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April 27, 2014

Jimi plays Couch Potato and Hermine is free again!

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Diary as of 1/16 – 1/21/2014

1/16   Our little Hermine with the bite on her wing makes good progress.
Now that all the swelling is gone and most of the bruises healed I could see that no bone was damaged although she is still dragging her wing. She was VERY lucky.

Her flying exercises in our bedroom show me that she will completely recover again. She is a little rascal and I swear if I knew not better she could be the female twin of our Gino: same voice, nearly same colour and always those triumphant howls when she achieved something new – such as flying up to the bookshelf and landing on top of it just 5 cm below the ceiling.
Just as Gino she is very communicative and singing the whole day. What a sweet personality!

She only needs a bit more time to exercise and we are waiting for dry and mild weather to release her…

Now look at Jimi † – our couch potato and his favourite napping place in front of but BEHIND the large window in our bedroom:






(Oh – how I miss you my darling boy ♥♥♥♥♥)

1/17   Micky laid her first egg #39 and Maggie as well. Hers is #35.

1/18   Had to cut Rudi’s nails again – especially the one that grows in a circle horizontally. I am always afraid that he might entangle himself somewhere if I don’t do it because it does not get worn as usual. But other than that his feet are in good condition despite the string injury.

1/19   Micky laid her second egg #40 and Maggie did so too. Egg #36.

1/20   I am a bit sad today: we released our Hermine this morning after she tried desperately to get out of her box. I did not have the heart to confine her any longer. The weather has dried up a bit – not so foggy as it was during the last days but quite dark due to the high fog.
You should have seen her when I put the box on the balcony and opened the cover. Hermine flew immediately on one of the hanging pots and did her triumph dance. She was soooooo happy. I will miss her terribly. She is such a cheerful pijjie and sang nearly the whole day. Even Rudi liked her and sang together with her each morning before we let them out of their boxes.

At the moment she is still around, making friends with our other balcony pijjies. So my hope is that she will come for breakfast or dinner regularly.
Fly safe little Hermine ♥

As I could not predict how long her wing would be drooping still and due to her exercises inside where she showed us that she could fly perfectly we did not have the heart to confine her any longer. Some time later she appeared again as if she wanted to tell us that everything was okay. What a sweet pijjie!

1/21   Fifi laid her first egg today – it was #15.

I was a bit nervous this morning because the weather had turned into an ugly rainy day again and Hermine had spent her first night outside. But she came with the others to take her breakfast and she ate with great appetite. I was very relieved! In the afternoon she appeared again to eat her supper together with the others. What a relief. Everything was perfect.




February 10, 2014

Betty is sitting on the same Plaster Eggs since 38 Days and Gino has Canker

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Diary as of 11/23 – 11/28/2013

11/23   Feeding time – this morning the usual chaos in my livingroom again but I truly don’t mind. I love watching them how they line up neatly and tug their little heads next to one another into the wooden food boxes. And then  you hear only “tuck tuck tuck tuck” besides some chitter chatter when the beaks touch the wood of the food boxes. I REALLY HAVE TO MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT THIS. Looks sooo funny but I need more light not the terrible darkness we have at the moment…

11/24   Jimi is still always the first I let inside because he hates all the chaos and wants his peace. He then waddles into our bedroom where he has his own place and his food bowels. He is always the one who needs time for everything and he hates to be in a hurry. After eating he flies to his place on the bookshelf and stays there until late in the afternoon. Poor Fifi is alone for the whole day but apparently she can cope with this because she can come inside to eat something any time and does not need to leave the (plaster-)eggs for a longer time. Strange behaviour of Jimi – isn’t it?

He does not want to fly outside – maybe it’s his tumor, that is still in his chest, that disturbs him but on the other hand he is eating with very good appetite and his poops are perfect. He loves to listen to classical music that runs for the whole day and loves to be in our presence. So he seems to be absolutely content and happy.

Already as a child Jimi was different – he preferred to be alone rather than together with the others. In the late afternoon he indicates that he wants to leave, takes a long drink from the warm water bowl which I always prepare extra for him (he loves warm vinegar soup – lol) and then flies to his house, greets his wife and settles down for the night. And Fifi seems to accept his behaviour. Well – this is obviously the agreement between them: she has a house, regular meals and drinks. And love from time to time… Just like a marriage contract. Funny – isn’t it?

