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May 31, 2014

New PMV Cases, Betty left her Plaster Eggs after 114 Days and Chica has disappeared!

From the

Diary as of 2/8 – 2/13/2014

2/8   Today Roberta came in with severe PMV symptoms. She was totally unoriented and groggy. Before I could actually react she was gone again.

2/9   You would not believe it: Betty has left the plaster eggs and this was my opportunity to finally clean out the nest and make everything new! Betty sat on the same eggs for 114 days!!!

Roberta came again and tried to get inside. But she disappeared again when I tried to lead her inside. Oh my what can I do? I have no place for quarantaining a bird. I am so sad. What’s going on here? Do we have to face another PMV epidemic here?

2/10   Lucky and Betty are cuddling publicly!!! This is really a change. Betty was always so very shy and hardly ever cuddled with Lucky outside their house or somewhere else. She must have had a very prudish family.

2/12   Betty already laid her first egg – it is #9.

2/13   Johnny, the mate of Chica, has also PMV. He was showing heavy symptoms when he came in for feeding. The usual – unfocussed pecking of the seeds. I am totally sad. But I realized that he managed to actually eat some of the seeds. Chica has disappeared though – she did not appear since several days although she did not miss a single day having her meals here and sitting on my knees. I fear the worst. But it could also be that she left with some others to save her own health. Freddy has disappeared also and some of the younger birds. Maybe they sensed the oncoming problems and escaped. I really really hope so. What makes me believe this is that I could not detect any symptoms in any other bird.

I will miss Chica dearly. She and Johnny were such a lovely couple and I am so sad now that this happened. Chica was one of the most beautiful pigeons here and so very gentle. I hope that she is doing well. I am heartbroken that she is gone. Chica was Woody and Maggie’s last child (before they were “put” on plaster eggs) and had always slept on our balcony during the night for a long time before she left to look for a partner for the first time.

This was Chica with her sister Micky (from an earlier batch and Gino’s mate):




After a bath:




She was our little water rat…



Chica and her mommy Maggie


Chica right in the middle


wet T-shirt party….


Finally!!! Chica has a partner – Johnny – Jimi’s son


isn’t he handsome????


look at her – how happy she is!



February 21, 2014

Gino has overcome his Trauma and Sandy tries to overtake the Balcony

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I am far behind my posts again because many things happened in the meanwhile. But I am continuing in chronological order although it is very hard for me at the moment to write about Jimi after we have lost him. But these stories must be told because I love the birdies all so much and in some way remembering the stories of the lost ones is comforting …

From the

Diary as of 11/29 – 12/15/2013

11/29   Gino is his old self again and literally shovelling the food into his mouth. What a little bugger but apparently he still has a trauma from his babyhood where he was left by his parents – I assume that his mother died and his father – QuakQuak – could not support him alone. So it was the time when the snow came and the big cold when he nearly died if he had not come to us for help. Last year it was just the same – when the snow came Gino became sick with canker. So this means for me that he has a trauma connected with snow. None of the other pijjies became sick. Poor little baby…

11/30   Betty is sitting on the same plaster eggs now the 42nd day! Apparently she is not willing to start a new breeding cycle at the moment. What a clever bird. She probably thinks why should I leave my comfortable and warm house when it is cold outside and Lucky apparently thinks and feels the same as he takes his turn on the eggs as usual.

12/1   I forgot to tell about Jimi: since the temperatures dropped he leaves earlier – early in the afternoon instead of in the evening and he then takes his turn on the eggs again to give Fifi the opportunity to fly a few rounds. But he does this only if the weather is okay. If it is too ugly he stays inside until the evening. Fifi does not seem to have a problem with this. She often comes inside for a quick snack and goes straight away back to her plaster eggs. Isn’t this cute?

12/4   Today Jimi went out early: at 11°clock already. Apparently he wanted to give his wife some more freedom to fly around etc.

12/5   Jimi is regularly now taking his turn to sit on the eggs. And Fifi is happy of course. Instead of having a quick snack now and then she finally can rumage the buffet again. Btw – she has become quite self confident and defends “her” place on my knees against anyone who has the privilege of eating there instead of with the rest of the “mob”.

12/9   Nothing really new besides the fact that the weather is quite nice.

12/11   Rudi has started to work like a berserk again: collecting nest material = cardboard stripes. I hardly could keep up with him cutting new ones.

12/12   Pina is on her nest in the evening. Wonder whether she will lay during the night but I don’t believe so. Will check in the morning. If she has not laid I’ll give her a plaster egg immediately to keep her stress level down.

