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January 3, 2013

Two new Squeakers, an infected Eye, a String Victim and Gino is sick

From the

Diary as of 10/28 – 10/29/2012

10/28   Today is awful weather. My plants on the balcony are deep frozen. And today two new squeakers appeared on the balcony. When the first appeared I saw that his eye was slightly inflammated and he was “caughing” from time to time. So when he came in with the others I grabbed him immediately and put him in a box where he could settle down for half an hour.

When I examined him later – checking for salmonella signs etc. I realized that he had those typical red lesions in his mouth but no real canker nodules yet. So I have him a Spartrix just in case. I don’t have any eyedrops (I have to change that) so I made some chamomille tea, let it cool down a bit and then “washed” his sick eye with the tea:

I took a cotton pad and soaked it with the tea and held it to his eye for a few minutes, repeating this for a few times. While he (called him Sidney) was quite a wild one to catch he was totally calm and obedient while I treated his eye. Such a sweetie. Then I put him back into the box to give him some time to get warm and eat and drink which he did. Other than that he seemed to be in quite  a good shape. I intended to let him stay for the night but things changed.

An hour later I heard some turmoil on the balcony and saw Lucky mistreating heavily something wing flapping and realized that it was another squeaker who had entangled himself somehow in the planting pot besides Lucky’s nest, hanging completley upside down. Before Lucky could injure the little one I could grab him and brought him in as well. There I realized that both his feet were bound together by a piece of thread. Thankfully the string had not done any damage yet so I simply cut it loose. I realized that this youngster – still squeaking – must be the sibling of Sidney who started to try to get free from his box in the meanwhile. So I decided to let them free together.

I put the new one (Rodney) directly into the foodbox and opened the box of Sidney. They immediately joined each other and then both started to eat happily together. No-one disturbed them, Pina only watched them closely, somehow fascinated and Rudi was sitting on the nest on top of the closet anyway. After eating they both perched near the window, apparently satisfied to have a full tummy for the first time and being warm. After quite a while they wanted to leave and I let them out. We will see whether they come back tomorrow. But I assume so. What a pair!

Gino is sick!

10/29   Gino spent the night inside. He seemed to feel not so very well yesterday evening – no wonder with this awful weather – so I brought him inside and put him into a box after he did not want to go outside any more. I had realized that he did not come in for eating in the late afternoon but was sitting quite lethargically in his second nest. He started vomiting during the night – so it was clear to me that he was sick.

This morning I checked his mouth and discovered the treacherous reddish interior. I gave him a Spartrix and Propolis (on a pellet). A bit later I tubefed him millet cereal to avoid dehydration and he kept it in. During lunchtime I tried to give him peas but this did not work – everything came out again together with the millet seed he had eaten from his food bowel. I waited for an hour and tubefed him again with the usual baby cereal and apple sauce. This time the stuff stayed in so far. I only gave him Bene Bac this evening but nothing to eat to see how it is going during the night. There were only very few poops in his box during the day, therefore I thought it would be better not to feed him. I also took the food bowel out of his box.

I think it is wet canker because he has these reddish leasions in his mouth but no nodules yet. His poop is slimy green with a bit white urates though – so no bacterial infection really. This damn weather – I knew it would cause problems with the birds – especially the younger ones. It is always the same: their immune system is not really built up yet so they are very prone to infections.

I also weighed Gino in order to have a reference point: he has 306 gr which was surprisingly good still.
Poor Micky of course was widely irritated and left her eggs already after Gino had “disappeared”. I brought her in though and let Gino out of his box for some minutes so that Micky could see where he was. Still she was quite irritated but thankfully came in later again again to eat. I cannot stand the thought that she is getting sick as well because Gino is away.
Oh my – you think everything is going okay and then that!!

A positive note – the squeaker with the inflammated eye is doing better – you hardly could see in the meanwhile that there was something wrong. Maybe I can catch him tomorrow and check again more properly.



June 13, 2012

Micky makes Love, Gino bites Toes and a new String Injury

From the

Diary as of 3/16 – 3/18/2012

3/16   Today was a lovely warm day. I hardly can believe that it is only midth of March but today was a real spring day. Micky made love with her new boyfriend – we called him Manny – Emma and Lucky were cuddling with each other – everything seemed to be perfect.