11/26   Betty is sitting on the same plaster eggs since 38 days now!!!

11/27   Gino came in this morning with that typical sad look where I know immediately that something is wrong. He did not start eating instantly as he usually does, was quiet instead of doing his usual chit-chat but sat on the edge of the cardboard wall and started vomiting heavily. So I grabbed him and after a thorough check and a look into his mouth I knew it was canker. There were no yellow nodules to be seen but his mouth was bright red on one side instead of his usual pink. So I gave him a Spartrix pill and prepared quickly Pina’s box to put him inside. I also gave him a warm water bottle and soon he settled down and looked quite content, knowing that Mommy would help him. He did not vomit again but his poop looked like that typical canker poop, dark green, mushy-slimy – yuck!

11/28   After apparently a good night sleep Gino looked much better in the morning. I gave him another Spartrix pill and he then indicated that he wanted to go out again. I let him and he flew immediately to his house where he and his wife Micky greeted each other with so much joy, dancing around each other and being happy that their world was okay again. It was so sweet. The day before Micky had come in for a quick snack several times – apparently she knew exactly where Gino was and did not seem to feel nervous about his where-abouts at all and that he did not take his turn on the eggs. Now everything was okay again, Gino went straight into his house to sit on the eggs and Micky could fly out again. What a happy couple!

And here is one of the rare photos I have of Lucky and Betty:



January 17, 2014

Rudi is working like a Berserk and Jimi loves Vinegar Soup

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Diary as of 11/1 – 11/22/2013

11/1   I am still pissed off because of the damage on my little car. Hopefully the insurance will handle this with generosity – ahem… (they did not!!!)

11/2   Fifi, Maggie and Micky should have been leaving their plaster eggs by now but they didn’t. I can understand – it is nicer to sit in the house than having to run around outside although the weather is still quite nice!!!

11/3   Gave Jimi his vitamin pill and the ladies got their usual extra calcium.

11/4   The weather is still unusually mild and I just love it because my balcony still looks like a garden with some plants blooming still.



The pijjies of course love this too and they perch on various places to collect some sunshine.


Jimi seems to feel a bit better again but his tumor is still there. Poor baby – I really hope that this is coming off soon. It’s been too long now. At least his beautiful head and face is restored again from the moult.

11/5   It would be Pina’s and Betty’s time now to leave the plaster eggs but they did not either. What’s up with these ladies? On strike???? In fact I am glad about this delay because any additional day is better for the body and to sit on eggs is so relaxing – isn’t it?

11/6   Pina got her extra vitamin pill today.

11/7   Maggie finally decided to leave her plaster eggs and is cuddling with her Woodie again.

11/8   Now Micky and Fifi left her plaster eggs also. Everybody is copying the other – why are they always doing the same at the same time? Competition? Jealousy? Very funny!

11/10   Calcium and vitamin day again: Betty and Pina got their calcium and Jimi his pill. There is a pause – regarding calcium – for Micky and Maggie because they do not sit on their eggs any more and I don’t want to stress them uneccessarily with catching them for their syringe. I have to wait until they sit on new eggs again.

11/12   Maggie, Micky and Fifi should have been laying by now but there is no new egg yet.

11/13   We have chaos time again: Micky and Gino are in mating mode, Woodie and Maggie are in mating mode, Jimi and Fifi are more or less (rather less) in mating mode and Pina and Rudi are in mating mode as well. Betty is still sitting on her plaster eggs but then she did lay later than the others. Chasing mode is now the program and you can certainly imagine what this means especially when 20 more hungry mouths want to have breakfast at the same time in our livingroom!!!

11/14   Rudi is working like a berserk. He carried every little cardboard stripe I had cut on the closet until Pina sat on a heap of cardboard stripes, orderly put in a circle, like the princess on the pea – lol. Unfortunately I have no photo – should think about it the next time. It is really funny and very sweet. I am always amazed by Rudi’s incredible condition. It is not easy for a bird of his size and weight (420 gr) to fly vertically from the floor to the top of the closet just beneath the ceiling. And this much more than a hundred times!!!! But he does not stop until he has snatched the very last stripe for his princess.