12/13   As assumed Pina has not laid – so I put a plaster egg under her little belly. Now she is content again.

12/14   Fifi is off her plaster eggs and heavily cuddling with Jimi again. So their love life functions as usual and I love to watch them sitting either on the roof of their house, grooming each other or both together inside.





12/15   Sandy and Adele are still nerving. Since weeks they try to overtake the balcony and build their nest there. And although I like Sandy and Adele for their self confidence I cannot allow them to stay here. I have to chase them off but they come back again and again instead of investing their energy in looking for a new place – sigh. They are a beautiful couple and their babies were gorgeous but they cannot stay. Sandy’s red daughter Amanda tries to nest on the balcony as well – so you see they want to start a new dynasty. But only over my dead body!!! So I probably still need a lot of perseverance to “convince”  them to look for their own home. But it is truly hard work and I am not very successful. These little buggers know quite well that I would never hurt them so I  believe they are laughing about me behind my back…


Loki and Lotti are trying the same again. For a while they were gone and only came for feeding but now they are back – apparently they have lost their nesting place again – and try to nest on our balcony again. Oh my – why the heck do they all want to stay here???? We are full already!!!!

After Fifi has finally left her plaster eggs as well Jimi is staying together with her again outside. So regular family life is taking place again and it is a joy to watch them cuddling together on the roof of their house. They stay there more or less for the whole day as Jimi does not want to fly out for whatever reasons. He also does not want to come inside in order to spend his time in our bedroom – he rather stays together with his wife. So their relationship has NOT cooled down as I feared.


October 28, 2013

Lucky is jealous, Freddy has been replaced and Jimi has a new House

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From the

Diary as of 7/4 – 7/20/2013

7/4   I cleaned Lucky’s nest today and put new moss inside etc. So everything is prepared if Lucky decides to have Freddy as his new mate. We will see.

7/5   Freddy again slept on the same basket as Lucky does. I still don’t know what they are doing during the day but Freddy comes inside for a little snack from time to time. I am still amazed about the fact that she integrated into the balcony “flock” just like this without showing the slightest insecurity.

7/6   It is Saturday and warm and the usual chaos. Loki and Lotti are still not giving up to try to nest on the balcony as well which is not possible of course. They are really stubborn and a bit a pain in the ass in the meanwhile.

7/7   Freddy is still here and I find that really sweet. She often sits on the balcony on a place where only she finds enough space. So she can be near Lucky without being too near – lol.

7/8   Loki and Lotti are still nerving: continue to try to nest on our balcony which is not possible. They add a lot of noise and disturbance to the group. So they have to go. Even Freddy had had enough in the evening – she came only back when it was nearly dark and quiet.

7/9   Nothing new….

7/10   The wind is gone and it is very humid again. The pijjies are all a bit agitated and somehow a bit nuts – as if this were something new. Played with Gino and tried to “introduce” the “game” to Jimi as well. I fear though that he does not understand the rules completely yet because he tries to perforate my fingers rather than nibbling on them a bit… ouch!

Lucky became so jealous today: while Jimi was sitting on my knee (yes he does this since 2 days again) Lucky jumped on my hand so that all the sunflower heart flew into the air. Apparently he could not stand that Jimi was so close to me again. These birds…

7/11   We visited Emily’s and Flea’s grave today in our favourite forest. Although it was sad again to see the place it was also comforting to know that we found such a nice place for the birds where we could have our very special “communication”. The place is so peaceful and during spring and summertime you can hear a lot of birds…


7/13   A new pigeon appeared on the balcony – could be an older daughter of Sandy because she also was carrying those orange colours in her wings. But other than Vroni or Reserl her plumage was a dark grey. Lucky seemed to be very interested in her. Where are always these new pigeons coming from????

7/14   Freddy as Lucky’s new mate is history already. What a shame. I started to love this sweet  little pigeon and the idea that she would be Emily’s successor. But not so. In the evening Lucky pushed her quite brutally out of the basket where both were sleeping for the last week or so. He was behaving very rude. Poor Freddy.

I wished it had been Freddy that took the place of Emily because she is such a sweet one and so relaxed but it was Lucky’s decision of course. I wonder what she is up to because she is still sleeping here. It was so sad to watch when Lucky bit her again as she wanted to sleep together with him in his basket but we could not do anything of course. Love goes its own way… I am very happy though that Lucky is not alone any more and he seems to be quite content and relaxed.

