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June 30, 2014

One of the blackest Days: Jimi went to the Rainbow

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This is the update of an entry I dreaded most. That’s why it took me so long to write it down and there were some other, very unpleasant events with my complaining neighbours since the last update. I had to get my thoughts in order again…

From the

Diary as of 2/14 – 2/17/2014

2/14   Betty laid her second egg #10.

2/15   Maggy laid also – it’s egg #37. As usual a perfect little egg. As well as Micky, her’s is #

2/16   Today is one of the blackest days in my life: JIMI IS GONE. He flew over the rainbow. My darling boy, Emily’s and Pete’s son, was called to join his parents in heaven. It is a nightmare or worse than that because I will not wake up again from this.

Jimi was doing very well in the last few weeks. He was healthy and in good mood. During the last week he was heavily cuddling with Fifi again and appeared so very happy that I did not suspect anything at all. Yesterday morning he came in together with Fifi for breakfast. They jumped on my knees and were happily feeding together. After that they left together, flew up to their house and continued cuddling and grooming each other. A picture of utmost harmony.




I was busy myself and had some work to do inside. Short before lunchtime I heard some tumult outside, saw Jimi flying from his house to the balustrade, apparently chasing some other pigeons and then he went back to his house. In this very moment I realized – when I was looking upwards – that he somehow was gaping for air and his head was dangling downwards. I immediately grabbed the ladder, grabbed Jimi who closed his eyes in this moment – forever. I held a lifeless bird in my arms. It took me hours – so it seemed – to realize that he was really gone. My beautiful angel bird was gone…

In June he would have been 6 years old.

I cannot tell you really what I feel. It is as if I have lost a child, as if someone has torn my soul and body into pieces. There was so much love between this bird and me, a very special bond. When he looked into my eyes I had the feeling that he knew any thought I had in my head. He understood every word I was telling him. He knew before I was telling him, be it some trivial things or how much I loved him. And he loved me. There was something unearthly about this. Since he had returned to live on our balcony (when his mother Emily had died) the bond became more and more intense.

Jimi was not really a pigeon whom you could cuddle like a real pet – he did not like to be touched besides when he was sick. But he was extremely trustful and sometimes perched on the bed just beside me watching tv or on the carpet near me like a little poudle.


When he was not feeling well and this happened many times he came inside and stayed in our bedroom and even sometimes spent the night inside until he was feeling well again. Fifi – his mate – accepted his strange behaviour – she always knew that Jimi was not far away. Now she is mourning, calling for him all day long. I feel so helpless.

When Fifi came last year to us, with a nasty injury from a bite, they both fell in love with each other. Jimi was so happy.





It was the second time that he found a mate here in our home.  And when I built them their own house on the balcony life seemed to be perfect for them. Finally Jimi had all the luck and happiness he did not have for so long. He was only 1 1/2 years old when he caught PMV. He recovered completely but had several severe relapses, when he could not eat by himself any more and where he came home to seek help each time. And then he had this terrible fight after recovering from a PMV relaspe just the very day when we released him.



Apparently some bossy pigeon had taken Jimi’s home and Jimi fought for it.  He was injured so badly – his whole face covered in blood – that he nearly died. His upper beak was broken, his lower beak and chin completely chewed up with various holes and then the whole mouth was so swollen that he hardly could open it. With his last energy left he came home to seek help. After many weeks of healing process and staying inside he recovered again and so met Fifi.



Jimi always was a lonesomer somehow. He always rather stayed with us than socializing with other pigeons. He already was like this as a baby. He never flew around much but was rather perching somewhere where no-one did disturb him so my thought is that he might have had a weak heart from the beginning – just like humans sometimes. And now, after all these bad things that happened to him, it was finally too much for his little heart.


