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April 27, 2014

Jimi plays Couch Potato and Hermine is free again!

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From the

Diary as of 1/16 – 1/21/2014

1/16   Our little Hermine with the bite on her wing makes good progress.
Now that all the swelling is gone and most of the bruises healed I could see that no bone was damaged although she is still dragging her wing. She was VERY lucky.

Her flying exercises in our bedroom show me that she will completely recover again. She is a little rascal and I swear if I knew not better she could be the female twin of our Gino: same voice, nearly same colour and always those triumphant howls when she achieved something new – such as flying up to the bookshelf and landing on top of it just 5 cm below the ceiling.
Just as Gino she is very communicative and singing the whole day. What a sweet personality!

She only needs a bit more time to exercise and we are waiting for dry and mild weather to release her…

Now look at Jimi † – our couch potato and his favourite napping place in front of but BEHIND the large window in our bedroom:






(Oh – how I miss you my darling boy ♥♥♥♥♥)

1/17   Micky laid her first egg #39 and Maggie as well. Hers is #35.

1/18   Had to cut Rudi’s nails again – especially the one that grows in a circle horizontally. I am always afraid that he might entangle himself somewhere if I don’t do it because it does not get worn as usual. But other than that his feet are in good condition despite the string injury.

1/19   Micky laid her second egg #40 and Maggie did so too. Egg #36.

1/20   I am a bit sad today: we released our Hermine this morning after she tried desperately to get out of her box. I did not have the heart to confine her any longer. The weather has dried up a bit – not so foggy as it was during the last days but quite dark due to the high fog.
You should have seen her when I put the box on the balcony and opened the cover. Hermine flew immediately on one of the hanging pots and did her triumph dance. She was soooooo happy. I will miss her terribly. She is such a cheerful pijjie and sang nearly the whole day. Even Rudi liked her and sang together with her each morning before we let them out of their boxes.

At the moment she is still around, making friends with our other balcony pijjies. So my hope is that she will come for breakfast or dinner regularly.
Fly safe little Hermine ♥

As I could not predict how long her wing would be drooping still and due to her exercises inside where she showed us that she could fly perfectly we did not have the heart to confine her any longer. Some time later she appeared again as if she wanted to tell us that everything was okay. What a sweet pijjie!

1/21   Fifi laid her first egg today – it was #15.

I was a bit nervous this morning because the weather had turned into an ugly rainy day again and Hermine had spent her first night outside. But she came with the others to take her breakfast and she ate with great appetite. I was very relieved! In the afternoon she appeared again to eat her supper together with the others. What a relief. Everything was perfect.




September 29, 2013

A terrible Day and a Happy Ending

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From the

Diary as of 6/13 – 6/18/2013

6/13   Today I had one of the worst days regarding our pigeons: we had to chase off Jimi and Fifi . After we tried to get them out together during the last week – because they both could not stay in our bedroom – we decided to chase them off and not letting them come back inside. Pina and Rudi had started to become very stressed while Jimi and Fifi were in the bedroom and there were no signs that they would ever leave deliberately. So with an absolutely awful feeling and bleeding heart we had to chase them off each time they returned to our balcony.

I was crying all the time because it totally broke my heart. Jimi was looking at me and he could not understand why I was doing this to him. His eyes were so big and accusing and sad. You can certainly imagine what this meant for me!!! It was my last baby that had been left (Pete’s son) – all others had left for good – and I had him for so long in my care (end of June he will turn 5) – first the PMV, then the relapse when he could not eat for many weeks and finally the awful injury that nearly cost his life. I thought I would die on Thursday evening. But it had to be done – for the sake of Pina and Rudi, for the sake of Jimi and Fifi also.

6/14   The next morning – when I woke up – my first thought was Jimi of course and whether I would ever see him again. But there he was, alone, coming in with the others and eating his breakfast. You should have heard the rock falling from my heart!!! An earthquake is nothing in comparison. Fifi also came a few minutes later but the two of them somehow did not appear to be so close any more. Maybe when Fifi realized that Jimi was not the homeowner any more she kept distance to him. So it appeared to us and we made up our story of course. Yes it sounds very human-like but we have encountered many situtations with these birds which are absolutely reminiscent of human behaviour!

6/15   Emily has left her single plaster egg. Now the worrying starts again, daily calcium etc.

Today Jimi appeared a few times again, more or less alone, eating breakfast and then eating some sunflower hearts from my hand!!! So the whole ordeal from two days ago seemed resolved and he did not hate me any more. Later in the evening he appeared again, alone and seemed to be quite sad. So my heart was heavy again. What should I do?

