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November 23, 2013

Bad News but Life goes on and Freddy finds a new Mate

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From the

Diary as of 8/7 – 8/24/2013

8/7   MRT scan today. Very bad news.

8/8   I am still quite shocked about the news from the MRT scan – need some time to clear up my thoughts…

8/9   Betty has left her plaster eggs. Wonder what she will be doing next regarding her behaviour towards Lucky.

8/10   Feeling depressed and as if someone has taken everything away. Hard to continue as usual – everything seems to be so meaningless now… I try to concentrate on our birds.

8/12   Maggie and Fifi have left their plaster eggs.

Did I tell you? Freddy who first tried to be Lucky’s new spouse has finally found a mate as well: it’s Quakquak, Gino’s father. Apparently Quakquak has lost his wife and now found Freddy as a new love. I find this quite sweet and another happy ending for our community and pigeonlove.com!!!



And Freddy is certainly quite a catch:


8/13   Was in the hospital today. It would have been my Mom’s 85th birthday today. Where are you Mom, I need you so much!!!

8/16   Pina left her plaster egg. I wonder what will happen this time. If she is not laying I will give her a plaster egg again – just like the last time. It is much better for her stress level and Rudi will be content as well.

8/18   The pijjies had a good day today again. It was warm and they had their bath on the balcony. Pina and Rudi flew out several times.

I think Betty will stay in the nest tonight as well as Fifi. I can hear Amanda again begging for food. She is now too old to play the baby still – but one can try – not?

8/19   Oh my – today we had egg day:  Fifi laid her first egg #5, Maggie laid hers #27 and Betty also laid her first egg again #3. I have to be very careful that I don’t lose control otherwise we will have an oops baby.

8/20   It’s Micky‘s turn – she also laid her first egg #29.

8/21   Two days later: Fifi has laid her second egg # 6, Maggie has laid her second one # 28 and Betty also laid her second egg # 4.

8/22   Who would have guessed? Micky laid her second egg #30. Little crazy Micky creates perfect eggs despite her PMV and continuous stargazing.

8/23   As assumed Pina has not laid but I gave her a plaster egg nevertheless in order to reduce her stress level. My poor baby shall feel well and not under pressure.

8/24   The pijjies’ love gives me a lot of comfort and they make me smile and even forget for a short while each day no matter what has happened. Lucky has become very trusting – more than ever. He even fights a little bit with Jimi in the meanwhile who may sit on Mommy’s knee first for feeding. Isn’t this cute? Even Fifi jumps on my knee alone when Jimi is sitting on the eggs looking at me all the time with her intense beautiful dark orange eyes and is making those smacking sounds with her beak so that I have to laugh all the time.

Even Chica (Woodie’s last kid before he and Maggie decided to live on our balcony as well and to sit on plaster eggs rather in the meanwhile) and Johnny (Chica’s mate – looks like Jimi) love to sit on my knee for feeding. What do these pijjies all think???? Well – they know that Mommy has all the goodies for them – ha!



October 28, 2013

Lucky is jealous, Freddy has been replaced and Jimi has a new House

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From the

Diary as of 7/4 – 7/20/2013

7/4   I cleaned Lucky’s nest today and put new moss inside etc. So everything is prepared if Lucky decides to have Freddy as his new mate. We will see.

7/5   Freddy again slept on the same basket as Lucky does. I still don’t know what they are doing during the day but Freddy comes inside for a little snack from time to time. I am still amazed about the fact that she integrated into the balcony “flock” just like this without showing the slightest insecurity.

7/6   It is Saturday and warm and the usual chaos. Loki and Lotti are still not giving up to try to nest on the balcony as well which is not possible of course. They are really stubborn and a bit a pain in the ass in the meanwhile.

7/7   Freddy is still here and I find that really sweet. She often sits on the balcony on a place where only she finds enough space. So she can be near Lucky without being too near – lol.

7/8   Loki and Lotti are still nerving: continue to try to nest on our balcony which is not possible. They add a lot of noise and disturbance to the group. So they have to go. Even Freddy had had enough in the evening – she came only back when it was nearly dark and quiet.

7/9   Nothing new….

7/10   The wind is gone and it is very humid again. The pijjies are all a bit agitated and somehow a bit nuts – as if this were something new. Played with Gino and tried to “introduce” the “game” to Jimi as well. I fear though that he does not understand the rules completely yet because he tries to perforate my fingers rather than nibbling on them a bit… ouch!

