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July 10, 2013

Tibby is free, Jimi wiggles, starts eating on his own and Flea is vomiting

From the

Diary as of 4/13 – 4/19/2013

4/13    As soon as the weather is okay we will release Tibby. She is ready to go, sings a lot and has become very curious and adventurous.

Jimi’s beak and nose are healing wonderfully. His cere is still a bit sensitive and not quite white yet – but then it was a terrible injury. But other than that he has a complete PMV relapse again. To be honest I expected something like that to happen but hoped it would not. It is the same as in January when he came first only worse. His poops deteriorated to spaghettis and mushy slimy stuff again and he is urinating so much that I sometimes think he is floating away. I don’t know how many layers of newspaper and kitchen paper are completely wet in the morning.

He still cannot eat by himself but at least he can drink and he does. A lot. Which is good. There were times where he was so depressed that I thought he would give up. I started to talk to him often to encourage him. My poor baby – I could see that he was just feeling so miserable. Slowly bit by bit he came out of his lethargy again during the last few days and I have a better feeling again. Tiny little steps each day in the right direction.

When he moves – it reminds me of a very old man moving. But it is getting a bit better now every day. He even has started to wiggle a bit at me when I stroke his chest very softly. He is not really someone sho likes to be touched. But at the moment he needs the attention. I think it also helps that the sun is shining here again and that the temperatures are much better now.

I have Tibby’s box in the bedroom during the day where Jimi is perching at the window – so he has some company and can hear her voice. He has started to watch the pijjies outside more again instead of sleeping all the time. And sometimes – when I am outside on the balcony and bow to him while he is inside – he wiggles at me. I really don’t know how long he will need for his complete recovery but he has as much time as he needs – if he only gets healthy again…

4/14   We let Tibby FREE today after she had a good breakfast and then a wonderful warm bath – probably the first one after many weeks. I am still not really sure whether it’s a she or a he but I  continue to call her a she. She just could not stop walking into the tub again and again. It was a joy to watch her. She balanced for a long time on the edge of the tub without the smallest sign of pain or dislike. She flew around our bedroom and even had her first crash behind some shelves. I already feared the worst but nothing had happened at all. She was dancing all the time and cooing so we did not have the heart to keep her in. It was time to let her go. Today was a nice warm day – perfect for a release. Hopefully we will see her for breakfast again…




it was her left foot that was broken – you can clearly see the extra tissue growth!

Take good care little Tibby and all the best for you!!

Here is another pic: Still Life in the Bedroom


from left to right:
Flea, Pina (above), Tibby, Jimi

4/15   I think Flea has canker. She has started vomiting or at least was gagging – so no wonder that she is not increasing her weight. I put her finally on Spartrix.

4/16   Flea has received her second Spartrix pill and is feeling much better. She has stopped gagging. I also have started to give her the full syringe of 25 ml per meal.

4/17   Today is weighing day. Flea has lost weight again which is not good at all:  211 gr. I am very worried because this loss of weight is indicating something else but I don’t know what…  Jimi on the contrary is a little monster: 456 gr he has now. If we are not careful he might roll out of the house instead of flying.

4/18   Jimi got thawed peas again for supper. In the morning he had his usual cereal so that I could give him his propolis pill daily and every other day some vitamins.

4/19   Jimi picked up seeds for the first time since he has been hospitalized again – which is now more than 6 weeks. I am so happy!!!

Flea is getting weak. She does not leave her box any more. What can I do?



July 8, 2013

New Patient: tiny Flea and Tibby is running around

From the

Diary as of 4/10 – 4/12/2013

4/10   Bad thing happened:  a new patient. We called her Flea because she is really tiny. A squeaker still that had appeared a few days before. Unfortunately I did not foresee what was coming because it did not occur to me that there might be a danger:

When I got up in the morning and went to the balcony I found Flea, our new squeaker,  completely entangled between 2 planting pots in the net we have on the balcony. In the evening before I had realized that Flea had chosen to spend the night on our balcony, perching in the middle of one of the containers. She had managed to squeeze through all the sticks I have in the containers to keep the pijjies out of certain plants but thought I leave her there for a night. Big mistake!!! During the night she probably tried to get out again, because it started to rain a bit, and chose the wrong direction and landed in the net which is behind the pots. There she hung, helplessly, totally undercooled and traumatized Idon’t know for how long.