I decided to let him in and even give him the chance to sleep in his box again if he was alone again. BUT – as soon as this little bugger was in our bedroom he started to call. What do you guess he was calling for? Fifi of course! THIS LITTLE BUGGER TRIED TO FOOL ME!!! Can you believe this?

There was no separation from Fifi – of course they were still a couple. Today I made a video (due to come) of them sitting in one of the hanging pots on the balcony and cuddling with each other heavily. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? So everything is in order currently – I only wonder how this will continue. I never ever want to be forced to do this again what I did on Thursday. Thank heaven everything had a happy ending so far. But that feeling…being totally fooled by a bird – I will never forget again. I felt sooooo silly – oh my!

6/16   The world at Pigeon Castle is okay. Everybody appeared for breakfast, Jimi eating sunflower hearts from my hand again. This is how I love to spend the Sunday: sitting on the balcony, watching the pijjies and listening to Jimi’s and Fifi’s love-talk. Everything is peaceful…

Look at Jimi, the little trickster:


6/17    Jimi and Fifi continue their romance. I am very happy about this AND they have found their home currently on the balcony in one of the hanging pots and wonder oh wonder: all the others are accepting them. Can you believe this? I would have expected at least the slightest fighting – but nothing happened at all as if they all knew that this was Jimi’s real home. Now we have an extended “front” against all other intruders and they are really working well together.
Oh my – I still cannot believe this. So finally Jimi has returned home to his mother’s house (because Emily is his mom). He has more rights to stay on the balcony than all the others.


September 27, 2013

Fifi and Jimi are heavily in Love

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From the

Diary as of 6/1 – 6/12/2013

6/1   Today it was raining again. After we had breakfast I lifted the cover of Fifi’s box and we waited what would happen. Jimi sat in front of her box as usual and was singing. It took quite a while until Fifi realized that she could leave the box when she wanted to. Oh my – she took a leap and flew over to our bed. There she met with Jimi who immediately celebrated their “engagement” when you understand what I mean. And Fifi – she was mesmerized. They soon took their cuddling place under the bookshelf where it was dark and were sitting side by side like an old married couple. Soooooo sweet!! As if they were used to each other for ages…

From time to time Fifi did some exercise but after a while I put her back into her box because I could see that her leg was hurting and she still was curling her toes. So tomorrow she will have some more time to get used to freedom and to train her leg. I hope that the nerves in her foot are recovering because it is not good when she continues to walk on curled toes. Poor baby – the nerves in her toes must have been damaged severely by the bite.

6/2   Fifi is doing quite okay and Jimi as well. Both are very much in love and grooming each other  often.


6/3   Jimi does not want to fly out any more. Without his Fifi he is going nowhere at all. Basta.

Fifi already laid an egg today. This was quick. Jimi had started to pull on the cables from the TV – he obviously wanted some nesting material. This is not good. I removed the egg immediately. We cannot encourage them to have a nest inside (because this would cause severe problems with Pina and Rudi). I very much hope that this was only a first sign. But we have to do something about it. I only hope that Fifi is not going to lay a second egg now.

6/4   Micky laid her first egg # 23 and it was perfect. Of course.

6/5   Regarding Fifi I gave up on trying to help her keeping her toes straight. I made a shoe for her (my friend Teresa recommended this), also tried to tape her toes but she was fiddling around so much and soon had it off again. I do not want to cause her more discomfort or pain. The toe that shows backwards is okay but the 3 front toes are really strange. The blood circulation seems to work well but they feel as if no bone exists in the front half of the toes. They feel completely limp. When she lands on a narrow edge – like the water dish – the toes are all outstretched but when she is walking on the floor her front toes are curled. I have checked her pads whether there are any lesions but there is nothing to be seen. So it seems to be quite okay for her.







I really don’t know any more what I could do else but leaving her alone. Apparently the leg itself is still hurting because she often keeps it off the ground although the wound is well healed and closed. No inflammation at all. Probably the muscle still hurts.

I cannot confine them too long any more which means I cannot possibly wait until Fifi’s foot has healed completely. If she lays another egg I have to remove it again but then it is time for them to go. At least she will have some time till the next egg-laying-pressure to find a new nesting place  and will not be in panic to have to find a place immediately.