7/15   Lucky is en route for most of the day but when he comes back the new pigeon is there also: Betty. She never comes inside though – she is very shy. Whenever I come near her she is gone the next second. Strange. I have seen her walking into Emily’s moss house for a couple of times but when I try to look she is off like a hurricane… She is a beautiful pigeon though and Lucky and Betty would make a beautiful pigeon couple:


7/16   Betty seems to be Lucky’s new favourite. I don’t know whether I like this but it is their business. What can I do?

7/17   Betty has in fact laid her first egg#1. I am surprised.  This was quick! I have never seen her together with Lucky cuddling nor mating. Obviously they were very discreet. What is happening here? Very unusual.

Jimi and Fifi finally got their new house. Now they are fully equipped – lol. Similar to Casa Gino I built it from a wooden box with some refinements such as a large landing platform etc. This house will protect them better from the drafts in colder times than the hanging pots!


Jimi and Fifi cuddling in their hanging pot…


You would not believe it but it took less than 2 hours until they occupied their new residence. I was impressed!!!



7/18   Jimi and Fifi love their new home. They did not dare to leave it for more than a few minutes – probably for fear someone else could occupy it. Just when Jimi and Fifi were away for a second Micky inspected their new home – what a curious little brat. I wonder what she thought about it. But she and Gino have their own home already – there is no need for jealousy.

7/19   Betty laid her second egg #2. I am still not sure whether she will really be Lucky’s mate for a long time. I never see them cuddle or kiss. She never comes inside to get her breakfast or supper. A very strange relationship. I don’t understand this…

7/20   Freddy is still sleeping on the balcony, just beneath Lucky, on a little saucer filled with sand. She always comes in to get her meals here. Does she have some hopes still???

Jimi was very vocal again today. At the moment he is in mating mode with his Fifi – they are very sweet together. But Jimi should stop smoking cigars and drinking wisky – his voice is simply too croaky!!!

Micky left her plaster eggs. So we have another couple now running around like crazy.


August 31, 2013

Jimi stays at Home, Emily lays awful Eggs again and Pina does not lay

From the

Diary as of 4/25 – 5/14/2013

4/25   Emily laid her first egg #108. It looked as usual, even with the higher dosis of Calcivet. I don’t really know what to do else. The shell is not getting firmer.

Today Jimi did not want to fly out. Apparently he needed still some time to relax. He was soooo tired yesterday after his big adventure being outside again after 7 weeks. Clever Jimi – he is always doing everything with much thought. I was so very happy. Tomorrow will be a new day and we will see what he is up to…

Now tell me, that pigeons do not understand what we are saying!!! And look at his sweet face:


Maggie laid her second egg #20.

4/26   Jimi indicated already in the morning that he wanted to go out. So again  after a good breakfast I opened the balcony door and off he went. Later in the afternoon he came back again, went straight to his favourite place in our bedroom, obviously quite happy and content but tired. After supper I put him in his box where he fell asleep right away.

4/27   Emily laid her second egg #109. Thank heaven it is over for now – till the next time.

Jimi flew off in the morning and again he came back in the afternoon. He seems to be quite content with the current arrangement. I love my clever baby and I am so relaxed now as I know that he is safe back again.

4/28   Today Jimi came very late BUT HE CAME HOME! It was already 6.30 pm when he suddenly came inside, slipping through under the balcony door while I was still feeding the others. I did not expect him to come home at this time but I was extremely happy as you can imagine. He is getting stronger each day now and is building up his fitness which is very important. I am really glad that he stays at home during the night still. So I can feed him in the evening and in the morning so that he does not need to look for food.

I have started to give him our “power pellets” instead of the cereal which are meant to get him used to seeds again. The pellets contain some grinded regular pigeon seed mixture plus an extra of polenta (corn semolina), grinded sunflower hearts or organic sesam, millet and some breadcrumbs (the latter is the glue for the pellets).

4/29   Jimi again came home in the afternoon, went to his perching place and stayed. Isn’t this sweet? Such a big relief for us – we need not worry where he might be…

4/30   Jimi has lost a bit of weight – he is on 397 gr now – but for his current condition this might be better.

5/1   Public holiday today but the weather is awful. Very cloudy and quite dark. Not a day to enjoy outside. The pijjies did neither.

5/2   Nothing really special.

5/6   Pina should have laid her egg tonight but she did not.

Weighing day for Jimi again: 395 gr – so he is keeping his current weight. He is feeding himself so I need not do anything at all besides preparing his sleeping box each night. What a wonderful arrangement!!!