Lucky became so jealous today: while Jimi was sitting on my knee (yes he does this since 2 days again) Lucky jumped on my hand so that all the sunflower heart flew into the air. Apparently he could not stand that Jimi was so close to me again. These birds…

7/11   We visited Emily’s and Flea’s grave today in our favourite forest. Although it was sad again to see the place it was also comforting to know that we found such a nice place for the birds where we could have our very special “communication”. The place is so peaceful and during spring and summertime you can hear a lot of birds…


7/13   A new pigeon appeared on the balcony – could be an older daughter of Sandy because she also was carrying those orange colours in her wings. But other than Vroni or Reserl her plumage was a dark grey. Lucky seemed to be very interested in her. Where are always these new pigeons coming from????

7/14   Freddy as Lucky’s new mate is history already. What a shame. I started to love this sweet  little pigeon and the idea that she would be Emily’s successor. But not so. In the evening Lucky pushed her quite brutally out of the basket where both were sleeping for the last week or so. He was behaving very rude. Poor Freddy.

I wished it had been Freddy that took the place of Emily because she is such a sweet one and so relaxed but it was Lucky’s decision of course. I wonder what she is up to because she is still sleeping here. It was so sad to watch when Lucky bit her again as she wanted to sleep together with him in his basket but we could not do anything of course. Love goes its own way… I am very happy though that Lucky is not alone any more and he seems to be quite content and relaxed.

7/15   Lucky is en route for most of the day but when he comes back the new pigeon is there also: Betty. She never comes inside though – she is very shy. Whenever I come near her she is gone the next second. Strange. I have seen her walking into Emily’s moss house for a couple of times but when I try to look she is off like a hurricane… She is a beautiful pigeon though and Lucky and Betty would make a beautiful pigeon couple:


7/16   Betty seems to be Lucky’s new favourite. I don’t know whether I like this but it is their business. What can I do?

7/17   Betty has in fact laid her first egg#1. I am surprised.  This was quick! I have never seen her together with Lucky cuddling nor mating. Obviously they were very discreet. What is happening here? Very unusual.

Jimi and Fifi finally got their new house. Now they are fully equipped – lol. Similar to Casa Gino I built it from a wooden box with some refinements such as a large landing platform etc. This house will protect them better from the drafts in colder times than the hanging pots!


Jimi and Fifi cuddling in their hanging pot…


You would not believe it but it took less than 2 hours until they occupied their new residence. I was impressed!!!



7/18   Jimi and Fifi love their new home. They did not dare to leave it for more than a few minutes – probably for fear someone else could occupy it. Just when Jimi and Fifi were away for a second Micky inspected their new home – what a curious little brat. I wonder what she thought about it. But she and Gino have their own home already – there is no need for jealousy.

7/19   Betty laid her second egg #2. I am still not sure whether she will really be Lucky’s mate for a long time. I never see them cuddle or kiss. She never comes inside to get her breakfast or supper. A very strange relationship. I don’t understand this…

7/20   Freddy is still sleeping on the balcony, just beneath Lucky, on a little saucer filled with sand. She always comes in to get her meals here. Does she have some hopes still???

Jimi was very vocal again today. At the moment he is in mating mode with his Fifi – they are very sweet together. But Jimi should stop smoking cigars and drinking wisky – his voice is simply too croaky!!!

Micky left her plaster eggs. So we have another couple now running around like crazy.


October 27, 2013

Jimi’s Birthday and Lucky’s new Girlfriend

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From the

Diary as of 6/28 – 7/3/2013

6/28   It is Jimi’s birthday today! He has turned 5 years. What a sweet little bugger and my last baby. The last baby of Emily and Pete who is still here – the others all left.  He had so much to suffer already in these years – I wish him the best luck for the next 10 years at least. May you stay healthy, sweet Jimi.




soooooo sleepy after a voluptious meal…

6/29   Lucky is doing amazingly well without his Emily. He is eating well. I think that he feels supported by the others who live on our balcony, he does not feel alone. He is chasing the others around and is courting every female that comes near to him. AND there seems to be a new girldfriend in sight. Whether this will work we will see in due time:

Yesterday – out of the blue – a completely new pigeon appeared on our balcony. First I thought it was a squeaker because she was so small and graceful and her cere seemed to be the one of a youngster. She had a white cap and one wing had 2 white feathers, her remaining plumage was a middle grey. Could just be a reincarnation of our Willy!!!