It is really a stupid situation. Jimi and Fifi are so in love with each other and I hope that they will find a good place outside. The weather was so awful these last weeks – you have probably seen the terrible flooding here in Bavaria on TV – but now it seems that the summer will finally arrive. So I am waiting for a few more days until they can leave. Jimi does not want to go outside either without Fifi. But they need to be free again soon. Oh my. Never easy.

Look at these little buggers:


6/6   Micky laid her second egg #24 and it was perfect. Again.

Today was nice weather. Just right to let the babies go! BUT – we nearly had a little drama this morning in our Pigeon Castle:
After Fifi’s bite has healed wonderfully she was desperate to get out since 2 days. With a heavy heart – because her toes are still not normal – we decided to let her go together with Jimi. Remember- they both fell in love here at Pigeon Castle (another success for elitepigeons.com!).

So when the visitors were fed and most of them gone we opened the balcony door to let them out. Hui – off they went. After half an hour Jimi was back – no Fifi. Jimi went straight into our bedroom, starting to look for Fifi – I don’t know why he thought that she was there – but no Fifi of course. Then he started to cry, I mean REALLY CRY. I have never heard him making these noises. I nearly started to cry as well – it was a heartbreaking sound.

We were absolutely clueless what had happened. Apparently Fifi was a much quicker flier than Jimi and he obviously lost her. I assumed that she was heading straight to her original home and Jimi was not quick enough to follow her. So he decided to come back home rather than looking for her. Oh my. Now the nervewrecking waiting began. Would she come back or not? After an hour or so I saw her suddenly on the balustrade of the balcony, she tried to get in but was chased off by Lucky. She tried again but this time Gino gave her a hard time. I also saw that she was wet but something with her left wing was not right. Apparently she had a bath somewhere and I was afraid that she might have injured her wing. So more worrying. She flew off chased by Lucky again. After a while I realized that she was perching right on the edge of the balustrade behind one of the planting containers. Now I was quite confident that she would come home again.

I opened the balcony door in the bedroom a bit so that she could hear Jimi’s calling and voilà it took only a few minutes and she managed to slip through the door of the living room. I was very relieved. She hopped on the food bowel and there she let me take her and bring her into the bedroom. You should have seen the enthusiastic greeting dance of Jimi and Fifi. Now the world at Pigeon Castle was all in order again…

6/7   Let both, Jimi and Fifi, out in the morning again. Same procedure as the day before. But this time everything went well and none of them seemed to have problems to find their way back home.

6/8  Again Jimi and Fifi went outside but they returned too early again. Apparently they did not find it so interesting to behave like free birds – they preferred to go back into our bedroom in order to have a one-on-one. Oh my – what are they? Couch potatoes????

6/9   Same procedure as always with Jimi and Fifi.

6/10   Jimi and Fifi are still not showing any intent that they are looking for a nesting place outside. Although we chase them outside seveal times during the day now – they come back much too early and rather want to spend their time in our bedroom.

6/11   Nothing new with Jimi and Fifi.

6/12   I think Fifi’s feet cannot be corrected. A few days ago when I checked her leg I realized that obviously one of the tendons has been severed because a little piece of a dried “string” was sticking in the skin which I misinterpreted as the remnants of a little feather. So the damage had been done already and I have no idea whether birds can “re-grow” that in some way or whether the muscles take over this job to a certain extent.

Apparently this injury does not do great harm to Fifi’s toes – the back one is functioning normally, one of the front toes nearly normal and the other two she bents from time to time but I have seen her walking also with all toes outstretched. The nails do not cut into her pad because they are turned sidewards. The only result of her bent toes will be that the front half of the two toes will keratinize a bit but I don’t think that this will develop into a real problem. At least she can land perfectly. So this is what we wanted.


July 15, 2013

Flea’s Death and Jimi’s Resurrection

From the

Diary as of 4/20 – 4/24/2013

4/20   Flea died in the evening in my arms.

When I took her out this morning I realized that she was making strange noises while breathing. It sounded a bit as if she had some liquid in her lungs. So I gave her a warm water bottle again and left her in her box. She became more and more listless, in the afternoon she could not stand on her feet any more, becoming weaker and weaker. In the early evening I knew that she was going to die and that nothing could save her. I held her in my arms and it became more and more difficult for her to lift her little head. Soon she was gone.

Flea was probably already sick when she appeared on our balcony. She was so thin and my suspicion is that her parents stopped feeding her because they knew that she was sick. So her little accident was only the tip of the iceberg. This is what I am trying to tell myself. The mean thing is that she did so well and seemed to recover and then suddenly… This is soooo unfair. She had not had the slightest chance. Why wasn’t she allowed to live?

