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July 14, 2014

Fifi and Oliver and their new Love Life and Johnny is quite ill

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Diary as of 2/26 – 3/16/2014

2/26  Amanda laid her second egg #2 in her new little house.


Sandy in front of his new house…


Sandy needs a bit of fresh air apparently – maybe he left a little fart…

Pina did not lay – as usual in the meanwhile – so I gave her a plaster egg immediately this morning.

2/27   I am so glad that we have all these other feathered angels. I don’t know what I would do without them. Jimi has left me with such a big hole in my heart.

2/28   Today is the last day of this terrible month and I hope that it is getting better during the next one.

3/1   Betty should be off her plaster eggs by this time now but she does not show any sign of leaving. I wonder whether she will stay on the same eggs for another incredibly long period.

3/5   Fifi has laid a new egg #19 which really surprises me. But I am very very happy that she sees Oliver as her new mate now. Oliver has also adopted the house very quickly and he is very much in love with Fifi. Oliver is a very large pigeon. He is still very young (you can see this in his face) and just like Jimi a very gentle pigeon. Possibly this is Fifi’s preferred personality type and his appearance of course. Some pigeon ladies seem to be fascinated by machos though and accept being chased all the time. Oliver is tall with incredibly long legs, surmounting any other pigeon here. Both are making a very lovely couple together.




3/6   Pina is back on her nest.

3/7   Fifi laid her second egg #20 and she and Oliver are taking their turns on the eggs as if they had done this for a long time already. I am quite sure Fifi is Oliver’s first mate. He is still very shy and has the lowest place in the balcony’s hierarchy although he is such a large pigeon but this will change some time in the future. I am sure that he will not always be the underdog.

3/9   Pina did not lay – so I gave her the usual plaster egg. I really wonder whether this is now some kind of “organic birth control” without any pharma products simply because I take off the stress of egg laying from her immediately after she has gone to her nest again. Maybe the impulse of egg laying is suppressed in a natural way because “there is already an egg”. I have no clue. One thing I know – Pina is much more relaxed and less stargazing since she has stopped to produce eggs. Nothing else has changed. She still has that 28-day-cycle-going-to-the-nest. Before that she has that cuddling and loving period with Rudi. So absolutely no changes here either. She also produces that smelly package of poop short before and after she has gone egg sitting that hens normally produce. Isn’t this funny? I wonder whether other people can make the same observations…?

3/10   Amanda should be coming off her plaster eggs by now but apparently she likes to sit on them a bit longer.

3/12   Betty should be laying the first egg but not yet….

3/15   Same with Maggie – she is also late with egg laying – better so!

3/16   I am still mourning my darling boy Jimi badly but slowly I can wake up without a wet face and without thinking all the time about him and which role he played in my life. It’s 4 weeks now that he died a much too early death. More and more I think that he was not just a very dear bird but something very special, really special. So many things in my memories are making sense now. Btw – the very Sunday (I still hate Sundays) short before Jimi died a white pigeon appeared on the balustrade of our balcony. I did not see her but my partner did and told me. Isn’t that strange? As if an angel was sent to accompany him….

Today was dreaded Sunday again and I was so sad again and felt very depressed. I went outside to clean up the balcony as I do each morning and found Johnny (Jimi’s son)  sitting on one of the fern pots like a little bundle of misery. He had not appeared for breakfast for the last 3 days and I was very worried. Today I just could grab him and he did not even try to escape. I brought him inside and put him immediately into a box. Remember he was the one who had bad symptoms of PMV 2 days before Jimi’s death but he managed all the past weeks to survive, came each day to feed here. He flew like a kamikaze but somehow he succeeded in landing here. Sometimes I could only close my eyes watching him how he jumped on the little stool outside on the balcony and then down and landed on his belly with legs sidewards stretched. At one of these opportunities where he was inside feeding I could grab him and give him some extra vitamin B-complex pill and told him that he should come here when he felt too miserable. So he did today. He had not appeared for several days and I already thought that something might have happened to him and was very worried.