11/15    Okay – Maggie, Micky and Pina decided that it is egg laying time: Maggie laid her first egg #31 and Micky laid egg #35. Pina went to her new nest but again she did not lay so I gave her a plaster egg anyway to keep her stress level down.

11/16   Now it would have been Betty’s turn to lay new eggs but she is on strike so far. She seems to love her home much more than producing babies and probably thinks that the eggs she is sitting on are enough. Probably she knows exactly by now that there will be no babies and she is enjoying her peace in Emma’s house. (It will always be Emma’s house). And Lucky seems to enjoy his time on the plaster eggs also. Apparently he has become lazy as well.

11/17   Micky laid her second egg #36, Maggie hers #32 and Fifi laid her first egg now #11.

11/18   Today we drove to the forest again and visited Emma’s and Flea’s grave. There must have been some creatures digging at the place because we detected some holes and the moss I had put additionally on top was thrown aside. I only hope that not all of the crocusses will be eaten by mice and that something will bloom next spring.

11/19   Fifi laid her second egg #12. Normally I am exchanging the eggs when the second has been laid. This time I will wait a few more days before I exchange Fifi’s eggs to see whether they are fertilized. Due to Jimi’s strange behaviour I doubt that they are because I have not seen Jimi coupling with his wife once. But I may be wrong of course.

Jimi is always the first I let inside each morning because he hates all the chaos created by the others and rather wants his peace. He then waddles into our bedroom where he has his own place and his food bowels. He is always the one who needs time for everything and he hates to be in a hurry. After eating he flies to his place on the bookshelf and stays there until late in the afternoon. Poor Fifi is alone for the whole day and sitting on the eggs but apparently she can cope with this because she can come inside to eat something any time and does not need to leave the (plaster-)eggs for a longer time. Strange behaviour of Jimi – isn’t it? It was different at the beginning of their relationship but now he leaves her alone for the whole day.

I must admit though that it looks very comfortable how he is perching on our bed – much nicer than outside:





Jimi does not want to fly outside – maybe it’s his tumor, that is still in his chest, that disturbs him but on the other hand he is eating with very good appetite and his poops are perfect. His movements are completely normal and he has no difficulties to fly up to his house. There have been other times where he was terribly weak. But currently he is doing very well. He loves to listen to classical music that runs for the whole day and loves to be in our presence. So he seems to be absolutely content and happy.

Already as a child Jimi was different, a lonesomer.  He preferred to be alone rather than together with the others. In the late afternoon he indicates that he wants to leave, takes a long drink from the warm water bowl which I always prepare extra for him (he loves warm vinegar soup – lol) and then flies up to his house, greets his wife and settles down for the night. And Fifi  – she seems to accept his behaviour. Well – this is the agreement between them: she has a house, regular meals and drinks. Just like a marriage contract. Funny – isn’t it?

11/20   Vitamin day: Pina and Jimi got their special vitamin pill (a vitamin B-complex) again.

11/21   Pijjies were very hungry again and could hardly wait until I let them inside. Temperatures are quite low now but still no frost.

11/22   Today Jimi decided to go out a bit earlier than usual – he took a long sip from the warm vinegar water bowl and then flew straight onto the roof of his house, greeted his wife Fifi and settled for the night. What a special character!

Jimi drinking his soup:



December 26, 2013

Egg laying Time and Jimi plays Easter Bunny

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From the

Diary as of 10/14 – 10/31/2013

10/14   Soon it will be egg laying time again. The males all work hard to fil the nests with new nesting material. Woodie, Gino and Jimi are in a kind of competition who’s gonna have the most of the cardboard stripes. It is very funny to watch them…

10/15   Maggie laid her first egg #29 and Micky her’s too, egg #33. In both cases the eggs were pretty small. Strange…

10/16   Today Fifi laid her first egg #9. Unbelievable that this is already the 5th breeding cycle that they are here.

10/17   Maggie laid her second egg #30 and Micky her’s, egg #34. Again both eggs were quite small. Does this have any significance? Probably not.