During the night she even slept on the balustrade between the planting containers and today she walked several times into Lucky’s nest while he was sitting inside as if it were the most natural thing to do. I have never seen her and I have no idea where Lucky found her. She seemed to be very young still but so is Lucky. It is a true mystery. She also came in for eating together with the others as if she had done this for a long time. What is going on here? I have no clue! Btw – we called her Freddy because she was so cheeky!

I wonder whether she will stay together with Lucky tonight. We will see…

6/30   Yesterday evening we had another little drama here:
after Lucky had invited Freddy in his nest again and again I was wondering whether they would spend the night together. Lucky normally sleeps always on the edge of a little basket on a podest near the wall. There it is dry and all the planting pots are a protection against the wind. When Emily was not sitting on eggs in the nest she always slept together with Lucky on that basket.

When Freddy tried to join Lucky on that basket it went okay for a few minutes. But suddenly he started to bite and treat her really rough and she flew to the balustrade. A couple of minutes later she tried again and Lucky started to bite her again. So off she went to spend the night somewhere else. I thought we would never see her again. I found this behaviour from Lucky really strange and a bit mean. On the other hand he might have realized suddenly that Freddy was not his Emily and he could not bear her sitting on Emily’s place. I wish him so very much that he will be happy again and accept Freddy as his new mate…

BUT Freddy did appear in the late morning today again. Brave little Freddy!





Micky laid her first egg #25. It was a bit early or rather she has a shorter cycle than the other ladies. I had hoped that she would give her body a longer pause.

Rudi started to work on the nests! again. Poor Rudi always has to follow his wife’s command and Pina is always a bit capricious.

I am glad that this month is over now. It was one of the worst ones, losing our beloved Emily a week ago. I still miss her so much.

7/1   Tonight Pina slept in the nest. I wonder whether she is going to lay or whether this is false alarm again. She has not laid since April which is good for her body. I wished she would stop laying entirely.

Here are some new photos of my cheeky little princess:


7/2   Micky laid her second egg #26 and as usual it was perfect.

Pina did NOT lay an egg. She seems to be a bit frustrated and feels a bit stressed because she is stargazing again. I don’t really know whether Rudi is really pressing her a bit or why she feels so stressed. Life is so much better for both when they do not have to sit on eggs because then they can continue to fly together and sleep together.

7/3   Freddy slept on Lucky’s basket for the first time since Emily left us. She groomed him intensely, wiggling all the time and Lucky did the same. But I still do not know whether she will be his new mate. But it looks good for the moment and Lucky seems to be quite content.


Pina is definitely not laying. She is sleeping in her usual box again besides Rudi. I think both are much more relaxed now and happier because they cuddle a lot and are flying together several times during the day.


October 1, 2013


From the

Diary as of 6/18 – 6/27/2013

6/18   Emily has not come in today for eating. I am worried and I don’t know whether this is due to the incredibly hot weather or whether she has now severe problems with egg laying. Yesterday everything was okay still – cuddling with Lucky, eating well and pooping well and she even took a long bath with Lucky.

6/19   Emily is definitely sick. How can this happen so quickly? She still did not come in for eating and she was sitting in the the hot sun outside the balcony where I could not reach her. I don’t know how to get hold of her. She is going to dehydrate completely if she is not even drinking.

6/20   Emily made terrible poops – only some cream coloured mushy stuff – no green at all. She again was sitting for a long time in the hot sun and only went into the shade from time to time. This is really a strange behaviour. She must have come back when it was dark. I still hope she will come inside so that I can grab her. No way to grab her outside. I am so worried…

All others are doing very well despite the very hot temperatures. They get the bathtub every day. Thank heaven my plants form a real wall now which functions very well as shade and natural air conditioning and the birds know how to use it.

6/21   Very early in the morning I was finally able to grab Emily while she was sitting on the basket  still where she usually sleeps with Lucky. Apparently she was already so weak that she could not react quick enough any more. Or she did not want to flee any more. I put her immediately in a hospital box.