4/21   Today we drove to my favourite forest in the southeast of Munich where we often take a walk etc. We used to search for mushrooms there before Tschernobyl happened. Since then the mushrooms are still contaminated and should not be eaten.
There are lots of old trees and the floor is covered by beautiful moss and ferns. We searched for a good place at the foot of an old tree and buried Flea between the roots. We will easily find this spot again. There were lots of birds singing and the sun came out between the trees. This was a bit comforting also…



4/22   Flea is gone and I still cannot believe what had happened. I feel depressed because I could not save her… and there are so many questions…

4/23   Maggie laid her first egg #19 and as usual it was perfect. Maggie is a very sweet pigeon, a little bit shy and very introverted. She never complains, is always patient and loves her Woody. Once  a week she gets an extra portion Calcivet in order to keep her healthy.

4/24   Today was the big day where Jimi indicated that he wanted to fly free again. It was a very difficult decision for me, especially after the last weekend where we had lost little Flea, but then I did not want my baby to be unhappy and a prisoner. In the morning he had his breakfast and then decided to stay a bit at home still but at lunchtime he definitely wanted to fly out.

So I opened the balcony door with a heavy heart. Jimi did one step after another – as he always does – looked around on the balcony, met some other pijjies from our flock and finally took off. Before that I requested from him the promise to come back when he found his home occupied or if he felt not well enough to spend the night outside. I requested his promise not to fight and getting injured again. You can call me crazy but I know that this bird understands every word I say.

During the whole afternoon I was very nervous and could not think about anything else than Jimi. After 5 in the afternoon I saw Jimi suddenly in one of my planting containers on the balustrade and he seemed to be okay. I called him and after a minute or so he came inside and went straight into our bedroom. You should have heard the rock that fell from my soul. He seemed to be quite exausted – no wonder. BUT HE WAS HOME AGAIN, IN ONE PIECE AND IN PERFECT CONDITION!!!



July 10, 2013

Tibby is free, Jimi wiggles, starts eating on his own and Flea is vomiting

From the

Diary as of 4/13 – 4/19/2013

4/13    As soon as the weather is okay we will release Tibby. She is ready to go, sings a lot and has become very curious and adventurous.

Jimi’s beak and nose are healing wonderfully. His cere is still a bit sensitive and not quite white yet – but then it was a terrible injury. But other than that he has a complete PMV relapse again. To be honest I expected something like that to happen but hoped it would not. It is the same as in January when he came first only worse. His poops deteriorated to spaghettis and mushy slimy stuff again and he is urinating so much that I sometimes think he is floating away. I don’t know how many layers of newspaper and kitchen paper are completely wet in the morning.

He still cannot eat by himself but at least he can drink and he does. A lot. Which is good. There were times where he was so depressed that I thought he would give up. I started to talk to him often to encourage him. My poor baby – I could see that he was just feeling so miserable. Slowly bit by bit he came out of his lethargy again during the last few days and I have a better feeling again. Tiny little steps each day in the right direction.

When he moves – it reminds me of a very old man moving. But it is getting a bit better now every day. He even has started to wiggle a bit at me when I stroke his chest very softly. He is not really someone sho likes to be touched. But at the moment he needs the attention. I think it also helps that the sun is shining here again and that the temperatures are much better now.

I have Tibby’s box in the bedroom during the day where Jimi is perching at the window – so he has some company and can hear her voice. He has started to watch the pijjies outside more again instead of sleeping all the time. And sometimes – when I am outside on the balcony and bow to him while he is inside – he wiggles at me. I really don’t know how long he will need for his complete recovery but he has as much time as he needs – if he only gets healthy again…

4/14   We let Tibby FREE today after she had a good breakfast and then a wonderful warm bath – probably the first one after many weeks. I am still not really sure whether it’s a she or a he but I  continue to call her a she. She just could not stop walking into the tub again and again. It was a joy to watch her. She balanced for a long time on the edge of the tub without the smallest sign of pain or dislike. She flew around our bedroom and even had her first crash behind some shelves. I already feared the worst but nothing had happened at all. She was dancing all the time and cooing so we did not have the heart to keep her in. It was time to let her go. Today was a nice warm day – perfect for a release. Hopefully we will see her for breakfast again…




it was her left foot that was broken – you can clearly see the extra tissue growth!

Take good care little Tibby and all the best for you!!

Here is another pic: Still Life in the Bedroom


from left to right:
Flea, Pina (above), Tibby, Jimi

4/15   I think Flea has canker. She has started vomiting or at least was gagging – so no wonder that she is not increasing her weight. I put her finally on Spartrix.