I cut her out of the net and examined her. Gladly she had no injuries probably due to her low weight. She seemed to be very undernourished. Immediately I put her in a box, gave her a warm water bottle and some time later when her feet became warm I tubefed her some cereal. She was still very unresponsive and her little body felt like bone and skin only. Poor little thing. I already feared the worst because her poop looked quite bad. I fed her again in the late afternoon.

The next day she was still very quiet but at least she feeped a bit – a tiny voice. The warmth of the water bottle certainly helped a lot. On Friday she started to be more vivid, she had increased her weight and started to squeak when she saw someone. Sweet little thing. Her poop became normal again and today we let her out of her box to see whether she could fly. She was still too weak to let her go of course but she seemed to be happy to have some time outside her box. We will continue to exercise with her until she is more confident and able to survive outside. She will tell us when she is ready to go. Oh my – I am so relieved that nothing worse happened but could slap myself for not foreseeing what had happened.

Pina laid her second egg #80.

4/11   Today we removed Tibby’s bandage after she pecked and pecked at the plaster. It was already so loose that it did not make any sense to further give her problems. She wanted to get rid of it. The foot looked really good – no discolouring, nothing strange to see – only at the place where the break had been, there seemed to be some additional bone growth, indicated by some very small “swellings” on both sides of the leg. She jumped and ran around as if he never had any problems. What a relief!!!


Weighing day for Flea: 225 gr – she is definitely thin and we have to do a lot so that she grows bigger.

Micky has laid her second egg #20.

4/12   Tibby is in good mood. We are always happy that she is such a cheerful pijjie. I think she will be ready soon to be released. Well – we let her out for the first time today after she was vandalizing her box and did not stop. We noticed that she could walk without the tiniest limping, even jumped from an object nearly 1 m high and landed safely without showing the slightest sign of pain. She could even stand on the narrow edge of an open wooden box which told me that she had all her feeling back in her toes.

We plan to let her go on Monday, will watch her tomorrow when she’s had her first bath and will let her roam the bedroom tomorrow to see how she is doing. Tibby is so eager to get out of here – I don’t want to torture her. I am extremely happy that this went all so well.

Tibby’s character reminds me so much of Gino’s. She is incredibly vocal and friendly and greets anyone who is coming near her. Very sweet. I hope she is coming back for breakfast etc.

Flea has increased her weight a little bit: 230 gr now but still far too less. But at least she seems to be on the mend…



April 9, 2012

A new Rescue: an emaciated Squeaker named Gino

From the

Diary as of 2/13 – 2/16/2012

2/13   We have a new rescue: little Gino, a squeaker. Of course I could not be sure that it was a male but he appeared for the first time on our balcony today and was terribly mobbed by all the males. He was soooo thin – will see what he weighs tomorrow. When he came in for food I picked him up – realized that he was only bones covered by skin. He had some little scratches on his cere probably from all that pecking at him. Poor little fellow – I had to take him in. Was not sure whether he would make it through the night outside with these low temperatures and in the evening it started to snow again.

I put him into Pina’s box as she is sitting on eggs in her nest on the closet, covered him with towels to get him warm slowly – he had very cold feet when I picked him up – and after a little while – when he had warmed up – I fed him 20 ml baby cereal with applesauce and joghurt and 2 drops of propolis. He swallowed everything without any protest. His skin was so terribly thin – I was afraid of hurting him when he started fidgeting while I fed him but he was totally calm.

Checking his mouth it was clear – no canker lesions. His eyes were clear and alert. A quick check of his plumage did not reveal any parasites – what I found quite amazing – but with these very low temperatures outside these dreaded suckers wouldn’t have survived anyway. His plumage though was in a terrible condition and could have hardly warmed this little fellow. I wonder how he survived the last few Siberian days. His parents must have thrown him out of the nest much too early. Maybe they had problems to find food for him. He could fly but only very badly. There is no way that he managed to fly up from the ground. He must have come from a different floor above us.

I decided quickly to keep him inside for some days to foster him so that he could increase his weight a bit and then release him again when the weather was a bit warmer. (At that point I did not know that it would take quite a bit longer…)

2/14   Gino has had a good night. Lots of poops which were still looking like starvation poops though  – dark green – but his digestion seemed to function well.

I weighed him this morning:  210 gr. I never had such a skinny little pigeon squeaker.

Tonight Gino looked so content after his baby cereal meal – it was a joy to look at him. Btw – could not detect any mites on him – not even any feather lice. And did not find anything crawling in his box either. I am very relieved about this.