As she did not eat since Tuesday I knew I had to feed her something fluid to keep her hydrated at least. But when I fed her a very fluid cereal with applesauce she vomited everything again. Out came lots of seeds although her crop felt only a bit blown up as if some fluid was in there. Apparently she had hardly digested anything since 4 days! I waited an hour and tried to feed her some fluid again  but she vomitted again. So it goes since then. She cannot keep anything down and is very weak in the meanwhile. At least she vomitted no more seeds so the crop seemed to be empty.

I have started to give her applesauce thinned with water only and with 2 drops of Propolis and Bach Flower Rescue drops every 2-3 hours. I also gave her Bene Bac and Calcivet once a day. I hoped I could keep her hydrated to some extent if only a little bit of the stuff stayed inside. There was a tiny improvement as she started to pass some stuff that was light olive green.

Despite the warm weather I also put a warm water bottle beneath her box to make sure that she was not getting cold due to not eating. I really hoped that the Propolis would do its job as antifungal.

I don’t think any more that this all is related to her egg laying problems as I thought in the beginning and if yes then only indirectly. It IS her time for laying eggs normally but her abdomen is neither swollen nor feeling strange in any way. I assume it was the heat that caused this and the usual weakness before egg laying. I think it is a severe candida infection and I am not very optimistic whether she will survive this….

6/22   Emily is still hanging on but since this early morning she has started to breathe heavily with noises and slightly open beak. I let Lucky visit her and he looked into her box but she was already too weak to even wiggle. I am very very worried…

In the evening Emily started to vomit foam. Her breathing became more and more difficult. I held her and tried to wash the foamy vomit away but apparently her airsacks and trachaea were already full of the stuff that I could not do anything any more besides holding her and covering her with my love. I knew that she was dying. Emily fought terribly and I felt so incredibly helpless. Late in the evening her little heart gave up. Then she was gone…

Emily, my brave and beautiful little Emily was now flying high, together with her first love Pete, free of all the pain and suffering. A chapter of the Pigeon Tales was closed… and I am crying…

My beautiful Emily:


Emily with her first 2 babies on our balcony: Willy and Joey


Beautiful Emily with her almond eyes and her characteristic “breeding spot” (area incubationis)


Lady Emily overlooking her kingdom


Emily with her first big love Pete


Emily (left) in her happy days: bathing with her family


Emily and Pete


Emily and her second big love Lucky


Lucky and Emily kissing


Emily and Lucky in their love nest


Emily sunbathing


Emily proud of her new moss house


Emily sitting on her roof garden


Sunbathing together


perching on the “veranda”


Last photo of Lucky and Emily when the world was still okay


Lucky and Emily on their sleeping basket – last photo

6/23   I still cannot believe that Emily is not here any more and that she will never come back. There are so many incredible memories about her antics and the only consolation I feel at the moment is that the others are still here – Pina and Rudi, Woody and Maggie, Jimi and his Fifi and Lucky of course.

We buried Emily today in our favourite forest beside Flea. So Flea is not alone any more and Emily can take care of Flea. She loved babies so much. The place where we buried her is full of old trees and the ground is covered with many ferns and moss. The next time when we are there I will take my camera with me and make a photo. It probably sounds crazy what I am doing but it is a way of coping with this big sadness I am feeling.

It is very hard to see Lucky searching constantly for Emily but I think he will cope with it as he is not alone on the balcony and he still so young. Jimi even came inside, jumped on the empty box where his mother was in and tried to comfort me by talking to me with his eyes.
Isn’t is strange that he is now back, living on our balcony with his wife? As if this all was meant to be just the same way when Emily and Lucky became a couple a few days after Pete’s death!

Even Gino looked at me and I knew immediately that he knew exactly what was going on. Pina of course the same way. The birds all knew. It was like a wave of comfort they were spreading. Tomorrow is another day…

As an aside – Fifi laid her first egg #1! in one of the hanging pots where she is living together with Jimi. This is how life is going on…

6/24   Maggie laid her first egg #23 and as usual a perfect one.

6/25   Apparently everything was meant to go the normal way – so Fifi laid her second egg #2. It was so sweet to see both of them, Jimi and Fifi, sitting together in the hanging pot, one on the eggs, the other one grooming the partner. I am sure now that this was Jimi’s new family life. What a relief and comfort after Emily’s death.