Jimi left for the rainbow, peacefully without pain, flying now with his mother and his father, a beautiful angel with a heart that will never stop beating again for his loved ones and helping Fifi to get over these hard times. I promised him to take care for her as long as she needs it…

2/17   Woke up during the night several times. Felt that pain and could hardly breathe. My partner woke up as well, feeling his heart pounding heavily with the first thought about Jimi being gone…

Today we buried our beloved feathered angel Jimi besides his mother Emily and Baby Flea in our favourite forest. My heart is broken because Jimi left without the slightest pre-warning and I do not understand yet what has happened. I am currently in a state of shock and feel like being ripped apart…





August 31, 2013

Jimi stays at Home, Emily lays awful Eggs again and Pina does not lay

From the

Diary as of 4/25 – 5/14/2013

4/25   Emily laid her first egg #108. It looked as usual, even with the higher dosis of Calcivet. I don’t really know what to do else. The shell is not getting firmer.

Today Jimi did not want to fly out. Apparently he needed still some time to relax. He was soooo tired yesterday after his big adventure being outside again after 7 weeks. Clever Jimi – he is always doing everything with much thought. I was so very happy. Tomorrow will be a new day and we will see what he is up to…

Now tell me, that pigeons do not understand what we are saying!!! And look at his sweet face:


Maggie laid her second egg #20.

4/26   Jimi indicated already in the morning that he wanted to go out. So again  after a good breakfast I opened the balcony door and off he went. Later in the afternoon he came back again, went straight to his favourite place in our bedroom, obviously quite happy and content but tired. After supper I put him in his box where he fell asleep right away.

4/27   Emily laid her second egg #109. Thank heaven it is over for now – till the next time.

Jimi flew off in the morning and again he came back in the afternoon. He seems to be quite content with the current arrangement. I love my clever baby and I am so relaxed now as I know that he is safe back again.

4/28   Today Jimi came very late BUT HE CAME HOME! It was already 6.30 pm when he suddenly came inside, slipping through under the balcony door while I was still feeding the others. I did not expect him to come home at this time but I was extremely happy as you can imagine. He is getting stronger each day now and is building up his fitness which is very important. I am really glad that he stays at home during the night still. So I can feed him in the evening and in the morning so that he does not need to look for food.

I have started to give him our “power pellets” instead of the cereal which are meant to get him used to seeds again. The pellets contain some grinded regular pigeon seed mixture plus an extra of polenta (corn semolina), grinded sunflower hearts or organic sesam, millet and some breadcrumbs (the latter is the glue for the pellets).

4/29   Jimi again came home in the afternoon, went to his perching place and stayed. Isn’t this sweet? Such a big relief for us – we need not worry where he might be…

4/30   Jimi has lost a bit of weight – he is on 397 gr now – but for his current condition this might be better.

5/1   Public holiday today but the weather is awful. Very cloudy and quite dark. Not a day to enjoy outside. The pijjies did neither.

5/2   Nothing really special.

5/6   Pina should have laid her egg tonight but she did not.

Weighing day for Jimi again: 395 gr – so he is keeping his current weight. He is feeding himself so I need not do anything at all besides preparing his sleeping box each night. What a wonderful arrangement!!!

We drove to our forest and visited Flea’s grave. I wanted to know whether the wild animals had left her alone and they did. I planted an evergreen on her place. We are still sad that she had to go so early. Sleep in peace, my little angel.

5/7   We are still waiting for Pina to lay. She herself is getting awfully nervous about it but apparently the egg will not be laid. She’s had extra calcium and a bath but still no egg.

5/8   Micky laid her first egg #21 and it was perfect as usual.

Instead of going to her nest tonight Pina slept in her box again. She was definitely feeling better today – not as nervous as before and even flew out several times with Rudi. Apparently she has accepted that the egg laying will be postponed. Better for her little body!

5/9   Today Jimi came home very early: at 1.30 already. It was quite warm and quite humid. All the pijjies seemed to be a bit tired and at the same time in quite a bad mood. So I was glad that Jimi came home early – he seemed to be very tired also.

Gino was quite nasty today – each time he came across Rudi they started to fight so that I had to separate them. Maybe the weather was guilty – there was a lot of fight on the balcony as well – sigh!