We drove to our forest and visited Flea’s grave. I wanted to know whether the wild animals had left her alone and they did. I planted an evergreen on her place. We are still sad that she had to go so early. Sleep in peace, my little angel.

5/7   We are still waiting for Pina to lay. She herself is getting awfully nervous about it but apparently the egg will not be laid. She’s had extra calcium and a bath but still no egg.

5/8   Micky laid her first egg #21 and it was perfect as usual.

Instead of going to her nest tonight Pina slept in her box again. She was definitely feeling better today – not as nervous as before and even flew out several times with Rudi. Apparently she has accepted that the egg laying will be postponed. Better for her little body!

5/9   Today Jimi came home very early: at 1.30 already. It was quite warm and quite humid. All the pijjies seemed to be a bit tired and at the same time in quite a bad mood. So I was glad that Jimi came home early – he seemed to be very tired also.

Gino was quite nasty today – each time he came across Rudi they started to fight so that I had to separate them. Maybe the weather was guilty – there was a lot of fight on the balcony as well – sigh!

5/10   It was raining heavily. So I wondered what Jimi would do. Well, he went out despite or perhaps because of the rain and sat quite a while on the drainpipe from the appartment above ours and took a shower. After that he came in again and stayed in our bedroom, enjoying a calm life, sleeping, eating, drinking and watching tv.

Micky laid her second egg #22 – perfect little egg as usual.

5/11   Usual business. Pina still has not laid but she is in very good mood and flies a lot together with Rudi. Sweet girl.

5/12   They did not let me sleep!!! Sunday is the only day where I could sleep a bit longer and where there is no noise from the construction site opposite of our building. But the pijjies are merciless. What have I done??? This is really unfair!!! I have to get gup and bring some order into the chaos.

After feeding the little roughnecks I weighed Jimi again – just to be sure: he had 402 gr. And to get a feeling about Micky‘s well-being I weighed her too – haven’t done that for a long time: 330 gr. So everything seems to be okay.

5/13   Jimi was coming home at lunchtime again and stayed as usual. I even got a little gift from him – look at this:


How cute is this???

5/14    Nothing special besides Jimi coming home again. What a bird. I think he loves the new arrangement and he loves his bed box – LOL


December 5, 2012

Gino steals Nest Material from Emma’s Nest and Bathing Time

From the

Diary as of 8/20 – 8/31/2012

8/20   Micky is also off her plaster eggs – more or less. When I tried to remove the eggs from their nest she and Gino got very angry and protested with fervour (he landed on my head as if he wanted to say “how dare you!”) – so I put them back into the nest. Instantly Gino sat on the eggs – sulking. Silly little guy naseboren
Well – I will leave the plaster eggs in the nest for a few more days – what difference does it make??

It is also so funny to watch them when they come in for having a snack. I still keep one food bowl in the bedroom because there they can eat in peace without the others disturbing. Mostly Micky is in front and Gino close behind her,  pushing her slightly as if he wants to say “come on baby, get your ass into gear”. Very funny.

Emma laid her second egg #95 and it is also still not quite smooth but the shells are strong again.

8/21   Pina laid her second egg #63 and as usual it was perfect. I need not worry about my little princess.

8/22   Micky is finally off her eggs as well and cuddles heavily with Gino. They are building their nest which means Gino steals the cardboard stripes from Emma’s main nest because he thinks I haven’t cut enough for him. I am slowly running out of material i.e. empty paper rolls – lol. It is quite stressy to prepare nest material for 4 couples…

It is still very warm and the pijjies get a bath each day.

8/23  We have 3 couples sleeping on the balcony now and our indoor couple Rudi and Pina. Imagine how many pigeon babies we would have in the meanwhile if I would not exchange the eggs for plaster eggs!!! Uh….. (look at the numbers above….)

Chica is still sleeping on the balcony more or less tolerated by the others. Amazing.

8/24   Replaced Pina’s eggs. Was very late and I always have a bad conscience but there is no way that she should have babies.

8/26  Micky laid her first egg #3.

8/27  Calcium day today – everybody got their Calcivet again.

8/28   Micky laid her second egg #4. They are both a little bit smaller than those of Pina or Maggie but totally perfect. I think I can reduce the Calcivet for her to once per week. She is always such a problem to handle, always fighting and fidgeting like an amazon.

8/29   They are all having a bath today – I have one inside and one outside. Some of our outsiders come inside to take their bath together with Pina and Rudi. They are having fun like crazy!!!!!

