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October 27, 2013

Jimi’s Birthday and Lucky’s new Girlfriend

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From the

Diary as of 6/28 – 7/3/2013

6/28   It is Jimi’s birthday today! He has turned 5 years. What a sweet little bugger and my last baby. The last baby of Emily and Pete who is still here – the others all left.  He had so much to suffer already in these years – I wish him the best luck for the next 10 years at least. May you stay healthy, sweet Jimi.




soooooo sleepy after a voluptious meal…

6/29   Lucky is doing amazingly well without his Emily. He is eating well. I think that he feels supported by the others who live on our balcony, he does not feel alone. He is chasing the others around and is courting every female that comes near to him. AND there seems to be a new girldfriend in sight. Whether this will work we will see in due time:

Yesterday – out of the blue – a completely new pigeon appeared on our balcony. First I thought it was a squeaker because she was so small and graceful and her cere seemed to be the one of a youngster. She had a white cap and one wing had 2 white feathers, her remaining plumage was a middle grey. Could just be a reincarnation of our Willy!!!

During the night she even slept on the balustrade between the planting containers and today she walked several times into Lucky’s nest while he was sitting inside as if it were the most natural thing to do. I have never seen her and I have no idea where Lucky found her. She seemed to be very young still but so is Lucky. It is a true mystery. She also came in for eating together with the others as if she had done this for a long time. What is going on here? I have no clue! Btw – we called her Freddy because she was so cheeky!

I wonder whether she will stay together with Lucky tonight. We will see…

6/30   Yesterday evening we had another little drama here:
after Lucky had invited Freddy in his nest again and again I was wondering whether they would spend the night together. Lucky normally sleeps always on the edge of a little basket on a podest near the wall. There it is dry and all the planting pots are a protection against the wind. When Emily was not sitting on eggs in the nest she always slept together with Lucky on that basket.

When Freddy tried to join Lucky on that basket it went okay for a few minutes. But suddenly he started to bite and treat her really rough and she flew to the balustrade. A couple of minutes later she tried again and Lucky started to bite her again. So off she went to spend the night somewhere else. I thought we would never see her again. I found this behaviour from Lucky really strange and a bit mean. On the other hand he might have realized suddenly that Freddy was not his Emily and he could not bear her sitting on Emily’s place. I wish him so very much that he will be happy again and accept Freddy as his new mate…

BUT Freddy did appear in the late morning today again. Brave little Freddy!





Micky laid her first egg #25. It was a bit early or rather she has a shorter cycle than the other ladies. I had hoped that she would give her body a longer pause.

Rudi started to work on the nests! again. Poor Rudi always has to follow his wife’s command and Pina is always a bit capricious.

I am glad that this month is over now. It was one of the worst ones, losing our beloved Emily a week ago. I still miss her so much.

7/1   Tonight Pina slept in the nest. I wonder whether she is going to lay or whether this is false alarm again. She has not laid since April which is good for her body. I wished she would stop laying entirely.

Here are some new photos of my cheeky little princess:


7/2   Micky laid her second egg #26 and as usual it was perfect.

Pina did NOT lay an egg. She seems to be a bit frustrated and feels a bit stressed because she is stargazing again. I don’t really know whether Rudi is really pressing her a bit or why she feels so stressed. Life is so much better for both when they do not have to sit on eggs because then they can continue to fly together and sleep together.

7/3   Freddy slept on Lucky’s basket for the first time since Emily left us. She groomed him intensely, wiggling all the time and Lucky did the same. But I still do not know whether she will be his new mate. But it looks good for the moment and Lucky seems to be quite content.


Pina is definitely not laying. She is sleeping in her usual box again besides Rudi. I think both are much more relaxed now and happier because they cuddle a lot and are flying together several times during the day.




  1. Happy Birthday to Jimi and Good Luck to Jimi and Freddy – I hope it works out for them, and look forward to hearing more news.

    Comment by anniefaith — October 27, 2013 @ 12:49 pm | Reply

  2. Petra I am SO very sorry to read of your loss of precious Emily. I am not on FB as much and did not know of her passing or I would have sent you my sympathy I know how deeply we hurt when they are gone, it is like a hole inside our hearts. I was happy though to see your wonderful Jimi looking so great and celebrating his birthday after the terrible injuries and struggles of his past year. Sending love, sympathy, caring thoughts and much gratitude for how you share with us your feathered family’s antics, and sometimes losses. Love from Donna and my “flock “

    Comment by sixdoves3Donna Smith — October 27, 2013 @ 3:32 pm | Reply

    • Donna, thank you so much for your comforting words. Although it is now several months since Emily left us I still miss her deeply. She was a very special pigeon and I know you feel the same – some pigeons leave an especially large hole in our hearts when they have to go. With Pete and Emily gone forever the balcony pigeon story has lost its “progenitors” in every sense because with them my whole life changed to the better in some way. They had and still have a very special place in my heart and I will never forget them as long as I live…

      Comment by pigeonwriter — October 27, 2013 @ 4:56 pm | Reply

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