4/16   Flea has received her second Spartrix pill and is feeling much better. She has stopped gagging. I also have started to give her the full syringe of 25 ml per meal.

4/17   Today is weighing day. Flea has lost weight again which is not good at all:  211 gr. I am very worried because this loss of weight is indicating something else but I don’t know what…  Jimi on the contrary is a little monster: 456 gr he has now. If we are not careful he might roll out of the house instead of flying.

4/18   Jimi got thawed peas again for supper. In the morning he had his usual cereal so that I could give him his propolis pill daily and every other day some vitamins.

4/19   Jimi picked up seeds for the first time since he has been hospitalized again – which is now more than 6 weeks. I am so happy!!!

Flea is getting weak. She does not leave her box any more. What can I do?


July 7, 2013

Tibby has a new Bandage and vandalizes her Box

From the

Diary as of 3/30 – 4/9/2013

3/30   We actually removed the bandage this morning and Tibby’s leg looked good – not swollen at all, no discolouring. Only the lower foot was swollen a bit still. So I was sure the swelling (lymphedema) came from the bandage I made too tight.

The wound bleeded a bit again so I poured some more peroxide on it and then applied some more Neosporin. I covered her leg with 2 layers of sensitive band-aid careful not to make it too tight again. Instead of the matches I used now a piece of a toilet roll which I cut to the right size and formed a tube over a pencil out of it. This I applied with another piece of plaster. So I think this time it was not too tight for her. After that she got a little breakfast and then her medicine.

Tibby was such a brave patient. She lay totally calm on her back (I am always using a large piece of soft cloth formed into a big sausage and then bent to half so that the head lies higher than the remaining body), a light towel covering her head, while my partner held her so that I could work on her leg and foot. We will see how it goes now…

See pics:


My friend Teresa gave me a good idea regarding support for broken legs etc.:

she uses a “piece of the handle of a plastic fork or knife — you know, the ones used for picnics. With most leg fractures, it’s the back and the sides of the leg that need support.
The handles that are like half a tube are best, and if you start with a larger size than you need, there’s room to line it with gauze or human plasters, so it’s soft against the skin. For most adult pigeons a 2 cm length is just fine.”

3/31   Today was big weighing day!

Emily has her usual 337 gr, Jimi is on 445 gr!! and Tibby on 339 gr.

Tibby’s foot was still swollen but not as bad as before – difficult to say as these parts are so small. Could it be simply lymph fluid which will probably take some time to dissolve? And the greyish colour has become less grey somehow. I will try to take a photo but it may not be visible.

Tibby also had the front toes down from time to time – so I assumed this was a good sign as well.

Jimi was doing fine but today he did not feel so very well I think. Maybe the PMV is returning because his poops were very spaguetti-like again.

4/1   Tibby continued to take her course of antibiotics. It was day 4 now from planned 7.

Jimi scratched off the left part of his nose where all the tiny feathers were hanging around!!! The skin is quite raw still of course and red but now he looks nearly like Jimi again. What a relief – everything is growing back where it belongs….

4/3   The swelling on Tibby’s foot has gone down completely now and she is such a brave and sweet patient. She already exercised on her injured leg and tried to stand on it as often as possible. How do you find that? Tomorrow I will give her a larger box so that she can move around better and stretch her wings. I won’t let her out of her box yet though because I think it might be too early.
I think that her progress is astonishingly quick. I am quite amazed about that and very happy of course.

4/4   Pina is off her eggs and heavily cuddling with Rudi.

Yippee – it is Tibby’s last day on antibiotics – now there is nearly normal life again. Her constitution is amazingly strong and healthy. I think I need not even put her on pro-biotic – the joghurt she has in her breakfast from time to time is sufficient.

4/5   Tibby is vandalizing her box. Poor little Tibby – she does not understand that I cannot let her out with her broken foot yet. It is much too early and the bone must grow stronger first before I can let her out of her box. It must be awfully boring to be in “prison” for the whole day.

4/6   Micky is off her plaster eggs and cuddling with Gino again.

Made Pina’s nest new – threw out all the old stuff, moss, cardboard stripes etc. After it was newly made she flew immediately to the closet to check it out whether I have done everything correctly. She is such a control freak – LOL!!