This evening I put Micky on a new course of Bene Bac because her poops were still too soft in general. Sometimes they are good during the day but she still makes bad poops during the night.

I also started to feed her some thawed peas in the morning and in the evening. Maybe this will help her digestion to become firmer.

2/15   I have actually no idea what caused Gino’s bald spot on his nose (cere). But a friend of mine mentioned  frost bite. He also has some bald spots on his breast and under the wings. His tail feathers look totally chewed up but he has no injuries and absolutely no visible parasites. I have no idea how he could survive these Siberian temperatures for so long. He’s probably so emaciated because he needed all energy for warming himself as his poor feathers could not do the job.

Astonishingly he’s got still a lot of energy trying to escape from his box whenever I open the lid – LOL. Hopefully he will become a bit calmer the next days when he notices that the only harm that is done to him is getting a full tummy!!! He is truly a funny little chap. Today he ate 40 peas for lunch and another 30 for supper!!!! I really don’t know where he packed those so small as his body is…

2/16   You won’t believe this: Gino increased his weight by 31 gr in 2 days!!!! He is now on 241 gr! This is actually 15% of his former body weight. If he continues like that he won’t be able to fly any more – eeeeek!!!!
I don’t know how he does it but this morning there were about 40 perfect little poops in his box- probably one for each pea. Apparently he is sucking every little sh… out of his food…. He is my little hero!


January 29, 2012

Micky has Canker, Pina has a treacherous Lump in her Chest and Rudi is showing some Canker Symptoms

From the

Diary as of 11/16 – 11/30/2011

11/16   Weighing day for Micky331 gr!!!! She has increased her weight nicely. She also received Calcivet.

11/17   Today I gave Emily her Calcivet.

11/18   Micky had seizures again which were quite heavy. I gave her Conium again.

11/19   Discovered today that Micky has quite a big lump in the middle of her crop and a very red mouth. Although I could not see any lesions I knew that the canker was lurking in her body.  So I put her on Spartrix.

11/20   Micky got another Spartrix. Her lump was still there and did not change. In the evening I gave her Calcivet, Emily and Pina as well.

11/21   I still could not see any lesions in Micky’s mouth this morning – so I decided to leave it with the two Spartrix. Her mouth was still very red though.

11/23  This morning I discovered lesions in Micky’s mouth and the lump on her chest had become a bit bigger again. So I decided to put her on Flagyl. Pina and Emily received their Calcivet.

11/24   Micky got her second portion of Flagyl. No changes yet. Micky still seems to be quite okay.

11/25   Micky started vomiting after lunch.

11/26   Weighing day for Micky: she has lost some weight but not too much: she is on 308 gr – so she lost about 23 gr.

Micky is still stargazing and circling a lot. Some days are worse, some are better as it is common with PMV. But we let her out of her box each day during lunchtime and she loved to spend the time together with us. She was always sitting as near as possible to me and in between she tried to helicopter and fly a bit which ended always in circles. But never mind – this way she is still training her flight muscles which become a tiny bit stronger each day. Her coordination though is still very bad. But we know that she will recover again. It takes only time. Today she was out of her box for more than 3 hours and she hated it when I had to put her back into the box. But I cannot watch over her for 24 hours as she would like to have it.
You should have seen her: while I was sitting at the computer she was perching on her little saucer as near as possible to the wall of her box, her “nose” right at the transparent wall and watching me. Her little belly was full with peas and she was a  100% content little bird. Oh my, what a sweet little one… I wonder how it will be when she is outside again together with the others.

Her canker though is still not gone. There are still lesions in her mouth and the lump in her chest is still there although a bit smaller. I think I have to give her the full 7 days of Flagyl. This damn canker seems to be a strong one again – same as with Lucky. But we managed to heal him – so we will manage to heal Micky as well. I hate this damn canker thing!!!

11/27    It was not a good day for Micky: after her first breakfast this morning – millet cereal with apple sauce and carrot juice she started vomiting heavily – so I had to wait before I could give her the Flagyl against the canker. Then she started having seizures quite heavily – I could not calm her down even after I took her out of her box which always worked so far. So I put her back and covered her box with some towels for the most part to give her some dark environment. Finally she calmed down and fell asleep. After 2 hours I tried a second attempt to feed her – again cereal – and this time it stayed inside. After waiting for another 14 minutes I could finally give her the medicine. Poor little Micky.