Today I gave Jimi extra calcium because he is moulting heavily now and gave Pina her first Vitamin B complex pill. I hope that this will solve her feather problems – missing feathers in her face.

Look at poor Jimi – he looks like a little vulture now:


10/18   Fifi laid her second egg #10. Also she was laying small eggs but she is so young still.

Pina went to her nest in the evening. I wonder whether she will lay this time again.

10/19   Pina did NOT lay. So I put a plaster egg into her nest so that she does not get into stress. This way their family life works as if everything were as usual. Pina is content and Rudi is content as well – he apparently loves to sit on eggs – lol.

Betty laid her first egg #7. It was a perfect little egg.

10/20   Today is calcium day again: each pigeon girl gets her extra Calcivet drops and also Jimi for his moult. I have also started to give them vitamins again once a week – we call it soda pop day as preparation for the cold season. It is wonderfully mild at the moment still but winter will come eventually.

10/21   Visited Emily’s and Flea’s grave again in the forest to check out whether it was still okay. A few weeks ago I had planted some crocus around the place and I wanted to see whether the wild animals had digged through the place but everything seemed to be untouched. We will see whether they will bloom in spring – I really hope so.

Betty laid her second perfect little egg #8.

10/22   I am still worried a bit about Jimi because of his tumor/lump in his chest. That thing is huge and I wonder how long it will take still until it falls off. It must be very uncomfortable for Jimi and I think he feels some pain from time to time because he has problems with flying from the balustrade to his house underneath the ceiling. There is not much space to maneuvre though and Jimi is really a large bird. Fifi is much smaller and can do it without problems. But I have no other space where I could hang Jimi’s house unfortunately.

Jimi is eating  and drinking well though – so I probably should not worry too much but he is not flying around. He never was fond of socialising a lot with the other pijjies – already as a baby he rather preferred to be alone or near me to enjoy his peace. Therefore he got the nickname “Jimi – the philosopher”. But other than his problem with the tumor he seems to be quite happy,  having a regular family life with his beloved Fifi, having a house for himself which he does not need to defend against any intruders.

He is always the first to come inside in the early morning and is then walking straight into our bedroom where he has his foodbox with all the goodies, something to drink and the sandbox with grit and sand and his pickstone which he loves so much. There he can forage on everything he loves without being disturbed by anyone. He has a large window with plants outside where he can watch the other pijjies but still have his own peace. He loves to listen to the classical music which runs during the whole morning until he leaves again to take his turn sitting on the eggs. Isn’t this cute???

10/23   Gave Jimi and Pina their Vitamin B-complex pill.

10/25   Jimi has started to play the Easter rabbit on our bed during the morning just like Gino used to do when he was a baby still. He, Jimi, finally discovered how warm and cozy it is when he can perch on the bed. And he suddenly looks so small.


10/26   All had their bath again today. As long as it is that mild and sunny I put the bathtub outside and another one inside for Jimi, Pina and Rudi. Sometimes Micky prefers to take her bath inside as well – this way she remains undisturbed and the water stays clean – lol. She is very picky.


Rudi enjoying his bath



Micky enjoying her bath


The ladie’s bathing time: Micky, Chica and Fifi


Chica and Fifi


Chica drying up on the carpet…



10/27   Today the weather is rainy and autumn has returned – thank heaven not winter. Last year at this time we had snow already and the temperatures were freezing. This year I have still some of my room plants on the balcony and my nasturtium is still blooming! Even my angels trumpet which I planted this year for the first time (from a little shoot which I bought at the supermarket for 2 bucks and that was just 30 cm high) is still growing – now about 1,2 m high – and has even more buds waiting for  opening. I would never have thought that this tiny thing would even bloom this year after it took till midth of October to open the first blossom. Right now the 6th blossom is about to open. The perfume of these blossoms is incredible – like that of a rose with a very heavy frangrance. I keep this plant behind a net – secure from the pigeons – to their safety also because I know it is very poisenous.

Jimi played Easter bunny in our bedroom again and all the others were very naughty again. We had calcium day today and I gave Jimi one of the vitamin-B-complex pills again. I hope this helps with his tumor. Other than that he was quite in good mood and eating with great appetite and his feathers are growing again. Soon he will be my beautiful little koala bear again!