Micky came in this evening to stay for the night. Don’t know whether she missed her classical music or watching tv in the evening or if she was depressed because she lost her egg yesterday. Our sweet one is at home as ususal.

3/17   Such a lovely day today! I put Gino into his box, covered it with the grill from my oven and out he went on the balcony. He very much enjoyed being in the sun, watching the other pigeons. Whenever one of the other pijjies jumped on his roof little Gino was very cheaky and bit (very lightly) the “obnoxious” pigeon into the toe. We had to laugh all the time watching this. Lucky loved to lie on Gino’s roof – he seemed to have adopted Gino as a son…

Lucky and Gino

preening together…


3/18   I could finally catch a new string injury!!! I have seen this guy for a couple of times already but he never came inside. So today he was lucky, coming inside and being treated finally.

It looked not as bad as I had feared – his left leg had looked awfully swollen. When I started to cut off the string he had on his left foot I realized that it had grown into the flesh already but thank heaven I could remove everything quite easily as it came off with old skin.  This injury must have been quite old. There was a large swelling but no pus. The string apparently did not stop the blood flow completely – otherwise he would have lost the whole foot. I desinfected erverything with peroxide and then applied some antibiotic cream (Neosporin). He had already lost one toe on this foot but the spot had healed nicely already.

There was another string on his right foot also but that had not caused any damage yet besides a little bruise on one toe. So removal was easy. He had a little injury on the side of his beak so I treated this as well with peroxide to avoid any infection. Propably he had some fight with another pijjie.

The whole treatment did not last longer than 10 minutes and off he went again. Phew!!!!!

That’s all the stuff I removed from his toes:


July 24, 2011

Our beloved Pete has disappeared

From the

Diary as of  2/16 – 2/22/2011

2/16    Treated Rudi’s feet with Rescue cream again. I am continuously afraid that something might happen to another toe. This would be really bad.

2/17   Jimi still has his big tumor – I treated  it with holy ashes today.

2/18   Emma laid her first egg #62

2/19   Since this morning Pete has disappeared.

2/20   Pete is gone and I am sure he has gone over the rainbow. I am extremely sad and crying a lot because I loved him so much. He was such a personality. Our balcony family will never be the same again. There are so many memories and when I think about all these little stories I am getting even more sad.

I found something very strange in Emma’s poop today – it looked like a little red bean and I took it into a piece of paper. It was relatively soft, I tore it apart and the inside also looked like a bean but it definitely wasn’t a bean. My suspicion is that this was the second egg and Emma triggered something like an abortion because she knew that Pete was gone – could this be?

I forgot to photograph this ominous thing but then I was still too shocked about Pete’s disappearance.

2/21   I am worried about Emma and how she is going to cope with this.

2/22   I hardly can believe it – Emma is interested in Rudi and exchanges kisses with him! Now we really have problem – or not?

Pete – the beautiful:


June 4, 2011

Rudi lost his Toe and Pina cut hers

From the

Diary as of  12/26/10  – 1/12/11

12/26   Rudi is confined to stay inside – I cannot let him fly with his bandage. I am still treating his foot with DMSO. But the thing looks somehow dead already. I really don’t know what to do.

12/27  Rudi continuously tears at the bandage on his foot again and tries to remove it with his beak, tearing and pulling nearly the whole day – so I decided to remove everything and let him out again. The toe was really dark in the meanwhile and was starting to dry up. So I thought it would fall off eventually. The rest of the foot looked quite okay.

In the early afternoon he came back, apparently in very good mood, chasing Charly around and then he climbed over the feet of my chair, somehow stumbled – I heard a tiny cracking sound and then I realized that there was something lying under my desk:
you probably can guess my horror – it was his toe.

After this initial shock I realized that Rudi apparently was glad to be free of this unnaturally swollen thing and he started to walk normally again. There was no bleeding and the next day I saw that the wound was already closed and healing. It was also interesting to see how tiny and thin the actual bone was and how gross the swollen flesh around it. No wonder that it broke!!!