Now he was here, safe and in good mood. So instead of sending me a message in my dreams Jimi sent me his son to take care for, telling me that I should stop crying and instead doing something more reasonable. Now I WAS sure that Johnny was Jimi’s son because his face looked exactly like Jimi’s and also his character was the same. A very friendly and gentle pigeon and I hope so very much that he can get rid of this virus completely. I am only sad that he was left by his wife Chica who was probably too worried about her own well being and survival. Unfortunately this is only natural in the animal world where everything is about survival. I can only hope that she is doing well. She was one of the most beautiful pigeons we ever had on the balcony and Woodie’s last daughter before he decided to retire and live here with us together with his wife Maggie and sit on plaster eggs.

Here are a few photos of Chica:


The first time when Chica appeared on our balcony…


Chica with her sister Micky…



Chica settled in…


Chica was our little water princess – whenever she had the opportunity she took a bath – here with her mother Maggie


Chica with Pina and Emily


The ladie’s club: Chica with Pina, Maggie, Emily, Lotti and another one…


splish splash….


Chica with her sister Micky and Fifi…



When Johnny had settled down in his box he ate like a piggy. Unbelievable how much he ate – yes he can eat by himself which makes things much easier. And what’s really good is that the virus apparently had no influence on his digestion i.e. he’s making perfect poops. Prognosis is good at the moment.




July 7, 2014

Mourning Jimi and Fifi has a new Boyfriend

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From the

Diary as of 2/18 – 2/25/2014

2/18   The mornings are the worst: first thought after waking is that we will never see Jimi again.

I am still in a state of shock, feeling ripped apart. My face is aching from all the crying that does not stop. We buried Jimi yesterday besides Emily and Baby Flea. This is at least some comfort that he is not alone and we can come back whenever we want to and talk to them…

Everything is still so unreal. Look at them, Jimi and Fifi – this was 3 days ago (the day before Jimi died):


I am glad though that I have these photos – they are showing that nothing could be foreseen…

2/19   Fifi has laid an egg – it is egg#17 but I don’t think that she will sit on it. But life goes on and the body functions continue…

Micky also laid her second egg# 42.

2/20   I am still waking up each morning crying. These are the worst moments when the memory is coming back that no koala bear will be waddling around the corner any more… During the day it is getting easier when things need to be done and when Pina is playing her tricks again or Rudi is annoyed when the others eat HIS personal food! Fifi is doing well so far. Thank heaven she has stopped crying (this was the worst – to hear her crying all the time). She is eating well and is jumping on my knees whenever she is eating. She also has started to have that funny conversation with me again where she makes those little smacking sounds with her beak. She has laid an egg yesterday but is not sitting on it. I wonder whether she will lay another one. She is even making love with Rudi to the big dismay of Pina of course who is getting very jealous. But what can I do? Fifi is courted by all the other males on the balcony as well. I wonder how this will continue? Of course Fifi will be part of our family as long as she wishes to. I really hope that she is staying here.

2/21   Fifi‘s laid her second egg #18 to my surprise but she is not breeding. I decided to exchange the eggs anyway with plaster eggs and let them in her house for a while. Maybe she loves to sit on them now and then. And it shows any curious visitors that the house is occupied even when Fifi is “on the road”.

Today I thought Fifi has a new boyfriend. A nearly black pigeon was sitting on the roof of Fifi’s house and courting Fifi. But then I realized that he was not calling Fifi to join him but his wife. What a perfidious couple!!! I cannot believe it. They try to chase Fifi out of her home with nasty tricks. I am not going to tolerate that of course. I promised Jimi to take care of his wife.

2/22   I cannot tell you how much I miss Jimi. I am crying each day whenever the memory comes back. I feel totally lost. And it is so unfair. Just when Jimi was feeling so well and happy he had to go. I cannot understand this.

2/23   I am dreading Sundays. They are terrible. They make me cry again. When will this stop?

2/24   Life on the balcony continues of course. Amanda has laid her first egg #1 here now.  I forgot to tell you that Sandy took his beautiful daughter as his new mate. What a wonderful couple. I gave them a new house made from a small plastic box with a real entry and a roof. They have their own home now and they are very happy. Sandy has become very nice and he gets on very well with the other residents now.  Sometimes there is a little dispute here and there with Woody or Lucky but nothing serious. They are all family now. What a comfort!

2/25   Pina went on her nest tonight.

Life can be so unfair soemtimes and although I have learned to accept certain things after a while I am also so disappointed and desperate in others because I truly do not understand the sense behind it. It is simply cruel and unfair.  I am still mourning Jimi a lot and will do so forever because the hole he left can never be filled again but I also feel some comfort in watching the others and their antics.