10/28   Jimi still plays Easter bunny in our bedroom after he has taken his breakfast. Funny how he discovered now something Gino knew from the beginning when he was still a baby: it is extremely comfortable to perch on the soft bed on a warm cover than anywhere else!

Jimi is still moulting:




10/31   Had a car accident today: after 13 years of not having a single little scratch on my little car some idiot ran with his car into mine because he did not pay attention what was going on in front of him. Instead he had to gawk because there had been an accident before on the crossroads where I had to turn to the right . That stupid idiot bumped fully into my car. Thank heaven there was still the police present who witnessed what this jerk did! I can tell you  I HATE THESE GAWKERS!!!

Thank heaven nothing happened to my partner nor myself – I only realized that I had a little shock and was trembling when we were home.


November 23, 2013

Bad News but Life goes on and Freddy finds a new Mate

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From the

Diary as of 8/7 – 8/24/2013

8/7   MRT scan today. Very bad news.

8/8   I am still quite shocked about the news from the MRT scan – need some time to clear up my thoughts…

8/9   Betty has left her plaster eggs. Wonder what she will be doing next regarding her behaviour towards Lucky.

8/10   Feeling depressed and as if someone has taken everything away. Hard to continue as usual – everything seems to be so meaningless now… I try to concentrate on our birds.

8/12   Maggie and Fifi have left their plaster eggs.

Did I tell you? Freddy who first tried to be Lucky’s new spouse has finally found a mate as well: it’s Quakquak, Gino’s father. Apparently Quakquak has lost his wife and now found Freddy as a new love. I find this quite sweet and another happy ending for our community and pigeonlove.com!!!



And Freddy is certainly quite a catch:


8/13   Was in the hospital today. It would have been my Mom’s 85th birthday today. Where are you Mom, I need you so much!!!

8/16   Pina left her plaster egg. I wonder what will happen this time. If she is not laying I will give her a plaster egg again – just like the last time. It is much better for her stress level and Rudi will be content as well.

8/18   The pijjies had a good day today again. It was warm and they had their bath on the balcony. Pina and Rudi flew out several times.

I think Betty will stay in the nest tonight as well as Fifi. I can hear Amanda again begging for food. She is now too old to play the baby still – but one can try – not?

8/19   Oh my – today we had egg day:  Fifi laid her first egg #5, Maggie laid hers #27 and Betty also laid her first egg again #3. I have to be very careful that I don’t lose control otherwise we will have an oops baby.

8/20   It’s Micky‘s turn – she also laid her first egg #29.

8/21   Two days later: Fifi has laid her second egg # 6, Maggie has laid her second one # 28 and Betty also laid her second egg # 4.

8/22   Who would have guessed? Micky laid her second egg #30. Little crazy Micky creates perfect eggs despite her PMV and continuous stargazing.

8/23   As assumed Pina has not laid but I gave her a plaster egg nevertheless in order to reduce her stress level. My poor baby shall feel well and not under pressure.

8/24   The pijjies’ love gives me a lot of comfort and they make me smile and even forget for a short while each day no matter what has happened. Lucky has become very trusting – more than ever. He even fights a little bit with Jimi in the meanwhile who may sit on Mommy’s knee first for feeding. Isn’t this cute? Even Fifi jumps on my knee alone when Jimi is sitting on the eggs looking at me all the time with her intense beautiful dark orange eyes and is making those smacking sounds with her beak so that I have to laugh all the time.

Even Chica (Woodie’s last kid before he and Maggie decided to live on our balcony as well and to sit on plaster eggs rather in the meanwhile) and Johnny (Chica’s mate – looks like Jimi) love to sit on my knee for feeding. What do these pijjies all think???? Well – they know that Mommy has all the goodies for them – ha!


October 28, 2013

Lucky is jealous, Freddy has been replaced and Jimi has a new House

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From the

Diary as of 7/4 – 7/20/2013

7/4   I cleaned Lucky’s nest today and put new moss inside etc. So everything is prepared if Lucky decides to have Freddy as his new mate. We will see.