5/10   It was raining heavily. So I wondered what Jimi would do. Well, he went out despite or perhaps because of the rain and sat quite a while on the drainpipe from the appartment above ours and took a shower. After that he came in again and stayed in our bedroom, enjoying a calm life, sleeping, eating, drinking and watching tv.

Micky laid her second egg #22 – perfect little egg as usual.

5/11   Usual business. Pina still has not laid but she is in very good mood and flies a lot together with Rudi. Sweet girl.

5/12   They did not let me sleep!!! Sunday is the only day where I could sleep a bit longer and where there is no noise from the construction site opposite of our building. But the pijjies are merciless. What have I done??? This is really unfair!!! I have to get gup and bring some order into the chaos.

After feeding the little roughnecks I weighed Jimi again – just to be sure: he had 402 gr. And to get a feeling about Micky‘s well-being I weighed her too – haven’t done that for a long time: 330 gr. So everything seems to be okay.

5/13   Jimi was coming home at lunchtime again and stayed as usual. I even got a little gift from him – look at this:


How cute is this???

5/14    Nothing special besides Jimi coming home again. What a bird. I think he loves the new arrangement and he loves his bed box – LOL


July 15, 2013

Flea’s Death and Jimi’s Resurrection

From the

Diary as of 4/20 – 4/24/2013

4/20   Flea died in the evening in my arms.

When I took her out this morning I realized that she was making strange noises while breathing. It sounded a bit as if she had some liquid in her lungs. So I gave her a warm water bottle again and left her in her box. She became more and more listless, in the afternoon she could not stand on her feet any more, becoming weaker and weaker. In the early evening I knew that she was going to die and that nothing could save her. I held her in my arms and it became more and more difficult for her to lift her little head. Soon she was gone.

Flea was probably already sick when she appeared on our balcony. She was so thin and my suspicion is that her parents stopped feeding her because they knew that she was sick. So her little accident was only the tip of the iceberg. This is what I am trying to tell myself. The mean thing is that she did so well and seemed to recover and then suddenly… This is soooo unfair. She had not had the slightest chance. Why wasn’t she allowed to live?

4/21   Today we drove to my favourite forest in the southeast of Munich where we often take a walk etc. We used to search for mushrooms there before Tschernobyl happened. Since then the mushrooms are still contaminated and should not be eaten.
There are lots of old trees and the floor is covered by beautiful moss and ferns. We searched for a good place at the foot of an old tree and buried Flea between the roots. We will easily find this spot again. There were lots of birds singing and the sun came out between the trees. This was a bit comforting also…



4/22   Flea is gone and I still cannot believe what had happened. I feel depressed because I could not save her… and there are so many questions…

4/23   Maggie laid her first egg #19 and as usual it was perfect. Maggie is a very sweet pigeon, a little bit shy and very introverted. She never complains, is always patient and loves her Woody. Once  a week she gets an extra portion Calcivet in order to keep her healthy.

4/24   Today was the big day where Jimi indicated that he wanted to fly free again. It was a very difficult decision for me, especially after the last weekend where we had lost little Flea, but then I did not want my baby to be unhappy and a prisoner. In the morning he had his breakfast and then decided to stay a bit at home still but at lunchtime he definitely wanted to fly out.

So I opened the balcony door with a heavy heart. Jimi did one step after another – as he always does – looked around on the balcony, met some other pijjies from our flock and finally took off. Before that I requested from him the promise to come back when he found his home occupied or if he felt not well enough to spend the night outside. I requested his promise not to fight and getting injured again. You can call me crazy but I know that this bird understands every word I say.

During the whole afternoon I was very nervous and could not think about anything else than Jimi. After 5 in the afternoon I saw Jimi suddenly in one of my planting containers on the balustrade and he seemed to be okay. I called him and after a minute or so he came inside and went straight into our bedroom. You should have heard the rock that fell from my soul. He seemed to be quite exausted – no wonder. BUT HE WAS HOME AGAIN, IN ONE PIECE AND IN PERFECT CONDITION!!!