Finally Loki and Lotti are living on the balcony also. I have tried to chase them off for so long. I have given up. And Sandy – well he managed to stay here as well. After he was left by his wife due to canker he found a new mate: his daughter Amanda. Can you believe this? We have a red couple here now – the only one in our area. I gave them their own house and Amanda already laid 2 eggs. Loki and Lotty will get their own house next week. These buggers have well utilized my current weakness for their own advantage.

On the other hand it has become surprisingly quiet on the balcony now because all these residents now chase off any other foreign pigeon. Which of course is good for me because of the neighbours. Altogether we have now 6 couples living on the balcony!!! Can you imagine? Ahhh – I forgot – Fifi HAS a new boyfriend. Whether he, Oliver, will become her real mate – is too early to say. But Fifi is doing very well. She seemed to have found a way to carry on with her normal life.


January 17, 2014

Rudi is working like a Berserk and Jimi loves Vinegar Soup

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Diary as of 11/1 – 11/22/2013

11/1   I am still pissed off because of the damage on my little car. Hopefully the insurance will handle this with generosity – ahem… (they did not!!!)

11/2   Fifi, Maggie and Micky should have been leaving their plaster eggs by now but they didn’t. I can understand – it is nicer to sit in the house than having to run around outside although the weather is still quite nice!!!

11/3   Gave Jimi his vitamin pill and the ladies got their usual extra calcium.

11/4   The weather is still unusually mild and I just love it because my balcony still looks like a garden with some plants blooming still.



The pijjies of course love this too and they perch on various places to collect some sunshine.


Jimi seems to feel a bit better again but his tumor is still there. Poor baby – I really hope that this is coming off soon. It’s been too long now. At least his beautiful head and face is restored again from the moult.

11/5   It would be Pina’s and Betty’s time now to leave the plaster eggs but they did not either. What’s up with these ladies? On strike???? In fact I am glad about this delay because any additional day is better for the body and to sit on eggs is so relaxing – isn’t it?

11/6   Pina got her extra vitamin pill today.

11/7   Maggie finally decided to leave her plaster eggs and is cuddling with her Woodie again.

11/8   Now Micky and Fifi left her plaster eggs also. Everybody is copying the other – why are they always doing the same at the same time? Competition? Jealousy? Very funny!

11/10   Calcium and vitamin day again: Betty and Pina got their calcium and Jimi his pill. There is a pause – regarding calcium – for Micky and Maggie because they do not sit on their eggs any more and I don’t want to stress them uneccessarily with catching them for their syringe. I have to wait until they sit on new eggs again.

11/12   Maggie, Micky and Fifi should have been laying by now but there is no new egg yet.

11/13   We have chaos time again: Micky and Gino are in mating mode, Woodie and Maggie are in mating mode, Jimi and Fifi are more or less (rather less) in mating mode and Pina and Rudi are in mating mode as well. Betty is still sitting on her plaster eggs but then she did lay later than the others. Chasing mode is now the program and you can certainly imagine what this means especially when 20 more hungry mouths want to have breakfast at the same time in our livingroom!!!

11/14   Rudi is working like a berserk. He carried every little cardboard stripe I had cut on the closet until Pina sat on a heap of cardboard stripes, orderly put in a circle, like the princess on the pea – lol. Unfortunately I have no photo – should think about it the next time. It is really funny and very sweet. I am always amazed by Rudi’s incredible condition. It is not easy for a bird of his size and weight (420 gr) to fly vertically from the floor to the top of the closet just beneath the ceiling. And this much more than a hundred times!!!! But he does not stop until he has snatched the very last stripe for his princess.

11/15    Okay – Maggie, Micky and Pina decided that it is egg laying time: Maggie laid her first egg #31 and Micky laid egg #35. Pina went to her new nest but again she did not lay so I gave her a plaster egg anyway to keep her stress level down.

11/16   Now it would have been Betty’s turn to lay new eggs but she is on strike so far. She seems to love her home much more than producing babies and probably thinks that the eggs she is sitting on are enough. Probably she knows exactly by now that there will be no babies and she is enjoying her peace in Emma’s house. (It will always be Emma’s house). And Lucky seems to enjoy his time on the plaster eggs also. Apparently he has become lazy as well.