During lunchtime we left her out again while we were having our breakfast-lunch. She did her helicoptering and was heavily preening – as usual in circles – but on the bed she was totally safe – she could not hurt herself  – and she seemed to feel so much better.

When Pina came back from her flying time outside I realized that she was breathing heavily with an open beak: I checked her immediately and realized that she had the typical canker lesions in her mouth and a small lump in the middle of her chest. So I put her immediately on Spartrix.  Other than that she seemed to be quite okay still. We will see how it goes tomorrow.

In the evening – while Rudi had his foot treatment (bathing his feet, cutting his nail on the one toe which is bent upwards, massaging his foot pads with DMSO) I checked his mouth: he also showed some canker lesions in the beginning state – so off he went with Spartrix as well.

I am quite shocked. This time the canker seems to be quite aggressive and as I have seen with Lucky and now with Micky not an easy thing to get rid off. I hope I do not have to treat Pina and Rudi with Flagyl also but if this should become necessary – well what choice do I have?

The weather is crazy – we have temps around 12 °C again and this end of November. I think this makes the birds crazy as well and very susceptible for illnesses. The weather ups and downs are real stress.

11/28  I gave Pina another Spartrix and Micky got her second last portion of Flagyl.

11/29   Gave Emily her Calcivet. Micky got her last portion of Flagyl.

11/30   Refurbished Emily’s and Lucky’s nest again. Now look at this luxury villa:

And now look at Emma sitting happily in the middle of her house – only the whiteness of her cere radiating from the entrance….

Lucky is coming to check out the little flower garden in front of the house:

…and now he is going to do his part of egg sitting…

…and Emma is going to have her free time now:


January 28, 2012

PMV is receding due to the Carrot Juice but Micky is really sick

From the

Diary as of 11/7 -11/15/2011

11/7  It was very frustrating and worrying at first when I realized that this happened again. I was so very much hoping that I i.e. the poor pijjies would have been spared to face this terrible sickness AGAIN. But – luckily – it turned out that it was not as bad as it looked like at first. Besides Micky everyone else who got infected seemedto be able to fight it off by themselves i.e. with the help of extra food and the carrot juice. I am quite convinced that the carrot juice really helped.

I made sure though that all sick pijjies were able to feed themselves and they were. I fed Woody – who showed the heaviest symptoms besides Micky – partially from my hand in order to check on him thoroughly, whether he was able to pick up the seeds properly. Often it looks as if they are eating when in fact they cannot swallow the seed. I also gave him the carrot juice per syringe several times to make sure that he really had his share – did the same with Lucky.

In the meanwhile I have not seen any more sick pijjies. Woody is still keeping his head a bit tilted though – so does Lucky – but that’s all. They are a bit more anxious than usual still but everything else works fine. They are all in good mood, preening as usual, flying without any problems.

Micky though is a different case. She is inside, I am keeping her in the hospital box.

She has lost her ability to eat by herself and cannot fly at all. When she tries to helicopter it mostly ends in uncontrolled movements. Still she is in good mood and tries again and again. She becomes quite frustrated when she tries to eat and cannot pick up the seed i.e. swallow it but then I take her on my arm and comfort her. She has become such a sweet pet pigeon who loves to be cuddled and stroked the whole day

Weighing day for Micky – amazingly she had more than I thought: 308 gr. She had felt very thin.

11/8  Micky and Pina got their Calcivet.

11/9   Micky has 315 gr in the meanwhile – so she gained 7 gr in 2 days. Wow!!!

11/10   Micky, Pina and Emily got their Calcivet. I am continuing this with all the females no matter whether sick or not.

11/11   It’s Friday and nothing special.

11/12   Weighing day for Micky again: still 315 gr

Pina and Rudi are heavily cuddling with each other:


11/13   Pina laid her first egg #47  in the evening after I had given her Calcivet in the morning. It was so funny when I checked on her in the evening because she did not want to go back to her box instead she was sitting on the little platform in the bookshelf . When I got out the ladder she immediately came towards me growling and making her cat’s arched back to protect her nest. She knew exactly that I wanted to have a sneek peak into her nest.

Lucky spent his night somewhere else but was back in the very early morning.

11/14   Let Micky out in our bedroom to give her some opportunity to stretch herself but she rather loved to sit on my shoulder or arm. She always wants to be close – still irritated when outside her box.

11/15   Pina laid her second egg which is #48 and another perfect one! She received another portion of Calcivet.