12/29   In the meanwhile Rudi can walk and climb much better than before and I can say that this accident ended in a happy ending. I have also realized that he has apparently more feeling in his remaining toes – maybe the nerves are now regenerating.

1/2   Rudi is running along the balustrade as he never did before, dancing and courting with any female he can get access to including his mother-in-law (Winnie) and his gandma-in-law (Emily) but Pina is still his real mate of course. Rudi is in great shape with his 7 toes .
Now he has entirely stopped to get stuck with his toes and I need not be afraid any more that something bad happens to him outside where I cannot help him. Fingers crossed

1/5    I am still checking Rudi’s foot each day but it looks good. He does not limp any more and he can walk very well. Also it seems as if he can climb better now. Apparently there is more feeling and sensitivity in his toes now after the wound has healed completely.

1/6  Pina is still sitting on the eggs although it should be over since Sunday. But I am glad if she keeps sitting on it. She loved to play today again the sweet little one. It appeared to me that she was a bit sad today – maybe the weather….

1/12   Today Pina injured one of her toes badly. There was a deep cut on top of the middle toe of her left foot. At first I even thought that it was broken and I tried to bandage this toe. But she started pecking at it so badly that I feared that she would hurt herself even more so I took the bandage off again and only put some DMSO on the toe to limit the pain for her.

After an hour I realized that the cut was already closed and she seemed to completely ignore her injured toe.  It was definitely not broken! What a pigeon girl!


May 30, 2011

It is Christmas time and Rudi has injured his foot again!

From the

Diary as of  12/15  – 12/25/2010

12/15   We have so much snow and there is more to come they say. I hate it and the poor pijjies too. It is so very difficult for them to find something to eat – so they are staying on our balcony for most of the time in expection to get soemthing. And I cannot leave them starving of course.

And when they come in it looks like this – simply the normal chaos:

Snowy with her new friend Sooty! What a pair – black and white!!!

Pina and Rudi continue to play the couch potatoes – but at least they went out once to fly a couple of rounds  – their wedding flight again. It looks so beautiful when they do this. So close together, doing the same movements at the same time – there is hardly a piece of paper fitting between them and still they do not touch each other.

12/15   Pina has laid her first egg again – #24

12/16   Outside the pijjies look like this – Snowy looking like a cotton wool ball:

12/17   It is still snowing like crazy. Pina was very brave today – she flew depite the heavy snowing. Rudi as well.

Started to treat Rudi’s feet with DMSO again. The toe on his bad left foot is quite swollen again. I have also realized that the deep cuts are starting to close. Maybe this is the reason why his toes is thick again – due to new tissues growing? Or rather a new infection?

12/18   Pina laid her second egg #25

It is very cold and we have a lot of snow. The pijjies are very hungry and I feed them by letting them in in little groups. I have to change the drinking water every 2 hours because it gets frozen.

12/19   Emma laid egg#58

12/20      Today Paulchen and Pauline (apparently a new one)  appeared on the balcony – new love:

12/21   Emma laid egg# 59

12/23   Whenever there is some sunshine the pijjies know how to digest it:

This is Mr. Neighbour (the one who lost his tail) enjoying the sun too:

and our Pete of course, taking a little nap:

and Lucky and Patchy having their share:

12/24   It is Xmas eve and you won’t believe what happened:

Rudi got stuck in the carpet and tore his swollen toe badly – it was bleeding heavily and I thought it was broken. So I had to bandage his complete foot again and treated him with painkiller, holy ashes etc. I think he had quite a lot of pain – I was so sad. And  it looked as if he would lose this toe.

12/25   When I checked his bandaging this morning I realized that the nail of his little toe was pressing on the swollen one so I had to bandage his toes separately. I also realized that the swollen toe which was probably broken was turning dark. I was sure now that he was going to lose this one but I did not know whether and what I could do to help. The thought of amputating the toe with a sharp knife came into my mind but his thought was the pure horror for me.

At least it seemed that the pain had stopped because Rudi was not limping any more. Maybe the dreadful toe would fall off eventually all by itself. That was my hope.