11/17   Micky laid her second egg #36, Maggie hers #32 and Fifi laid her first egg now #11.

11/18   Today we drove to the forest again and visited Emma’s and Flea’s grave. There must have been some creatures digging at the place because we detected some holes and the moss I had put additionally on top was thrown aside. I only hope that not all of the crocusses will be eaten by mice and that something will bloom next spring.

11/19   Fifi laid her second egg #12. Normally I am exchanging the eggs when the second has been laid. This time I will wait a few more days before I exchange Fifi’s eggs to see whether they are fertilized. Due to Jimi’s strange behaviour I doubt that they are because I have not seen Jimi coupling with his wife once. But I may be wrong of course.

Jimi is always the first I let inside each morning because he hates all the chaos created by the others and rather wants his peace. He then waddles into our bedroom where he has his own place and his food bowels. He is always the one who needs time for everything and he hates to be in a hurry. After eating he flies to his place on the bookshelf and stays there until late in the afternoon. Poor Fifi is alone for the whole day and sitting on the eggs but apparently she can cope with this because she can come inside to eat something any time and does not need to leave the (plaster-)eggs for a longer time. Strange behaviour of Jimi – isn’t it? It was different at the beginning of their relationship but now he leaves her alone for the whole day.

I must admit though that it looks very comfortable how he is perching on our bed – much nicer than outside:





Jimi does not want to fly outside – maybe it’s his tumor, that is still in his chest, that disturbs him but on the other hand he is eating with very good appetite and his poops are perfect. His movements are completely normal and he has no difficulties to fly up to his house. There have been other times where he was terribly weak. But currently he is doing very well. He loves to listen to classical music that runs for the whole day and loves to be in our presence. So he seems to be absolutely content and happy.

Already as a child Jimi was different, a lonesomer.  He preferred to be alone rather than together with the others. In the late afternoon he indicates that he wants to leave, takes a long drink from the warm water bowl which I always prepare extra for him (he loves warm vinegar soup – lol) and then flies up to his house, greets his wife and settles down for the night. And Fifi  – she seems to accept his behaviour. Well – this is the agreement between them: she has a house, regular meals and drinks. Just like a marriage contract. Funny – isn’t it?

11/20   Vitamin day: Pina and Jimi got their special vitamin pill (a vitamin B-complex) again.

11/21   Pijjies were very hungry again and could hardly wait until I let them inside. Temperatures are quite low now but still no frost.

11/22   Today Jimi decided to go out a bit earlier than usual – he took a long sip from the warm vinegar water bowl and then flew straight onto the roof of his house, greeted his wife Fifi and settled for the night. What a special character!

Jimi drinking his soup:



November 8, 2013

Pina’s Birthday, a Miracle and Betty is limping

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From the

Diary as of 7/21 – 8/6/2013

7/21   It is Pina’s birthday today!!!! My sweet little baby has turned 4 years! Oh my – I still can remember those times when she hardly made it to her first birthday when she was scalped and badly injured by a foreign pigeon who wanted to steal and occupy the nest of Pina and her little brother Peppi. And then came that awful PMV infection where she was sick for many months and where we thought that she would never be able to fly again if she would survive at all. I dearly wish that she will have a long and happy life from now on. Happy Birthday, my little princess! loveFifi laid her first egg #3 in her new house!

7/22   Maggie laid her first egg #25. Oh my – time flies by…

7/23   Fifi laid her second egg #4. She is also creating perfect little eggs!

7/24   Maggie laid her second egg #26.

7/25   Now it’s Micky‘s turn: she laid her first egg #27. I wished she would give her body a longer pause as Pina does.

7/26   I forgot to tell you that we have two new little ones – the kids of Sandy and Adele with breathtaking colours. Amanda – with colours I have never seen in our area:


Amanda’s sibling is Vroni:


And here are some pics with Sandy and his kids together:


7/27   Pina is still not laying. After she and Rudi started to build their nest again now for the 3rd time without Pina laying, I thought I might try something different and put one of the plaster eggs into her nest. I had the impression that Rudi became somehow frustrated that he had nothing to “sit on” because he went to the nest and sat there for quite a while as if Pina had laid an egg. And Pina became somehow stressed also because no egg wanted to appear. So why not help them with a simple trick. Since the plaster egg is in the nest they both behave normal again and are very content. Oh my – now I am also a pigeon-shrink!!!

