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December 20, 2013

Cuddling with Gino and Bath of the Ladies’ Club

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From the

Diary as of 9/25 – 10/13/2013

9/25   Betty laid her second egg #6 which looked small again but perfect and I replaced both with the usual plaster eggs.

9/26   Finally I was able to give Betty her Calcivet.

9/27   As usual the birdies come rushing in as soon as we are back from shopping. How do they always know??? They must have an inbuilt clock!

9/28   Hoover time in the morning again. First bedroom so that Jimi can move in – yes everything is planned for the pijjie’s needs – lol. In the meanwhile Jimi does not even take time to wait until that monster is gone but runs in as soon as his foodbowl and sandbox are ready to use. Oh my – these birds….

9/29   Temperatures have become quite cold now. It is hardly above 10 degrees and we have a very cold wind from East. The pijjies are very hungry and I have to feed them several times because they are begging in front of the balcony door. Jimi is in the bedroom as usual during the morning and enjoys the warmth and the classical music. Oh my is he spoiled!!! But I am so happy that he is doing so well now after he has been sick for so many months of his life.

Played with Gino this morning and then took him into my arms and cuddled him. He was totally calm and apparently loved the warmth from my hands. He is still such a sweet boy and he will always be. If people who hate pigeons could only feel what I am feeling when I hold this bird!!! They really don’t know what they are missing in their lives.

10/1   Nothing really special – everyone is doing well – so my world is okay as well.

10/3   We now have a Ladie’s club: this means that our pigeon ladies took a warm bath together – inside of course. They were Pina, Micky and Fifi. Isn’t that cute? I could not photograph because otherwise I would have freaked Fifi of course. So I did not want to disturb the wonderful harmony.

Fifi has started to stay inside also – like Jimi – after her lunch. She keeps company with Pina and Micky who mostly stays inside after it’s Gino’s turn to sit on the eggs. It has become quite cold in the meanwhile – this morning we had just 1°C. Too cold for my taste and very windy.

Today Gino and Lucky got into a battle with one another only because each of them wanted to sit on my knee to be fed there!!! These silly buggers – the fight ended of course when I had to separate them because I did not want them to injure on another. And the result: they were both mad at me and were sulking… but not for very long…

10/4   It is really strange how these pigeons know when you have plans. Friday is our usual shopping day for the weekend and as usual Rudi went outside after his breakfast. Just in the very second when we wanted to leave he came back inside. How did he know? It’s not the first time and won’t be the last. If he had not been back just in time he would have to wait outside until we were back again but he knew somehow that it was time for him to come home. Do they have telepathic abilities? My suspicion is “yes”!! And Rudi is not the only one with these abilities…

10/5   It’s Saturday and vacuum cleaning day as usual. When the bedroom is done I regularly call in Jimi first so that he can go to his favourite place without being “molested” by the others who have to wait a bit until everything else is done. Then I open the balcony door and the chaos begins…

10/7   In the meanwhile Jimi, Lucky, Gino, Chica and Johnny quarrel with one another who may sit on my knees to take their meals there. So it’s getting worse. Fifi, Jimi’s wife, also loves to sit on my knee to eat there. We have some kind of funny conversation going between us: she somehow does that tiny “smacking” sound often when she sees all the goodies in the foodbowel on my knee and looks at me in between and I do the same then and she repeats again. I am not sure what she is saying but I think it is something like “oh goodie, hmmmm”. Isn’t this funny?

Pina of course is often a bit jealous (but not for long) and then jumps on the back of my chair in order to tell me “Mommy, I am here as well”. Oh these birds!!! I just can forget about everything bad, sad or stressful when they are around. They are a true blessing and they have changed my life so much to the better…

10/13   The ladies are late this time with egg laying. I am glad about this because the longer they sit on their plaster eggs over the time the better for their health. Even Micky is sitting much longer than usual. Maybe it is due to the bad and cold weather that they prefer to stay in their nests…



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