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October 28, 2013

Lucky is jealous, Freddy has been replaced and Jimi has a new House

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From the

Diary as of 7/4 – 7/20/2013

7/4   I cleaned Lucky’s nest today and put new moss inside etc. So everything is prepared if Lucky decides to have Freddy as his new mate. We will see.

7/5   Freddy again slept on the same basket as Lucky does. I still don’t know what they are doing during the day but Freddy comes inside for a little snack from time to time. I am still amazed about the fact that she integrated into the balcony “flock” just like this without showing the slightest insecurity.

7/6   It is Saturday and warm and the usual chaos. Loki and Lotti are still not giving up to try to nest on the balcony as well which is not possible of course. They are really stubborn and a bit a pain in the ass in the meanwhile.

7/7   Freddy is still here and I find that really sweet. She often sits on the balcony on a place where only she finds enough space. So she can be near Lucky without being too near – lol.

7/8   Loki and Lotti are still nerving: continue to try to nest on our balcony which is not possible. They add a lot of noise and disturbance to the group. So they have to go. Even Freddy had had enough in the evening – she came only back when it was nearly dark and quiet.

7/9   Nothing new….

7/10   The wind is gone and it is very humid again. The pijjies are all a bit agitated and somehow a bit nuts – as if this were something new. Played with Gino and tried to “introduce” the “game” to Jimi as well. I fear though that he does not understand the rules completely yet because he tries to perforate my fingers rather than nibbling on them a bit… ouch!

Lucky became so jealous today: while Jimi was sitting on my knee (yes he does this since 2 days again) Lucky jumped on my hand so that all the sunflower heart flew into the air. Apparently he could not stand that Jimi was so close to me again. These birds…

7/11   We visited Emily’s and Flea’s grave today in our favourite forest. Although it was sad again to see the place it was also comforting to know that we found such a nice place for the birds where we could have our very special “communication”. The place is so peaceful and during spring and summertime you can hear a lot of birds…


7/13   A new pigeon appeared on the balcony – could be an older daughter of Sandy because she also was carrying those orange colours in her wings. But other than Vroni or Reserl her plumage was a dark grey. Lucky seemed to be very interested in her. Where are always these new pigeons coming from????

7/14   Freddy as Lucky’s new mate is history already. What a shame. I started to love this sweet  little pigeon and the idea that she would be Emily’s successor. But not so. In the evening Lucky pushed her quite brutally out of the basket where both were sleeping for the last week or so. He was behaving very rude. Poor Freddy.

I wished it had been Freddy that took the place of Emily because she is such a sweet one and so relaxed but it was Lucky’s decision of course. I wonder what she is up to because she is still sleeping here. It was so sad to watch when Lucky bit her again as she wanted to sleep together with him in his basket but we could not do anything of course. Love goes its own way… I am very happy though that Lucky is not alone any more and he seems to be quite content and relaxed.

7/15   Lucky is en route for most of the day but when he comes back the new pigeon is there also: Betty. She never comes inside though – she is very shy. Whenever I come near her she is gone the next second. Strange. I have seen her walking into Emily’s moss house for a couple of times but when I try to look she is off like a hurricane… She is a beautiful pigeon though and Lucky and Betty would make a beautiful pigeon couple:


7/16   Betty seems to be Lucky’s new favourite. I don’t know whether I like this but it is their business. What can I do?

7/17   Betty has in fact laid her first egg#1. I am surprised.  This was quick! I have never seen her together with Lucky cuddling nor mating. Obviously they were very discreet. What is happening here? Very unusual.

Jimi and Fifi finally got their new house. Now they are fully equipped – lol. Similar to Casa Gino I built it from a wooden box with some refinements such as a large landing platform etc. This house will protect them better from the drafts in colder times than the hanging pots!


Jimi and Fifi cuddling in their hanging pot…


You would not believe it but it took less than 2 hours until they occupied their new residence. I was impressed!!!



7/18   Jimi and Fifi love their new home. They did not dare to leave it for more than a few minutes – probably for fear someone else could occupy it. Just when Jimi and Fifi were away for a second Micky inspected their new home – what a curious little brat. I wonder what she thought about it. But she and Gino have their own home already – there is no need for jealousy.

7/19   Betty laid her second egg #2. I am still not sure whether she will really be Lucky’s mate for a long time. I never see them cuddle or kiss. She never comes inside to get her breakfast or supper. A very strange relationship. I don’t understand this…

7/20   Freddy is still sleeping on the balcony, just beneath Lucky, on a little saucer filled with sand. She always comes in to get her meals here. Does she have some hopes still???

Jimi was very vocal again today. At the moment he is in mating mode with his Fifi – they are very sweet together. But Jimi should stop smoking cigars and drinking wisky – his voice is simply too croaky!!!

Micky left her plaster eggs. So we have another couple now running around like crazy.



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