6/26   Maggie laid her second egg #24 and again a perfect one.

6/27   Missing Emily…


September 12, 2013

Bad Times – Canker Epidemic and a New Patient

From the

Diary as of 5/15 – 5/22/2013

5/15   Pina is still not showing any sign of laying soon. This is a long pause and good for her body. She seems to feel very well as she is flying out with Rudi several times a day. She has not done that for a long time. I am very happy about this.

5/16   Lucky has definitely Canker – I gave him a Spartrix. He was vomiting several times – after each meal more or less. So I gave him another pill in the evening as I did not know how much of the drug had stayed in his body. His behaviour though is as usual and he continues to eat with great appetite. Very strange.

5/17   Maggie is off her plaster eggs and cuddling with Woodie. I cleaned their nest so that everything is ready for the next “breeding” cycle.

5/18   Today I saw Emily vomiting as well. So I gave her a Spartrix too. Maggie seems to have canker also but I have not seen her vomiting. So she received only a propolis pill – same to  Woodie just in case.

Currently I am under siege: due to the totally crazy weather – one day 13°C – the next day 25°C – and then down again – we have a real canker epidemic here. I have never faced something like that. Besides changing the water every hour and adding a lot more organic ACV to the water than usual I cannot do much here. I am keeping a list of who has been treated with propolis of those who are living on our balcony because otherwise I am losing control. Lucky is treated with Spartrix, same for Emily because they were both vomiting heavily.
Have to clean up the stinky stuff for the whole day. Have never witnessed such a bad fishy smell. Hope this will be over soon – I am really getting nothing else done.

And as if this weren’t enough I have a new little patient, called her Fifi because she is so small but very vocal – with a bad injury on her leg (on the tibiotarsus) – must be a bite from a predator. Deep wound in the flesh – bone could be seen – but thank heaven no bone broken. I cleaned and disinfected the wound, removed the feathers sticking in the wound as good as I could, added antibiotic cream and bandage and put her on Baytril. Now she is in one of the small hospital boxes with fresh water and something to eat. Will see tomorrow how it goes.

5/19   Gave Emily another Spartrix to make sure that the canker has no chance on her. She has already stopped vomiting – same as Lucky. Thank heaven. No-one else seemed to vomit but I could see some awful stinky poops still. I treated Maggie and Woody with propolis only. This seemed to have solved the canker problem as their cases were not as bad.

5/20   No stinky poops on the balcony any more. The canker epidemic seems to be over. This was quick and I am very thankful that it did not become worse. The ACV in the water must have helped.

5/21   Maggie should have laid by now but she did not either. Apparently she is having a pause as well. Pina is still not laying. This is now more than 3 weeks over her time. I am happy about this because she needs a pause. I wished she would stop laying entirely. Both Rudi and Pina are doing very well – flying out regularly, eating with great appetite, pooping well and cuddling with each other every day. In the evening they are relaxing – look at my little princess – how cute is she:


5/22   Fifi is now the 5th day on Baytril and doing quite well. She has started to sing a lot so I think she is feeling better.


April 27, 2013

Worried about Micky – Chica and Johnny try to conquer the Balcony

I have to apologize again – had several emergencies with our pigeons so the posting had to be left behind….


From the

Diary as of 1/15 – 1/27/2013

1/15   I am really worried about my poor Micky. She is still stargazing heavily and frome time to time she seems to be a bit confused even. Watching her closely. She is flying sometimes like crazy in circles but she always manages to land safely. I cannot keep her inside in a box as I would like to.  She would feel even more stressed. Micky always has been a very difficult patient and even more difficult to handle.

1/16   Micky laid her second egg #14 – another perfect one. Our little princess Pina laid also an egg, her first in this breeding cycle, it is #72

1/18   Pina laid her second egg #73 and it is perfect again. So calcium supply for Pina is enough.

1/19   Chica finally has found a partner. After she tried to get Rudi and did not succeed she even tried to make eyes for Gino. But Gino has Micky as his mate and besides running after any female he is not really interested. So Chica chose Johnny. It is a very nice couple and I wonder whether they will stay together. Johnny looks like Jimi, is only a bit smaller. The only downside currently is that they both try to stay on the balcony as well. That cannot work!!!


1/21   Emma is off her nest and cuddling with Lucky. Oh my – now it is calcium time again every day until she lays.