May 29, 2013

Jimi is on the Way to Recovery: Preening and Singing

From the

Diary as of 3/17 – 3/22/2013

3/17   Today we weighed Jimi: 443 gr. And now I can say that he is definitely on the way to recovery because he started to breathe normally again. Today he even greeted Pina when she came into the bedroom while he was perching at the window and watching the others outside. You can imagine what a relief this is to me after all these worries. I could not sleep any more, was in tears now and then and my nerves were on the verge of cracking down, especially as I had no access to internet and could not have called for help even. But now the worst is over.

I can only guess what has happened. Jimi probably went back to his old home and found it occupied of course. He must have fought terribly and I really do not want to know what happened to his opponent. Jimi is a very large bird as you know and the fight must have been about life or death. Simply terrible. I don’t know how he managed to come home but if he had not made it home with his last energy he would have been dead by now for sure.

He cannot eat on his own and not drink. I was not able to take a photo of him – I was too shocked – he looked only like a little bundle of misery. My poor baby. Not at all like the big proud pigeon I have photographed and painted so often. He was very depressed for several days. But when he started to give me wing slaps and was wiggling I knew he would recover again. He is a strong bird. I am sure now. It is only a matter of time and loving care…

3/18   Jimi is still on antibiotics but definitely improving continuously. I am so relieved.

3/19   Jimi’s mouth is still very delicate and I hate to be forced to feed him. But there is no other way to keep him alive. If he would not eat he would die. Very simple.

3/20   Today was Jimi’s last portion of Baytril. I decided to stop it now. There was still some minor part at his beak where there might be a rest of inflammation but I thought it was healing nevertheless. I did not want to give him more antibiotics unnecessarily. His immune system should now do its work.

Jimi even started to preen himself a bit again standing on his favourite perch at the window. He could not do this at all before – probably because it was too painful.



3/21   Today I started Jimi on pro-biotics and he had his calcium again.

3/22   Jimi is definitely on the way to recovery and I think he is doing quite okay in the meanwhile. Feeding him still gives me the creeps because of the delicacy of his beak. His complete cere and part of his beak came off now – underneath is new skin but still very raw. Under his lower beak is still some pus stuff but I think this will come off soon also. He is still neither eating nor drinking – so feeding him continues to be essential.

He is incredibly brave. Finally he is making noises again and also is incredibly sweet. When I am on the balcony and bowing to him while he is perching on the other side of the window on his stone he wiggles with his wing. He has never done that before. I just love him so much…


May 26, 2013

Worrying severely about Jimi

From the

Diary as of 3/9 – 3/16/2013

3/9  Still treating Jimi with careful face wash each morning in order to soften up the crusts around his mouth and after feeding again plus applying some Bach Flower Rescue cream to support the healing process.

3/10   Poor Jimi – it is still the same picture of a suffering bird. I cannot imagine how much pain he had to go through. I try to comfort him by talking to him softly all the time whenever I can in between my work.

3/11   All other pijjies are okay – so at least nothing to worry about there…

3/12   Today Jimi started to breathe very heavily. His airsack in the front pumped heavily and he was breathing with a slightly open beak. His back was curved and this told me that he had really problems to breathe. I was very worried and a bit clueless what I should do. Also my computer died and I could not even ask someone else what to do.

3/13   This morning I could open Jimi’s beak a bit further and was able to look inside his mouth and discovered a lot of pus. I was shocked. Obviously he was even more severly injured than I thought. Now I feared that the inflammation might spread even further and put him immediately on Baytril. Thank heaven I have always some in house due to my dear friend Teresa. I also realized that his nostrils were completely closed with pus – no wonder that he had problems to breathe.

So I continued the program, face wash in the morning either with Chamomille tea or Bach Flower Rescue drops in warm water, feeding, then medication, creaming his nose with Bach Flower cream to soften the hard crusts and support the healing process. In the evening I gave him some yoghurt in his cereal to keep his digestion working. When the antibiotics would be finished he would get pro-biotics of course. So far his digestion was good.

Micky laid her first egg #17 and Pina also her first egg #77  of this breeding cycle.