January 25, 2012

New Outbreak of PMV and Emma continues to lay awful Eggs

From the

Diary as of 11/1 – 11/6/2011

11/1   We have a new outbreak of PMV.

This time it was our Micky who started to show the first symptoms – I noticed that she was showing light symptoms for a few days but on last Sunday I was sure: real stargazing. She had problems to pick up the seed, she was very timid, very nervous. She stumbled from time to time.

So today I took Micky in. She was only skin and bones in the meanwhile and I was amazed that this morning she was still able to fly although she was very wobbly on her legs. So maybe she took her last energy to come to our balcony and walked straight inside. She was the only one with quite bad symptoms – although far not as bad as our other pijjies were 2 years ago – like Pina f.e. who could not eat for several months as you know.

Woody (Micky’s father)  was also showing symptoms but much less and he could eat properly. His mate Maggie did not show any signs at all.

I also realized that Lucky was having the first signs – yes, Lucky as well, who had the bad canker infection not long ago, holding head differently, being more nervous etc. simply the signs which indicate the existance of the virus. So far no real seizures and all can fly properly – even Micky who was showing the worst symptoms – but not all the time – thank heaven. This time it seemed to be a weaker strain of the virus or “our” pijjies were stronger to fight it off.

Well – I have to take it as it is: as long as they are able to eat – maybe with some help if necessary – there was nothing that I could do besides giving them some more care. There is no way to separate the infected ones from the healthy ones as the incubation time had already done its work.

This time I have started them all on carrot juice, an advice Brad Gibson was talking about in his forum: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pigeon-Pet-Chat/264318763604779.
Each pigeon that I could get hold of got some carrot juice with the syringe the others had to take their carrot juice from the drinking pots I always have on the balustrade. I gave them no choice – only carrot juice with water – 50/50.

It was quite funny to watch them how they lurked around the drinking pot. They waited apparently for the first to try it and this was then the signal to try it too. Some of them were really pissed off, some seemed to love the mixture of juice and water. To be honest I was amazed that they drank the stuff at all – imagine it is a bright orange liquid despite the 50/50 mixture but apparently the smell was good and most of them tried it.

Micky was and still is stargazing, loses her balance from time to time, is very fearful and easily shocked, seems to be in a trance from time to time and has some minor spasms in her feet but only for some minutes. She was and still is having seizures – circling/panicking – but then I take her out and stroke her softly and she stops immediately her trembling and becomes very calm. She is still trying to eat a few seeds but tosses 90% of them around but I have given her a little food dish so that she can continue to try. She becomes easily frustrated though and quickly gives up.

I put her on tubefeeding and she eats 3 x 20 ml without any problems – no vomiting so far. I made baby rice flakes with apple sauce and joghurt and added carrot juice each time. In the meanwhile she gets carrot juice in the evening and eats 50 thawed peas for supper. Of course she has a warm water bottle beneath her box so that it is cosy warm for her. She often perches either on the bottom or on the little saucer covered with kitchen paper I always put in the boxes and seems to relax. She is often taking a little nap which is really good for her. But she still has her seizures especially during the morning. Thank heaven her digestion works good and her poops look good – I am quite amazed about this.

Thank heaven Pina and Rudi don’t make a fuss this time – maybe they know in the meanwhile that Micky is no threat for them. I think there is a good chance that she will recover again.

Btw – Micky is the sister of Lucky from a different batch and such a sweet one. I would be really sad if we could not save her. And Woody is the father of Lucky and Micky. Lucky is still showing only some light symptoms – just a bit stargazing sometimes i.e. rather tilting his head to one side than holding it straight. The same applies to Woody but his symptoms are slightly worse than Lucky’s. Both can eat normally and behave normally besides showing some unusual nervousness and light head tremors. I have treated both with carrot juice too.

Emma still does not show any symptoms at all (she never had PMV), neither does Rudi. She is eating very well and is flying around. Pina and Jimi should be immune as we know. But I treated them also with carrot juice – just in case. Loki and Lotti do not show symptoms either. There are a few more pijjies which are coming regularly – some show light symptoms – others none at all. So I think that this is really a weaker strain of PMV or the pijjies from our balcony have become stronger due to the food and clean water supply and can fight it off themselves. Still my hopes that this would never happen again have ended in smoke. Oh my – as if we had not had enough sick and injured pijjies!!! Apparently this is a never ending story….

11/3   Nothing new. Nursing Micky, observing the others closely. No additional sick pigeons.