1/22   Maggie is also off her plaster eggs.

1/23   Chica and Johnny are becoming more and more aggressive towards Emma and Lucky. I have seen Chica fighting with Emma several times. This cannot be tolerated! This is much too much stress for Emily so I have to grab my old weapon – the water sprayer. It hurts actually but there is no way that they can stay here. They bring only chaos to the group and the peace is gone. They try to conquer Gino as well and want to own his hanging pot which he uses as sleeping place. Poor Gino has to fight off two: Chica and Johnny. This is really unfair. They also fight with Woody and Maggie. Woody and Maggie are Chica’s parents. So there are also problems. Can you believe this? Fighting against all and everyone. This must be stopped.

1/24   Chica and Johnny are stubborn. At least they have learned that they cannot sleep on the balcony. I hope that they will find their own place soon because this all adds a lot of unnecessary stress to all inhabitants.

1/25   Bought a new plastic box for Maggie and Woody. They definitely need a new nest, one that is not getting wet. It’s a similar box like the ones I use as hospital boxes – only much smaller. I put it at the same place where the “temporary” nest was and closed the lid. Only when I put the lid off the box they were ready to inspect the nest more closely. They were not used to a “cave nest” as Emma and Lucky have one, or Micky and Gino. It was simply a small basket which I had placed on a bucket, filled with dried moss and hay. The place was not so good although right beneath the balustrade there was always the danger of rain coming in so that I had to place a large glass plate on top of the balustrade to keep the nest dry. This was not the best solution.

When Maggie and Woody have become used to the new box I will put back the lid on top of it so that no rain can come inside.

1/26   Very cold weather still. The pijjies are in bad mood and very hungry. Chica and Johnny were both very aggressive again, trying to occupy one of the hanging pots near Casa Gino and poor Gino had to fight both of them off all the time. Not easy for our little boy but he is so brave and I try to help him as often as possible.

Micky is still stargazing heavily and not feeling very well. Only when she is inside and perching on the closet she is doing well. But I cannot leave her alone inside when Rudi is not sitting on the nest. This causes problems. It is really hard to see her so confused. She also flies in circles sometimes or is landing in circles. This reminds me of her active PMV infection. But she still manages somehow to cope with this all. Her appetite is very good, her digestion also works perfectly. I hope that she will feel better soon as well. Poor little Micky – she’s had enough problems.

1/27   Today Pina flew out with the others again. I am so happy. It was slightly warmer and I had the balcony door open for a split while I was cleaning up so that she could go out if she wanted and she did. During the last days she definitely did less stargazing and obviously felt a lot better than before. I am really very happy. What a clever girl she is – she rather stayed inside while she felt insecure due to her PMV relapse than risking her health.

Rudi went out today as well without me pushing him (more or less) to take a “round trip”. It was a bit worrying for me in the last weeks that he wanted to stay inside as well while Pina did not feel well. What a mate! The only thing I feared was that he was going to lose his confidence as well and it would not have been good for them to play the couch potatoes all the time. They need sunlight and fresh air!! Just like humans do!! Now everything seems to be on the right path again and the weather is supposed to become better as well.


January 31, 2013

Pina and Micky lay strange Eggs, Emma lays Egg #100 and a new String Injury

From the

Diary as of 11/11 – 11/25/2012

11/11   Pina laid her first egg #68 – strange thing happened – the egg was quite small. Wonder whether this happened due to lack of calcium although this cannot be. Micky also laid her first egg #9 and it was also quite small. Strange incident I have never witnessed. But both girls doing the same? Looks like a conspiracy to irritate me.

11/12   Everything going as usual. I continue to watch Lucky closely. He seems to do well and the tossing of seed is becoming less. I am glad that I did not need to medicate him with the usual heavy stuff.

11/13   Pina laid her second egg#69. The second egg was normal size again. How strange indeed! And the funny thing is that Micky’s second egg #10 was bigger as well although their difference was not as big as those from Pina. What is happening here???

Here is the proof:


Pina’s strange eggs – look at the difference!

11/14   Emma abandoned her plaster eggs and is cuddling heavily with Lucky again.