After bath they all were lying around drying up. In every corner a little pijjie. What a view!!!


Rudi – the Boss







Pina’s chill-out








Gino – baby boss


8/30   Nothing special to report.

8/31   Dito.


November 19, 2012

Gino shows Signs of Canker, Weighing Day and 3 Couples on the Balcony sitting on Plaster Eggs

From the

Diary as of  7/10 – 7/26/2012

7/10  Rudi’s toe is truly on the mend but I still do not know whether his nail will be growing again. He is running around as usual, no limping. The swelling is nearly down to normal (although this toe always has been a bit thicker than the others) – there seems to be a crust still on the tip which I refrain from touching. I am not sure whether this is from the Propolis that functions like a glue or from the spray bandage. Anyway – it functions as a kind of protection still. So I leave it alone.

7/11   Weather is not good – much too wet and much too cold for this time of the year.

7/12   The pijjies make a lot of liquid poop on the balcony – no wonder with this weather – annoying for cleaning and much more work every morning and during the day.

7/13  Pina preferred to stay inside today, sitting in her sand bowel, one of her favourite places at the large window from where she can observe anyone and everything if she is not too busy with herself. She loves to play the peeping Tom.

Pina inside and Lucky outside

7/14   There it is:  Gino looked sick this morning. He was sneezing and then I saw him vomiting twice. He also did not want to eat this morning so I was quite worried. The weather is still completely crazy, one day cold with lots of rain showers, hardly 15° and then the next day hot and very humid with temperatures jumping to more than 25° again – it’s a terrible jojo. It’s a wonder that not all the birds are getting sick.

I did not fiddle long with Gino, waited until he was sitting on the nest – grabbed him and checked his mouth. Could not detect anything suspicious but a bit reddish inside his mouth but with these symptoms I gave him a Spartrix and a Propolis pellet. (I prepare these always in advance with just some breadcrumbs and rough cornflower formed into pellets with a bit of water, then 2 drops of Propolis on top and then let these pellets dry until the alcohol in the Propolis has evaporated). Then Gino could relax on the nest again till the early evening when Micky went back to the nest. In the evening he apparently felt much better, came in as usual, ate quite a lot and looked like “old” Gino again. I will give him another pill tomorrow though – just to be sure.

I will also monitor Micky whether she does show any signs of canker and reacts accordingly. Canker is something I am not playing around with for sure. But I think Micky is protected by the Propolis pellets she gets twice a week.

7/15   Weighing day for the ladies: I thought I might check this time on Emma and Pina – just to be sure what’s going on. Emma always feels so thin so a check is really needed:

Pina had 372 gr which is quite proper and Emma had her 329 gr which is also her normal weight. So absolutely no need to worry.

Gino seems to be his old self again but I gave him another Spartrix just to be sure. Canker is something I am not fiddling around with. Definitely not!!!

7/16   Maggie has laid her first egg #1 (I start to count from here on) finally in the bowl I gave her as a nest on our balcony. This means we have now 3 couples on the balcony sitting on plaster eggs. It is in fact amazing that they all keep peace instead quarreling all the time as it happened in the past.

Pina is finally off her eggs and heavily cuddling with Rudi again. I gave them a bath and Rudi and Pina could hardly wait for the water. I watched closely what would happen with Rudi’s toe but it seemed to be alright. There was no bleeding at all although he was really soaking himself  in the water.

7/17   Rudi’s toe is still okay and slowly I think I need not worry any more.

Gino is definitely okay again and Micky does not show any signs of canker at all. Since Gino is completely okay again he has a bigger appetite. He still feels quite light for a pigeon cock but then I always forget that he is still so young – only half a year old. He has a lot of time still to grow into a strong tall pigeon – as his dad is – who cannot be anyone else than QuakQuak because Gino is making this very same sound sometimes – quakquak, quakquak and aw-ee, aw-ee like a donkey.

He is the true clown in our family!!!!

Gino drinking

Gino’s typical posture: always curious and examining anything…

7/16  Maggie has laid her second egg #2   in the bowl on the balcony. Now I have to replace them soon.but she is so beautiful

Her daughter Chica is still on the balcony – she refuses to have her own family although she is old enough. Apparently there exists something similar with pijjies: Hotel Mama – as you can find with human 2-leggers as well. Very funny and a bit strange …

7/19   Micky is still sitting on her plaster egg although she could have left it already since a few days. I hope that the Calcivet helps her to lay proper eggs the next time. Gino is keeping a good eye on her. They are both so sweet.