7/5   Freddy again slept on the same basket as Lucky does. I still don’t know what they are doing during the day but Freddy comes inside for a little snack from time to time. I am still amazed about the fact that she integrated into the balcony “flock” just like this without showing the slightest insecurity.

7/6   It is Saturday and warm and the usual chaos. Loki and Lotti are still not giving up to try to nest on the balcony as well which is not possible of course. They are really stubborn and a bit a pain in the ass in the meanwhile.

7/7   Freddy is still here and I find that really sweet. She often sits on the balcony on a place where only she finds enough space. So she can be near Lucky without being too near – lol.

7/8   Loki and Lotti are still nerving: continue to try to nest on our balcony which is not possible. They add a lot of noise and disturbance to the group. So they have to go. Even Freddy had had enough in the evening – she came only back when it was nearly dark and quiet.

7/9   Nothing new….

7/10   The wind is gone and it is very humid again. The pijjies are all a bit agitated and somehow a bit nuts – as if this were something new. Played with Gino and tried to “introduce” the “game” to Jimi as well. I fear though that he does not understand the rules completely yet because he tries to perforate my fingers rather than nibbling on them a bit… ouch!

Lucky became so jealous today: while Jimi was sitting on my knee (yes he does this since 2 days again) Lucky jumped on my hand so that all the sunflower heart flew into the air. Apparently he could not stand that Jimi was so close to me again. These birds…

7/11   We visited Emily’s and Flea’s grave today in our favourite forest. Although it was sad again to see the place it was also comforting to know that we found such a nice place for the birds where we could have our very special “communication”. The place is so peaceful and during spring and summertime you can hear a lot of birds…


7/13   A new pigeon appeared on the balcony – could be an older daughter of Sandy because she also was carrying those orange colours in her wings. But other than Vroni or Reserl her plumage was a dark grey. Lucky seemed to be very interested in her. Where are always these new pigeons coming from????

7/14   Freddy as Lucky’s new mate is history already. What a shame. I started to love this sweet  little pigeon and the idea that she would be Emily’s successor. But not so. In the evening Lucky pushed her quite brutally out of the basket where both were sleeping for the last week or so. He was behaving very rude. Poor Freddy.

I wished it had been Freddy that took the place of Emily because she is such a sweet one and so relaxed but it was Lucky’s decision of course. I wonder what she is up to because she is still sleeping here. It was so sad to watch when Lucky bit her again as she wanted to sleep together with him in his basket but we could not do anything of course. Love goes its own way… I am very happy though that Lucky is not alone any more and he seems to be quite content and relaxed.

7/15   Lucky is en route for most of the day but when he comes back the new pigeon is there also: Betty. She never comes inside though – she is very shy. Whenever I come near her she is gone the next second. Strange. I have seen her walking into Emily’s moss house for a couple of times but when I try to look she is off like a hurricane… She is a beautiful pigeon though and Lucky and Betty would make a beautiful pigeon couple:


7/16   Betty seems to be Lucky’s new favourite. I don’t know whether I like this but it is their business. What can I do?

7/17   Betty has in fact laid her first egg#1. I am surprised.  This was quick! I have never seen her together with Lucky cuddling nor mating. Obviously they were very discreet. What is happening here? Very unusual.

Jimi and Fifi finally got their new house. Now they are fully equipped – lol. Similar to Casa Gino I built it from a wooden box with some refinements such as a large landing platform etc. This house will protect them better from the drafts in colder times than the hanging pots!


Jimi and Fifi cuddling in their hanging pot…


You would not believe it but it took less than 2 hours until they occupied their new residence. I was impressed!!!



7/18   Jimi and Fifi love their new home. They did not dare to leave it for more than a few minutes – probably for fear someone else could occupy it. Just when Jimi and Fifi were away for a second Micky inspected their new home – what a curious little brat. I wonder what she thought about it. But she and Gino have their own home already – there is no need for jealousy.

7/19   Betty laid her second egg #2. I am still not sure whether she will really be Lucky’s mate for a long time. I never see them cuddle or kiss. She never comes inside to get her breakfast or supper. A very strange relationship. I don’t understand this…

7/20   Freddy is still sleeping on the balcony, just beneath Lucky, on a little saucer filled with sand. She always comes in to get her meals here. Does she have some hopes still???

