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December 1, 2013

Pina tries to play Tricks and Maggie had a “Shock”

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From the

Diary as of 8/25 – 9/11/2013

8/25   Pina nearly tricked me! As you may remember – she has not laid since April which gave me lot of relief because she definitely felt better and stopped stargazing entirely. Now when Rudi started to prepare the nest again I waited until Pina went to her nest for the first night as if she was going to lay. This time I did not wait for her to become nervous again because no egg wanted to appear but gave her a plaster egg the very next morning (see above). Today I thought I should check whether she might have finally laid an egg and THERE IT WAS – A SECOND EGG! Good heavens – I remembered the drama a friend of mine had with her oops baby. I exchanged the real egg immediately but checked again a few days later if she had tried to trick me again – but she didn’t. Oh my. Btw it was egg #81

8/26   Went walking today again. I have to get back to “normal life” again and do my exercises!

8/27   All pijjies are moulting at the moment and I have to clean off tons of feathers. Simply no time for self-pity. Look at Matty aka Mr. Spike:


8/30   Freddy, the refused is deeply in love with Quakquak, Gino’s father. He is a very large pigeon, exactly with the same face as Gino’s and I am sure that he must have lost his mate. But now he and Freddy are a couple and I see them often cuddling and groomig. For a while they tried to nest on our balcony as well but we are definitely full!!!!

8/31   Slowly getting along – things are becoming “normal” again although I feel sometimes quite depressed. The birds help me to get over it…

9/1   Weighing day for Pina. I haven’t weighed her for months and months and I thought it should be done. She is a bit low, only 351 gr but this may have several reasons and nothing to really worry about.  Need to weigh Rudi also – haven’t done this for ages – is always good to know.

Jimi is not feeling so very well but as long as he is eating it should not be a major problem. His poops are quite loose and he urinates a lot. He stayed in the bedroom for nearly the whole morning. He needs his peace so I let him have it.

9/2    Jimi is feeling better today again. He does not urinate so much any more.

9/3   Loki and Lotti STILL try to build a nest on our balcony and Lotti has laid an egg again. I really don’t understand why they do NOT WANT to give up although they are chased off again and again. Lotti has laid at least 10 eggs in the meanwhile which I had to destroy each time. In the meanwhile they should have realized that they cannot stay here. It is hard for me because I like this couple but we already have 4 couples in our care on the balcony which is more than enough.

9/4   Weighing day for Jimi – need to know what his normal weight now is – just in case: he had 419 gr which is not really very much for him but it is okay. So he is doing well. As an aside – since he was so sick again I can handle him much easier now. It has become quite easy to catch him and he is very patient and not afraid any more as in earlier times where he went into panic each time I had to catch him for treatment.

9/8   The pigeon ladies are off their plaster eggs. Now the crazy time starts again where chaos rules the balcony.

9/11   Cleaned up Gino’s, Jimi’s and Woodie’s house: fresh dry moss, some hay on top of it and then the famous cardboard stripes they all love so much. While I was cleaning Woodie’s house Woodie and Maggie came back too early before I had finished. Maggie had a real shock when she realized that her house was “gone”. She expressed her dismay by growling loudly. Oh my – these pijjies!!!

Gino and Micky could hardly wait for theirs and inspected it immediately after cleaning whether I had done everything correctly. And Jimi and Fifi – well just the same. Lookingquite irritated when they found that their house was “gone” also but then extremely happy when they had it back with fresh “linens” grins

And while the weather is still quite nice some of the pijjies just fulfill their role as decoration for the balcony garden:




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