Micky sitting on her nest (left) – Gino watching over her

7/20   Emma laid her first egg# 94 – shell is a bit rough again. So I think she still has some calcium deficiencies. Maybe I should go back to 3 times a week.

Here she is enjoying some time with Lucky. I just love it when they sit close together on the balustrade with a “pergola” above their heads…

7/21   Checked Rudi’s feet. Had to cut the nail on the twisted toe again and put some DMSO on his other foot where I detected a tiny pressure mark underneath on the pad of one of his toes.

7/22   Today is quite cold and the pijjies are very hungry. Every minute one or the other wants to come in for food.

While we tried to have our nap this afternoon Pina and Rudi came into the bedroom and jumped on my bum – tried to steel Micky’s and Gino’s goodies again – as if they don’t get anything to eat –

Emma laid her second egg# 95 – shell is better than the first one again but still not quite perfect – too rough and too thin.

7/23    Pina and Rudi have started to “build their nest” on the usual place again – on the other cupboard in their usual cardboard box.

7/24   Pina laid her first egg #62 in her nest. As usual it was perfect.

7/25   Rudi is heavily moulting. Gave him a portion of Calcivet. Everyone else is doing great.

7/26   Pina laid her second egg #63, a beautiful shiny egg. I am always sad when I have to replace them with the plaster eggs but it would be no good for her to have babies. Too much stress.


October 15, 2012

Gino is the new Bouncer

From the

Diary as of 6/26 – 6/29/2012

6/26   Our little princess Pina laid her second perfect egg #61 in her new nest.

I replaced Emma’s eggs today and candled them. They were not fertilized. So Emma can keep her own eggs in future and I need not replace them any longer. I will keep her on Calcivet though for 3 times a week. The second egg btw had its usual strength. The shell was strong and smooth and shiny.

6/27   I think Gino has taken over the role of a bouncer and he was employed by Lucky. While Lucky enjoys sitting on his perching place or on the plaster eggs he lets Gino do the job chasing all the others. As a payment he is allowed to stay on the balcony with his new wife. Can you guess who it is?  It is our wild Micky. So funny and incredible.

Apparently Micky has sent her second mate to hell as well and then she fell in love with Gino. I can hardly believe it. Are we a kind of pigeon partnership organization or what – http://www.pijjie love.org???? It is soooooo funny. And apparently our Gino is exactly what our wild Micky was looking for. She is so sweet again and Gino has her fully under control – he, our youngster, has become a MAN!!!!

And you know what – they have their current nest (one of my hanging pots!) on the balcony and Lucky and Emma are tolerating it at the moment. We will see whether this will continue. I have the feeling that Lucky has made a contract with Gino – he – the latter – helps Lucky or rather Lucky delegated the job to Gino – to chase off all the other pigeons who do not belong to the family. As a “payment” Gino may stay on the balcony with his mate. Isn’t this funny? Oh my – I think I am becoming gaga slowly with all these stories…

Micky (left) on the nest – Gino on the second nest (right)

Anyway – Gino and Micky are such a sweet couple now coming in every day together, flying straight away into our bedroom where they still have their food bowl to take their meals there and then they leave again together and fly to their nest or are taking a round trip in the neighbourhood until they are coming back.

6/28   It’s getting very warm so I put the pigeon bath out on the balcony again in addition to their usual water pots. Of course they loved it all.

6/29   Maggie laid another egg on the balcony. She and her mate Woodie are still trying to nest on the balcony as well. This is not possible (how wrong I was at this point). Now we have 2 couples here: Emma and Lucky, Micky and Gino. That is more than enough. More would be stress for all of them and this is not acceptable. I feel very sorry that I have to chase Maggie and Woodie away because I like them very much and they are the parents of Lucky and Micky but as already said – too much now. (I was very wrong at that point of time – you will see!!)

Rudi is still limping. It will take a while till the new nail has grown. I suppose the old one will fall off eventually but apparently it still hurts him. So I need to treat him tonight again to make it a bit easier for him.

Pina is sitting on her nest and refuses to fly out. I can understand her – it is simply too warm outside so our little clever princess prefers to stay inside. It is a few grades cooler here than outside.

Jimi came in, heavily panting. He really has problems with the heat. He is a very large bird and his thick plumage is a big disadvantage at the moment. So he relaxed for a while inside. He is my sweetie, so loyal and seeking my presence every day. He always wants to be hand-fed by me with his favourite seeds of course: sunflower hearts. It is very touching.


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