second – she is very beautiful. I don’t know how she manages this but her white belly is ALWAYS white and she never gets wet or dirty. On one hand she is quite independant on the other she is still hanging around with her parents but she regularly comes inside alone for feeding. She must be about 3 months now.

6/13   Tonight was a bad night: awfully raining and cold – only 12°C. And today of all nights Gino decided to stay outside. Silly little bugger. After it was already very difficult to get him in during the last days he now wanted to stay with his girlfriends on the hanging pots on our balcony. The result was that there was a lot of flutter in the night so I tried to get him in again at 1 °clock in the night. Without success. He even flew away to the neighbour balcony where always a few of the balcony flock are spending the night. This silly little bugger preferred to stay with the raunchy gang instead of spending the night in his luxury bed. Teenagers!!!!

6/14   In the morning though he came in, a little bit sheepish, went to his food bowl in our bedroom, filled his tummy and then went straight away to his favourite perching place on the book shelf. There he stayed at least for an hour – probably to get warm again and relax from the adventure.

Today I managed to take some photos of our Georgi – the pidge with the unusual eyes. He is visiting our balcony since more than 4 years now and had disappeared last year for at least half a year. So I thought that he had migrated to somewhere else. But since a couple of weeks he is back again. Lovely Georgi – it is definitely him not only because of his eyes but I could identify him also from the colour of his plumage:

Georgi (I gave him a Russian name – don’t know why – lol)

What a stare…

and what a colour!!!

And this photo was taken in 2009:

Georgi in November, 2009

6/15   Today is the first day since 3 weeks where it has not rained yet. I could finally clean the balcony properly. Gino enjoyed the sun on his new favourite place – the wooden shelf on the right side between my plants. It was his second night outside and he slept between his two girlfriends: Chica and Micky. What a pigeon boy!!!


April 9, 2012

Rudi is working on his Nest and a Jealousy Drama between Micky and Pina

From the

Diary as of 2/5 – 2/12/2012

2/5   Rudi is working more than diligently on the nest: he flew uncounted times from the floor to the closet and brought Pina the cartonage stripes that I always cut for them. They both love this material. The pigeons outside on the balcony btw as well. They always steal them from Lucky when I have provided him with a pile of that stuff 

2/6   Pina is due – after28 days again she laid her first perfect egg #53.

My little baby is incredible – like a clock. I wished she wouldn’t do this so often and take more freedom for herself and give herbody a longer rest. But what can I do????

2/7   Emma and Lucky are cuddling again and eating a lot as well as all the others whom I feed at least 4 times per day. It is incredibly cold and my chrysanthemum is deep frozen. All the new shoots are deeply frozen and probably dead. What a shame. Who could have thought that it would become that icy?

2/8   Pina laid her second egg# 54 in the lateafternoon. Another perfect egg – I am very relieved. Giving her more Calcivet during the week before laying seems to work perfectly.

Lucky and Emma were also working on their nest again but emma is not ready yet to lay. I really hope she takes more time still and I am nervous about her next eggs…

2/9   Finally I managed to get some photos of Sandy – a new pigeon that appeared on the balcony with a wonderful colouring and completely different from all the others here. Unfortunately the light was not so great so that his lovely colours cannot really be seen. But at least you get a glimpse:

2/10   Today we had a little jealousy drama between Pina and Micky. I had Pina in my t-shirt and she climbed out of it on my shoulder while I was walking into the bedroom. When Micky realized that Pina was sitting on my shoulder – her place – she immediately flew to my shoulder, pecked angrily at Pina so that Pina was forced to fly down. Oh my – they are fighting over me – who’s allowed to sit on mummy’s shoulder? Afterwards Pina was totally miffed and ignored me at least for half an hour until she looked at me again and was willing to play with me. What a princess..

Emma laid her first egg #84 – did not look very well but was still okay.

2/11   Emma laid already her second egg #85 – same as before: rough shell. Should I be worried?

2/12   Today was weighing day for Pina and Micky: Pina had 360 gr and Micky kept her weight of 334 gr although she is eating all by herself. Good girl. Only her poops still look awful.

Micky’s preferred perching places on the HiFi and my Hoya:


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