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December 19, 2013

Weighing day and Moulting Mode and new Tricks by Pina

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From the

Diary as of 9/12 – 9/24/2013

9/12    Today everybody is going crazy: Gino is chasing Micky, Woody is chasing Maggie and Jimi is chasing Fifi. They are all in mating mode and adding a huge chaos to the balcony life. I really don’t understand why they are always getting this crazy and therefore wasting lots of energy.

I am used to Gino chasing Micky around when they are in coupling mode. They always come running inside, through the whole appartment into the bedroom and then coming running out again or flying like the bats from hell. You can only duck your head and jump aside – otherwise you will be run over. But I did not know that Jimi is doing the same. Poor Fifi was chased the whole day – both hardly got something to eat and this is happening while the weather is really awful, cold and wet. As I said – I don’t understand why they are wasting that much energy.

9/13   Lotti laid another egg on the floor of the balcony. When will she stop doing this. It hurts me when I have to take the egg away and destroy the nest. But I definitely cannot let her breed here.

9/14   Today was Rudi’s weighing day. I haven’t done this for a long long time. The scales said  418 gr. This was less than I expected because he looks heavy because of his body structure – lol. So I need not worry that he might need a diet – oh my.

9/15   Maggie laid her first egg #27 and also Fifi laid her first egg #7. The other ladies will probably follow soon.

Today was weighing day for Maggie and Micky. It is always good to know from time to time what the normal weight of the pijjies is. Maggie’s showed 383 gr which is quite a lot. I always thought that she was much lighter. Every time when I grabbed her to give her extra Calcium I thought she must be quite light. Micky was 355 gr which also was a bit more than I anticipated. It is obvious that you can be at fault very easily.

9/16   Micky laid her first egg also – it’s #31. She also lays like a clock.

9/17   The round is nearly full:  Maggie laid her second egg #28 and Fifi hers #8.

Our pijjies are still in heavy moulting mode. The back of the head of poor Jimi is completely bold – my beautiful little koala bear looks ridiculous and his tail consists of merely a few ragged feathers only. He stays on the balcony or inside for the whole day at the moment. No wonder…but as he has a regular family life now with mate and his own house he seems to be quite content.

9/18   It’s not finished yet: today Micky laid her second egg as well – #32

I only wonder what Pina is going to do. She went on her nest this evening and tomorrow we will see whether she picks up her regular egg laying business again.

9/19   When I checked Pina’s nest this morning there was NO EGG. So I gave her immediately a plaster egg again in order to avoid that she would have stress again. Both, Rudi and Pina, behaved as if Pina had laid an egg without any problems and took on their nest sitting turns.

9/20   Everything as usual. It has become much calmer now that all the ladies are sitting on their nests. The chaotic chasing around by the boys has finally stopped.

9/21   I checked Pina‘s nest this morning again: there is was – a new egg! It was strangely longish again but other than that quite okay. It is #82. I replaced it immediately with a plaster egg. I honestly doubt that it was fertilized.

9/22   Betty is late with her egg laying but I am glad about this. The ladies should relax and not be in stress with egg production all the time. Day by day Betty becomes a bit less shy which is good. I don’t like her to feel anxious in our group. She is a valuable member now. Her nest is clean and prepared.

9/23   Betty laid today her first egg #5. It was small but perfect. Maggie’s eggs are huge in comparison.

Drove to our favourite forest today and visited Emily’s and Flea’s grave. The place looked a bit sad because due to the drought during the summer the ferns looked a bit desolate but they will grow again. I planted quite a lot of crocus around the place and I hope that the animals of the forest won’t eat everything so that next spring we will have some colours at Emily’s and Flea’s place.

9/24   Gave them all a bath today again. The weather was really nice and mild and the sun shining. Soon I had my first customers: Lucky of course. And of course he insisted in having his bathtub for himself alone. Even Jimi took a bath although he is not the big bather among our gang but he seemed to enjoy it fully!


Gino was clever: Lucky did not let him take a bath so he came inside when I called him and he realized immediately that there was also a bathtub which I had prepared for Rudi and Pina inside. Now Gino went into it straight away and had his fun with getting completely soaked. Oh my…



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