Micky laid her second egg # 28.

7/29   Jimi is totally happy with his Fifi. Did I tell you that I built a wooden house for them also, similar to the one that Gino and Micky have? It took less than 2 hours until Jimi and Fifi claimed it to be their own. They simply loved it. Also Jimi has started to sit on my knee again to have his meals there. He has become even more trustful towards me and defends his seat when anyone else is trying to sit on my knee. Oh my…



Both are very tolerant when I exchange their eggs for the plaster eggs and have no problem to sit on the fakes. Fifi is also very trustful and always wants to eat on my knees as well. How sweet is that?

7/31   Btw – regarding Fifi’s foot/toes – it healed completely!!! I really don’t know how this is possible with a broken tendon but apparently she somehow can cope with it. Since WEEKS I haven’t seen her curling her toes – instead the toes are perfectly normal and she can walk as if never anything had happened. It appears like a miracle to me and I am dearly happy about this.


this was the original condition in June – curling toes

8/3   We had another nearly patient – it was Nermel – with both feet bound together but thank heaven there was no damage done yet – not even a swelling and the job was easy. I don’t know what this little bugger was up to but apparently he had been too curious and went somewhere where he shouldn’t. I hate people who just shake their carpets on the balcony never thinking a bit what consequences this might have. I can only repeat again and again – these string injuries are terrible. They are mostly not only long time healing wounds but pigeons who are unlucky suffer extremely from pain and infections. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR CARPETS ETC!!!

8/5   What else? Berty and Babsi were here again. Berty is the one with only 3 toes left. All others have fallen off. I only could help him several months ago when one of his remaining toes was still bound. Poor little fellow – I wished I had met him before this all happened. He is such a beautiful one – totally black with huge eyes.

Tonight I have to check what’s the matter with Betty’s left leg – she is limping heavily. I very much hope that it is nothing serious and that I can help her quickly. We will see.

8/6   I checked Betty’s leg yesterday evening: it must have been broken some time ago. I could not detect any injury on the surface of the skin but when I felt her bone thoroughly I detected a “sharp” edge where there should have been smooth bone. So I think it was broken but the bone did not align cleanly. It healed but apparently she still had some problems with it. So I gave her some extra Calcium and massaged the leg with DMSO. Repeated this procedure after 2 days with positive results. No limping any more. And another pleasant development – Betty becomes a little more trusting: she even flew on the shelf – sitting next to Pina…




May 11, 2013

Pina is flying again, Jimi is out of his Box and All have their big Bathing Day

From the

Diary as of 2/2 – 2/22/2013

2/2   Pina is her old self again btw and flying out again and Micky is doing better as well. She is still stargazing but not flying like a kamikaze any more. So there is light at the end of the tunnel as well.

Only Emma still gives me heartaches still. Her first egg 2 days ago was awful again, but it came out as a whole at least, the second egg was a bit better and had a stronger shell. If she only would stop laying eggs! But as long as high doses of Calcivet help her it is okay for me and apparently for her as well. I do not consider an implant for her nor any hormones as these have side effects and are not really recommendable if the egg laying problems can be kept under control. Other than laying thin-shelled eggs Emmily is very lively and healthy and gives Gino a lot of slaps when he is behaving  too naughty.

Gino is the typical papagallo – he is after ANY girl but somehow Pina and Emily are very special magnets for him and I don’t know really why. Each time Gino tries to get close to one of the both ladies he receives only heavy wing slaps. Maybe he is addicted to S&M???

2/3   It was weighing day day for Jimi today again. Need a lead to be able to check his weight – he had 443 gr – so he did not really loose weight.

2/4   Jimi is doing quite okay. His poops are still looking bad but this will certainly change with time to the better.

2/5   Today I mounted the mosquito net in the bedroom and put Jimi’s box behind it. So he had more freedom to move when he wanted to stretch himself. He was very pleased about it. The net also served as a protection against wild Gino and Micky. This way they could roam the bedroom but Jimi had his peace and was not bothered.