4/7   Still awful weather – cold, dark – not a great basis for recovery. Jimi therefore is as depressed as I am. He must have vomitted yesterday evening – probably I fed him too much. His digestion is a bit slow again – I should have skipped his supper. I think he has a full PMV relapse again – no wonder after his terrible adventure. Poor little Jimi 😥

Rudi and Pina had their bathing day and did enjoy it. At least two pijjies were happy. Tibby is very quiet today but she is standing on her broken leg. This is also a kind of exercise. I think her leg will mend completely again.

4/8   Pina laid her first egg #79.  Again it was perfect!

4/9   Micky laid her first egg #19. Emily got some BeneBac, Pina , Jimi and Tibby got some extra vitamins.


March 5, 2013

“Sick” Pigeon was not really sick, Rudi bumped his Foot again and the usual Chaos

From the

Diary as of 12/25 – 12/31/2012

12/25   This morning I put the box with the “sick” pigeon  in front of the open balcony door (after I had checked during the night several times to see whether he had still sysmptoms – but there was nothing) and opened the box to see what would happen. Our “patient” jumped on the edge of the box and then flew off. Wow! That was it! Oh my – what a quickie. I was very happy of course and quite puzzled. The poops he had left during the night  showed no signs of sickness at all.

In the early afternoon Gino came in again to get his supper and he stayed inside again. Apparently he wanted to spend the evening and night with us again. What a sweetie.

Maggie laid her first egg# 11.

12/26   Rudi has bumped his bad foot again – he was limping. Checking him out I could not detect anything at all. I cut his nails but he neither had any injuries nor were his pads revealing any pressure spots. BTW – the nail he had ripped out a while ago – remember? – is actually growing again. It comes out quite coarse and much thicker than the normal ones but it is a real nail. I only need to cut it once a month when it becomes too long. Due to the malposition of most of his toes they do not get used off as usual with a bird so I have to help him before he gets stuck somewhere again.

Today Gino spent the night outside. I have no explanation why he wanted to stay with us during Xmas although the temperatures were mild other than he wanted to tell us how much he loved us!!! What an incredibel bird. I love him soooooo much.

Emma laid her second egg #103. Same as the first one, undamaged but the shell very rough. But I am satisfied that she did not have any problems laying. I don’t think though that she will ever have normal eggs again.

12/27   Today in the early afternoon Gino came in as usual after Micky took over her turns on the plaster eggs, went straight to his food bowl in our bedroom and then – instead of flying to his favourite perch on the bookshelf he made himeself convenient on our bed like a little bunny again. Just like he did often when we had him inside still in February as a baby. He looked so incredibly sweet, his eyes closing from time to time and in between he watched tv together with us. Later he went out again to spend the night on the balcony in his hanging pot. What a bird!!!


exactly like this again – Gino playing Easter bunny

Maggie laid also her second egg #12. Both her eggs were perfect.

12/28   The day was ugly – much rain and the temperatures were a bit lower than the past days. The pijjies were hungry.

Today Sandy tried to spend the night on the balcony again and I had to shoo him away as he brings a lot of noise with him: our balcony residents do not like pigeons on the balcony who do not belong there and are making a lot of noise then – especially Gino is getting the crisis. It simply adds too much stress so I have to shoo him away.

12/29   I am worried about our birds because of the noise these rocket idiots make already from time to time. I hate New Year’s eve and the all the craziness going on. Does anyone think about the consequences this has for all the poor creatures including the pets?  I think I will keep Gino inside in the night of the 31rst.

Bathing day for Gino and Pina.

12/30   Today it was quite windy but sunny and mild for December. In the morning only a few pigeons came to take their breakfast here. They preferred to fly around. In the early afternoon Gino also decided to go on a flying trip with a large group of pigeons and it got later and later. Dusk arrive and I was getting more and more nervous about the little bugger. But finally, it was already 5 pm and nearly dark, he appeared on the balcony, without his usual aw-eeh aw-eeh, went straight into our bedroom to his food bowel. I was really mad at him because he had given me nearly a nervous breakdown but of course I was extremely happy that he came back safely.
He did not eat much and went out again to his sleeping pot. He seemed a bit sheepish as if he knew quite well what he had caused me – LOL. But who could earnestly be angry about this little bugger???

12/31   Pina is still reluctant to go out. She has become very timid and still stargazes from time to time. I am sure one day this will improve again. My poor baby – she loved to fly around so very much but now – on the other hand – I am glad she rather stays inside for her own security.

Gino came in this morning and had a ravenous appetite – I assume from his adventures yesterday. Now Micky is sitting on the bookshelf and enjoys the classical music. And we are waiting for the things and noise to come…

Happy New Year


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