11/4  Emily laid another awful egg – it was #79 and she also made some very strange poops but only once:

As you can see the egg was broken again but there was a membrane that covered the hole so that nothing of the content was spilled. So Emma apparently is still suffering from calcium deficiency.

11/6   Micky is safe in the hospital box. There is no way that she can survive outside. I am so glad that I have her inside.


November 27, 2011

Weasely injured and a new Rescue – Pigeon with a Crop Injury

From the

Diary as of  7/1 – 7/4/2011

7/1   Weasely is heavily limping! When she came in with her partner Mr. Weasely I realized that she hardly could stand on her left foot. I caught her when she came in for her meal. After I had examined her foot carefully I could not detect any visible injury – there were no swollen or hot parts on her legs (symptoms for parathyphoid) and none on any other joints or body parts – so I assumed that she must have had a hard landing or something like that and simply bumped her foot badly. I treated the foot with DMSO using simply a q-tip.

Poor Weasely – I hope that the pain will soon go away.

7/2  I treated Weasely again with DMSO when she came in for breakfast. I also had the feeling that she was not limping as badly as yesterday.

7/3   We have a new rescue: Loki – with a crop rupture (originally I thought it’s a “she” because the bird was so small and we therefore called her ” Lotti” – but this proved to be wrong ).

I already saw him yesterday but it was too short in order to really see what was wrong. I only saw a small pigeon on our balustrade, with some deranged feathers on his chest and something sticking to his or coming out of his crop. Today I was lucky – he came in to eat and then I could easily catch him. The strange thing was that I did not know him – so how did he know?

First I put him into Rudi’s box and covered it so that he could calm down. After half an hour I took him out of the box to examine him and there it was: a nasty hole in his crop, the size of a 2-cent piece and the food sticking at and coming out of the hole.

First I cleaned the area around the wound, soaking the stuff that was sticking to his feathers and the hole with warm water, then cleaned everything with alcohol and even cleaned the hole inside from the remnants of the food. Then I got a needle and polythread, sterilized everything with alcohol and then stitched the wound loosely up so that it was closed but also left some small gaps open so that the wound ccould close from inside. There was no necrotic tissue yet – instead the stitching bleeded very slightly – which meant for me that it would heal. After the stitching I added a lot of rescue drops for additional disinfection and healing and finally applied a whole lot of holy Sai Baba ashes.

During the whole treatment Loki was incredibly calm, breathing totally normal without being excited even a tiny bit. What a brave little patient. I put him back into the box and added a warm water bottle to give him enough warmth in case he had a shock. After an hour I tubefed him 10 ml of baby cereal with applesauce in order to give him some fluid and some calories, being as careful as possible not to touch the wound with the tube from inside. After another hour I put him on Baytril. Checking on the wound I could see a little bit of the cereal coming through the hole but I hoped he would process enough through his digestion to regain some strength. We will see tomorrow.

In the evening I gave him another 10 ml baby cereal and Loki already tried to escape from the box. I was astonished about his energy and power he still had. I had weighed him in the afternoon in order to determine the Baytril dosage and he had 296 gr. So he had not yet lost too much weight for a small pigeon such as he was.

Pina got very curious when she relized that there was another pigeon and Loki got angry already and tried to pick Pina through the hole of the handles. Naughty naughty. But this gives me hope that little Loki has the strength and the will to recover.

We will see how he is doing tomorrow.

7/4   Loki is doing quite well and looks much better. When I checked his wound this morning – it was closed. Checking the inside of the box told me that there was no leakage from his crop and according to his poop he also had processed the food. Few poops of course and quite mushy but then he had not much to eat yesterday.

At 7°clock in the morning I gave him another 10 ml baby cereal with apple sauce. An hour later Loki received his 2nd dosage of Baytril. At midday I fed him finally 25 peas after he had left some poops again during the morning. I also checked his wound again, applied some more Bach Flower remedies and ashes. During the afternoon he processed some more food (the poops) which told me that his digestion was improving. Will feed him more peas this evening. I also put a hot waterbottle beneath his box because I realized that he had cold feet which is never good.

Loki was much more lively today. He already defended her box, was grunting when I put my hand into the box to tell me that he is not amused. When I put his box on my working table to give him a bit more light he started putting his head through the handles checking whether he could escape.  I had to stop this by covering his box with a towel so that the handle holes were covered in order to discourage him from further trying to escape.

We will see how Loki is doing tomorrow. But I think he is on a good way.

Rudi visiting Loki


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