2/6   I think Jimi is looking forward to leave his box each morning in the meanwhile. He does not look so depressed any more and even likes the company of Micky and Gino. When Micky comes alone he even tolerates her presence:


2/7   Jimi is making progress each day – just a tiny step forward each time. In the meanwhile he loves to sit on the box near the large Buddha figure – and Lord Buddha smiles. He is totally satisfied when he has his peace and can listen to the music we leave on for him for the whole day. This way he does not feel so alone when we are not here.


2/8   Jimi is doing quite okay now. He loves to be out of his box and sit where he can watch everything that is going on. It is much better for his mood not to be “hospitalized” any more.

2/9   Gino and Micky are doing a lot of nonsense while they are in coupling mode: using my fruit baskets as nest:


2/10   Today was bathing day. Oh HOW they needed it all. First Rudi and Pina got their bath in the living room. It is always so funny when they hardly can wait to jump into the water. I just had the empty green bath tub on the floor when Pina already jumped into it, looking totally disappointed because there was no water yet. Finally the warm water came and splish splash, half of the living room was already underwater.

Was weighing day for Jimi again: he has 438 gr – not too bad for a sick pijjie!

While Rudi and Pina were taking their bath in the living room I prepared another one for Micky and Gino in the bedroom. When Jimi saw this he was so eager to take a bath as well that he desperately tried to escape through the mosquito net – so I opened it. As a true gentleman he waited until Micky and Gino had finished their bath and then he jumped in and got really soaked:


And after the big bath they had their chilling time – first Rudi and Pina on the old sofa in the living room – how sweet are they?


And then Gino and Micky chilled in our bedroom:


2/12   Micky laid her first egg #15 today and as usual it was perfect.

2/13   Pina laid her first egg #74 today also. So these both girl seem to have an appointment. And of course hers was perfect as well.

2/14   Micky laid her second egg #16. Now she can relax again in her house. No more nervousness and running around like a nut and being chased by Gino. Good for her and good for us.

Gave Jimi Calcivet today to help him with his PMV relapse.

2/15   Pina laid her second egg #75. So she can relax now also. Peace for everyone!

Weighing day for Jimi again: he has lost some weightand is now on 415 gr. I am not too worried about this but have to go back to feeding more again. You see it is very important to constantly check weight on sick pijjies even if you have the feeling everything is okay. It might not be.

2/16   We have two new squeakers: Ronny and Sunny – the kiddos of Sandy and Adele:


2/20   Emily is off her plaster eggs and I have to get her back on intense Calcivet. Oh my – hopefully this time it will be better with the eggs but I fear not.

2/21   It is weighing day for Jimi again and to my joy he has increased his weight again a bit: 423 gr. That’s the right direction.

2/22   Nothing special.


December 18, 2012

Rosalie is free, lots of new Eggs and Jimi, Micky and Pina are taking a Bath together

From the

Diary as of 9/10 – 9/30/2012

9/10   Rosi is free again. The weather was nice and sunny – so I opened the lid of the box in the morning when our gang came inside for feeding and let her go.

9/11   I had hoped so very much that Rosalie would appear for breakfast this morning with the others but she did not. I can identify her easily as she is wearing a ring on her left foot.

9/12   Still no Rosi around. I think when she is living near us she would come for breakfast. But apparently she is a traveller. How on earth did she know then that she would be treated here I wonder. That’s a mystery.

9/14   In the meanwhile I have given up seeing Rosi ever again. I only hope that she is doing well and that her toe is further healing.

9/15   Pina is in pre-laying mode again and a bit stargazing as usual. Her nest is ready to go with a layer of dried moss and the famous cardboard stripes she likes so much.

9/16   Pina has laid her first egg # 64. Perfect! Calcivet twice a week seems to be sufficient for her. We will see.

9/17   Emma has also laid her first egg #96 and Maggie as well #5. Maggie’s egg is perfect but Emma’s egg is looking bad again – the shell is too soft and slightly damaged at one end. So she is still suffering from Calcium definciency and 3 doses per week are not enough. I have to give her daily calcium in the week before laying.

9/18   Pina has laid her second egg#65 and as usual perfectly smooth and shiny.

9/19   Now Emma and Maggie have laid their second eggs, Emma’s  is #97 and Maggie’s is #6.

This time Emma’s egg looks much better than the first one. But I am still not content. I have to continue the Calcivet treatment.