Jimi was very vocal again today. At the moment he is in mating mode with his Fifi – they are very sweet together. But Jimi should stop smoking cigars and drinking wisky – his voice is simply too croaky!!!

Micky left her plaster eggs. So we have another couple now running around like crazy.


October 27, 2013

Jimi’s Birthday and Lucky’s new Girlfriend

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From the

Diary as of 6/28 – 7/3/2013

6/28   It is Jimi’s birthday today! He has turned 5 years. What a sweet little bugger and my last baby. The last baby of Emily and Pete who is still here – the others all left.  He had so much to suffer already in these years – I wish him the best luck for the next 10 years at least. May you stay healthy, sweet Jimi.




soooooo sleepy after a voluptious meal…

6/29   Lucky is doing amazingly well without his Emily. He is eating well. I think that he feels supported by the others who live on our balcony, he does not feel alone. He is chasing the others around and is courting every female that comes near to him. AND there seems to be a new girldfriend in sight. Whether this will work we will see in due time:

Yesterday – out of the blue – a completely new pigeon appeared on our balcony. First I thought it was a squeaker because she was so small and graceful and her cere seemed to be the one of a youngster. She had a white cap and one wing had 2 white feathers, her remaining plumage was a middle grey. Could just be a reincarnation of our Willy!!!

During the night she even slept on the balustrade between the planting containers and today she walked several times into Lucky’s nest while he was sitting inside as if it were the most natural thing to do. I have never seen her and I have no idea where Lucky found her. She seemed to be very young still but so is Lucky. It is a true mystery. She also came in for eating together with the others as if she had done this for a long time. What is going on here? I have no clue! Btw – we called her Freddy because she was so cheeky!

I wonder whether she will stay together with Lucky tonight. We will see…

6/30   Yesterday evening we had another little drama here:
after Lucky had invited Freddy in his nest again and again I was wondering whether they would spend the night together. Lucky normally sleeps always on the edge of a little basket on a podest near the wall. There it is dry and all the planting pots are a protection against the wind. When Emily was not sitting on eggs in the nest she always slept together with Lucky on that basket.

When Freddy tried to join Lucky on that basket it went okay for a few minutes. But suddenly he started to bite and treat her really rough and she flew to the balustrade. A couple of minutes later she tried again and Lucky started to bite her again. So off she went to spend the night somewhere else. I thought we would never see her again. I found this behaviour from Lucky really strange and a bit mean. On the other hand he might have realized suddenly that Freddy was not his Emily and he could not bear her sitting on Emily’s place. I wish him so very much that he will be happy again and accept Freddy as his new mate…

BUT Freddy did appear in the late morning today again. Brave little Freddy!





Micky laid her first egg #25. It was a bit early or rather she has a shorter cycle than the other ladies. I had hoped that she would give her body a longer pause.

Rudi started to work on the nests! again. Poor Rudi always has to follow his wife’s command and Pina is always a bit capricious.

I am glad that this month is over now. It was one of the worst ones, losing our beloved Emily a week ago. I still miss her so much.

7/1   Tonight Pina slept in the nest. I wonder whether she is going to lay or whether this is false alarm again. She has not laid since April which is good for her body. I wished she would stop laying entirely.

Here are some new photos of my cheeky little princess:


7/2   Micky laid her second egg #26 and as usual it was perfect.

Pina did NOT lay an egg. She seems to be a bit frustrated and feels a bit stressed because she is stargazing again. I don’t really know whether Rudi is really pressing her a bit or why she feels so stressed. Life is so much better for both when they do not have to sit on eggs because then they can continue to fly together and sleep together.

7/3   Freddy slept on Lucky’s basket for the first time since Emily left us. She groomed him intensely, wiggling all the time and Lucky did the same. But I still do not know whether she will be his new mate. But it looks good for the moment and Lucky seems to be quite content.


Pina is definitely not laying. She is sleeping in her usual box again besides Rudi. I think both are much more relaxed now and happier because they cuddle a lot and are flying together several times during the day.


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