11/15   3 new squeakers have learned to cope with the mobbing finally. I always feel sorry when they are treated so badly by all the others but this is unfortunately the rough educational program by Mother Nature. Only when it is getting too rough for my taste I separate them from the attacking pij. I always fear that they could be injured. That that can happen with dangerous consequences I have experienced unfortunately with my beloved Pina and her brother Peppi. Pigeons are not always the birds of love!!! Pina and Peppi have been attacked IN THEIR NEST on the balcony by a foreign pigeon and I nearly came too late to save them. You can read about this horrible story in this post and the following thereafter.

11/17   Lucky still tosses seed from time to time but it has improved greatly. So I spare him getting caught at the moment for any treatment but watching him closely for any relapse.

Maggie is off her plaster eggs as well and Emma is sleeping in her little nest – the cardboard box.

11/18   Emma laid her first egg#100! and it was normal with a strong shell! I am so relieved.  But imagine the qunatity! A little bird like her has been laying 100 eggs – ouch – probably even more because I can count her eggs only since she’s been here on our balcony and that’S now since March 2008. The treatment with Calcivet finally seems to work. So I will continue to give her calcium 3x/week and in the week before laying (when she abandons her plaster eggs) I give her Calcivet daily until she lays the second egg.

11/19   Today I played with Gino again while he was sitting on his new house. He is still so sweet, the very same baby when he came to us to seek help. I think he has observed how I am playing with Pina therefore his playing with me is similar: I can stroke him and he attacks my fingers just for fun, very softly biting me (sometimes not so soft but rather like a carnivore!)  while he is looking at me with his big baby eyes, smiling. And then he is wiggling!!!! Oh my – I am always melting when he is doing this. He has not become a stranger although he now lives outside with his wife on the balcony.

11/20   Emma laid her second egg#101 – it was undamaged but I realized that the shell was a bit thinner than that of the first egg. But it was undamaged – so no problem for Emma. I wonder whether she will ever get back to normal calcium levels – I don’t think so. But as long as I can help her she will have my support.  She is such a sweet personality.

11/21   Worked on the balcony again to prepare the last plants for winter although we have quite mild temperatures still. The pijjies are watching me and try to interfere all the time – begging for food, very hungry.

Maggie is sitting on one of her nests – maybe she will be laying tonight as well. We will see.

Nearly forgot to say – had one of those “string injuries” again. A pigeon came in, Featherly, whose feet were bound together. A piece of those dreaded nets was bound around her toes and feet but thank heaven had not caused any swelling yet. In a few seconds I had cut her free and off she went for breakfast…

I should not be but every time when I had one of those pijjies in my hand for treatment I am amazed how quickly they go back to usual business = feeding from the pots. Although these are free living birds they don’t seem to be traumatized in any way. As if this were totally normal to be handled by a human. I am so grateful for this extraordinary experience and wished that all these bird and other animal haters could experience this. It would certainly change their lives and hearts.

11/22   Maggie laid her first egg#9 in her little nest underneath the balcony balustrade.

Today was big bathing day again. You can see all the photos below.

11/23   Pina slowly gets little spikes in her face. It has been a very long time now since she started the moult. I wonder why it always takes so long for her to develop new feathers. Could it be that the former PMV infection causes this?

11/24   Maggie laid her second egg#10. Her eggs are absolutely perfect. Nevertheless I have started to give her Calcivet also once per week just to make sure everything is going okay. Since she lives with her mate Woody on our balcony as well her breeding cycles have become shorter because I am exchanging her eggs for plaster eggs as well. So I give her extra calcium in order to avoid her getting problems.

11/25   Ugly day – cold and very wet. The pijjies are pooping allover the balcony and I have to clean it every hour. When I wait too long the mess won’t be better….


Chica, Pina, Emily and others


Chica and Maggie (mother)




Chica and Maggie (mother)


Beautiful Chica (Woodie’s last daughter)


Chica and Maggie


Chica and Maggie


Pina (left), Chica and Maggie


Chica and Maggie


Chica, Pina (right) and Maggie


Nermel (very cheeky)


Pina, Chica, Maggie and others


Pina, Chica, Maggie, Nermel and Emily


Pina, Chica, Maggie, Nermel, Woodie, Emily


Emily, Chica, Nermel, Maggie, Woodie (tail)


Chica, Emily, Nermel, Maggie


Emily, Chica, Maggie, Nermel


Nermel, Maggie, Emily, Chica, Pina


Nermel, Chica, Emily, Maggie and…


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