9/22   Now it’s Micky’s turn. Micky laid her first egg #5   and everything is okay. The egg looks perfect – there is only a tiny littly bit of blood on it – nothing to worry about.

9/23   Exchanged Micky’s nest. The strange thing is that she used the nest of last month instead of the freshly prepared one. The one from last month was quite pooped on so I exchanged it with the freshly made one and moved the egg into the new but hung the new nest at the same place as the old one while Micky was eating inside. She is always getting paranoid when I do something with her nest while she is near. You should have seen er when she came back. All suspicious and irritated but then she calmed down after she realized that her precious egg was there. Well – how would YOU feel if you had been away and someone else has changed your interior design in your absence??? Oh my!!!!

9/24   Micky has laid her second egg # 6  and everything is perfect.

9/26   Nothing special. All coming in for breakfast and supper as usual.

9/27   You won’t believe it: Rosi appeared this morning for breakfast as if nothing had happened. She was running around without any limping at all and had a good appetite. And then she was off again. If I had not banded her I would not have know that it was she. The injured toe looked in perfect shape. What a relief!!! I was so happy.

As today was not very nice weatherwise Jimi apparently thought to rather stay here for a while. When he came for breakfast he made himself comfortable on the table he is always eating on (because he does not want to eat with all the riff-raff) after he finished. He perched on the thick towel I always put on the table for him and slept there for quite a while. It was so sweet. Just as he often did when he was still a youngster – sleeping behind my back on the chair or on the easel while I was sitting at the computer:





9/30   Bathing time today: Jimi and Pina sitting side by side in the bath tub. What a sweet picture this is – so peaceful….


Micky, Pina and Jimi


Pina and Jimi

Micky and Jimi

Micky and Jimi



Micky and Jimi










In the end the carpets were wet, I was wet and the pijjies were wet… but who cares???


December 5, 2012

Gino steals Nest Material from Emma’s Nest and Bathing Time

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Diary as of 8/20 – 8/31/2012

8/20   Micky is also off her plaster eggs – more or less. When I tried to remove the eggs from their nest she and Gino got very angry and protested with fervour (he landed on my head as if he wanted to say “how dare you!”) – so I put them back into the nest. Instantly Gino sat on the eggs – sulking. Silly little guy naseboren
Well – I will leave the plaster eggs in the nest for a few more days – what difference does it make??

It is also so funny to watch them when they come in for having a snack. I still keep one food bowl in the bedroom because there they can eat in peace without the others disturbing. Mostly Micky is in front and Gino close behind her,  pushing her slightly as if he wants to say “come on baby, get your ass into gear”. Very funny.

Emma laid her second egg #95 and it is also still not quite smooth but the shells are strong again.

8/21   Pina laid her second egg #63 and as usual it was perfect. I need not worry about my little princess.

8/22   Micky is finally off her eggs as well and cuddles heavily with Gino. They are building their nest which means Gino steals the cardboard stripes from Emma’s main nest because he thinks I haven’t cut enough for him. I am slowly running out of material i.e. empty paper rolls – lol. It is quite stressy to prepare nest material for 4 couples…

It is still very warm and the pijjies get a bath each day.

8/23  We have 3 couples sleeping on the balcony now and our indoor couple Rudi and Pina. Imagine how many pigeon babies we would have in the meanwhile if I would not exchange the eggs for plaster eggs!!! Uh….. (look at the numbers above….)

Chica is still sleeping on the balcony more or less tolerated by the others. Amazing.

8/24   Replaced Pina’s eggs. Was very late and I always have a bad conscience but there is no way that she should have babies.

8/26  Micky laid her first egg #3.

8/27  Calcium day today – everybody got their Calcivet again.

8/28   Micky laid her second egg #4. They are both a little bit smaller than those of Pina or Maggie but totally perfect. I think I can reduce the Calcivet for her to once per week. She is always such a problem to handle, always fighting and fidgeting like an amazon.

8/29   They are all having a bath today – I have one inside and one outside. Some of our outsiders come inside to take their bath together with Pina and Rudi. They are having fun like crazy!!!!!

After bath they all were lying around drying up. In every corner a little pijjie. What a view!!!


Rudi – the Boss







Pina’s chill-out








Gino – baby boss


8/30   Nothing special to report.

8/31   Dito.


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