3/14  I am very worried about Jimi. He is leaving his box to sit near the large Buddha statue but he is still breathing heavily. This is really painful for me to see. I am so sad about the whole situtation and at the same time so angry about the other pigeon. He had his second portion of Baytril though. I hope that the antibiotics will help soon to overcome the infection.

3/15   Micky laid her second egg#18  and Pina hers #78. Both girls made perfect eggs.

3/16   Jimi is on day 4 with the antibiotics and his breathing seems to become a tiny bit better.

I still have no photos of Jimi because I am simply too shocked about the whole situtation and what happened to him. I would never have thought that this could happen to a large and strong bird he is. I still wonder whether his opponent is dead – he must have suffered severe injuries as well…


May 18, 2013

Jimi’s Release and Return with awful Injuries and near to Death

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From the

Diary as of 3/6 – 3/8/2013

3/6   Today Jimi decided to leave short after 2 °clock. I weighed him in the morning before feeding him: he had 438 gr – so nearly the weight he had when he came to us. He then had a good breakfast, ate some seeds later on and when he was still not eager to leave I told him that he had time until 3 °clock to leave otherwise I would not release him today. But then, when the others came for their lunch Jimi left. I was a bit sad but also happy for him that he was doing so well again. You probably know these kinds of mixed feelings.

3/7   Anxiously I waited this morning for Jimi to appear to get his breakfast. And then – I was on the balcony around 10 °clock, cleaning as usual – I heard some flattering behind one of the large planting containers I have on the balustrade and when I looked I saw a bloody (literally) face of a grey pigeon who desperately tried to land on the balustrade. I immediately removed the appropriate container, hardly recognizing Jimi but knew instantly that he tried to land with his very last energy. He literally crawled to the water pot, drank some water, cleaning off a bit of the blood that was on his face and cere. I called him in, he flew inside and went straight into our bedroom to his usual place at the window. I let him sit for a while to catch some peace.

Later we examined him: he had major injuries in his face, his cere was totally bloody, looked as if someone had tried to chew it off, his beak was severely injured – later I realized that it had several cracks, his “chin” , the skin under his lower beak had some holes (which I also realized only later) and he must have had other minor injuries as well but which I could not see for the moment. I was in total shock as you can imagine.

While my partner held him, I cautiously cleaned his face with warm water to see better what was wrong, then poured some peroxide over his cere and beak which was not so comfortable for him of course. Thank heaven his eyes were okay – no injuries there. After his face was dry again I dripped some propolis on his beak to “glue” the cracks on his beak (this seemed to me the most important at the moment), carefully trying to avoid getting the stuff into his nostrils. It was painful for him but I had to do it. Poor Jimi – he was very brave. Then we put him in his box in the bedroom to give him peace. He seemed to be quite okay now.

In the early evening I took him out again to give him some food. The problem was that his face and especially the area around his beak was so swollen that I hardly could get the tube into his mouth but somehow I managed and Jimi was very brave again. Once I had the tube inside it slipped quite easily down – this was a blessing because I knew then that I could feed him at least.

During the night I checked on him several times but he seemed to be quite okay. The next morning I checked his wounds again, made some chamomille tea and gave him careful face wash. His mouth was still terribly swollen and he could not really open his beak – so I could not check what injuries he had inside. I repeated this procedure for the next few days. I also put some Bach Flower cream on his cere and the area around his beak to help the tissue to soften a bit because all the skin and tissue had turned into some very hard stuff. This must have caused a lot of additional pain. Other than that he tried to relax in his box, stayed inside although I left the lid open. I was so worried.

3/8   Micky and Pina are both off their plaster eggs. They do that often at the same time. Sometimes I have the feeling that they arrange their laying eggs and leaving them again. Very funny.

Jimi is doing quite okay under these circumstances. He is sleeping a lot which is good. But each time when I have to feed him I am very worried about hurting him further. He still cannot really open his beak and I always try to open it just that much that I can push the tube inside. Poor Jimi – it is depressing to see him like that. He must be in pain really. I do my best to soothe this for him.

no photos today


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