May 29, 2011

Pina is in a bad Mood and Mr. Neighbour lost his Tail

From the

Diary as of  12/1  – 12/14/2010

12/1  It is heavily snowing and while Rudi stayed outside for quite some time Pina did not like this weather at all and was quickly in again – in a very bad mood. Started to throw all her seeds out of the pots and then started to mess up the freshly made sand box also….

Treated Rudi’s feet with DMSO again.

12/2   Today Rudi went out again – came back after nearly 2 hours – not bad for this cold weather.

12/3   I think Rudi’s feet have improved again a little bit. The middle toe on his bad left foot seems to be not as stiff as before any more.

12/5   Nothing special – everybody comes in for breakfast. Emily came for feeding at least 5 times. She is always playing the kolibri or scratches at the door. Very sweet. And lazy! But why should she not grab what’s offered to her???? Clever girl!

12/7   Rudi was out for 2 hours today. The weather was mild and quite sunny – he apparently enjoyed being outside very much. Later on Pina enjoyed being outside also.

12/8   Weather is still quite mild. The pijjies do not eat so much as during the last days.

I am so happy because Winnie and Charly really seem to be a couple now and it seems as if Winnie is really in love with Charly because she always tries to kiss him and is near him. What a cute pair. Today they sat together in the food box, Winnie groomed Charly’s head and he growled all the time in contentment.

Today I saw Mr. Neighbour – he has lost all his tail feathers. This looked quite strange because he is quite a large bird but now he seemed to be very short because of his missing tail. How on earth can he properly navigate now?

You see – his tail feathers were entirely gone! Must have been an attack by a dog or cat? Thank heaven he did not show any injuries. The poor little chap!!!

12/11   Today Emma left her plaster eggs and spend the night with Pete on the cardboard box on the left side of our balcony, huddled closely together. Although Pete is betraying her all the time he would never leave Emma. Today I saw him kissing with Snowy – tztztztz

12/12    Today Pina left  her plaster eggs and tonight she is sleeping in her box again side by side with Rudi on the sofa.

12/14   Nothing special to report…

May 9, 2011

Emma and Pete and Pina and Rudi

From the

Diary as of  11/8  – 11/30/10

11/8    There is really nothing special happening this week. Everything is normal.

11/11   Too funny: when we came home today from shopping we found Pina balancing on the big pink training ball and looking at us as if she wanted to say ” hey – are you finally back again???”

11/12   Pete and Emma are still in loving mode. They sleep together on one of the stools on the balcony.  They are so sweet together – cuddling an kissing each other all the time.

11/13   Removed the plaster eggs from Pina’s nest and made it fresh again. So much dust from their moulting in there. This definitely had to be removed – otherwise they will be sneezing all the time while sitting on the new eggs. Rudi and Pina are so in love mode again. They are very sweet.

The weather is unusually mild for November – so I put out the bath tub again. And as usual it was funny to watch how Pete expected to have the bath for him alone….

11/17   Emily laid a new egg #56 (unfertilized again as it came out later)

11/18   Pina laid new egg #22

11/19   Emily laid her second egg #57

11/20  Pina laid her second egg #23

11/25   I exchanged Emma’s eggs – they are again not fertilized. What does this mean?

11/26   Pina’s eggs have been replaced as well. Hers are fertile – seeing the veins… I am always feeling quite bad when I put them away. But it has to be done.

11/27   Today was a wonderful sunny day and Rudi stayed out until half past 2 o’clock. I was a tiny bit worried but later on I knew why this happened – the next day was awful weather – snowing!

11/28   Today  it started to snow heavily. All the pijjies were on the balcony and could not fly….

11/29   The weather is awful – snowing all day long. Pina went out into the snow for the first time. She was quite irritated about the cold white stuff on her feet – it looked quite funny.

Rudi reacted quite cool to the snow but he did not fly but rather stayed on the balustrade and on the floor of the balcony. At least they both had their fresh air…

11/30   Today was a sunny day and Rudi enjoed the sunshine.

Started to treat Rudi’s feet again with DMSO because I hope that this will help to make his toes less stiff. Here are some photos how they look like at the moment…

What worries me a bit is one of the toes which is quite swollen although the colour looks healthy. We will see what happens…


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