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September 29, 2013

A terrible Day and a Happy Ending

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From the

Diary as of 6/13 – 6/18/2013

6/13   Today I had one of the worst days regarding our pigeons: we had to chase off Jimi and Fifi . After we tried to get them out together during the last week – because they both could not stay in our bedroom – we decided to chase them off and not letting them come back inside. Pina and Rudi had started to become very stressed while Jimi and Fifi were in the bedroom and there were no signs that they would ever leave deliberately. So with an absolutely awful feeling and bleeding heart we had to chase them off each time they returned to our balcony.

I was crying all the time because it totally broke my heart. Jimi was looking at me and he could not understand why I was doing this to him. His eyes were so big and accusing and sad. You can certainly imagine what this meant for me!!! It was my last baby that had been left (Pete’s son) – all others had left for good – and I had him for so long in my care (end of June he will turn 5) – first the PMV, then the relapse when he could not eat for many weeks and finally the awful injury that nearly cost his life. I thought I would die on Thursday evening. But it had to be done – for the sake of Pina and Rudi, for the sake of Jimi and Fifi also.

6/14   The next morning – when I woke up – my first thought was Jimi of course and whether I would ever see him again. But there he was, alone, coming in with the others and eating his breakfast. You should have heard the rock falling from my heart!!! An earthquake is nothing in comparison. Fifi also came a few minutes later but the two of them somehow did not appear to be so close any more. Maybe when Fifi realized that Jimi was not the homeowner any more she kept distance to him. So it appeared to us and we made up our story of course. Yes it sounds very human-like but we have encountered many situtations with these birds which are absolutely reminiscent of human behaviour!

6/15   Emily has left her single plaster egg. Now the worrying starts again, daily calcium etc.

Today Jimi appeared a few times again, more or less alone, eating breakfast and then eating some sunflower hearts from my hand!!! So the whole ordeal from two days ago seemed resolved and he did not hate me any more. Later in the evening he appeared again, alone and seemed to be quite sad. So my heart was heavy again. What should I do?

I decided to let him in and even give him the chance to sleep in his box again if he was alone again. BUT – as soon as this little bugger was in our bedroom he started to call. What do you guess he was calling for? Fifi of course! THIS LITTLE BUGGER TRIED TO FOOL ME!!! Can you believe this?

There was no separation from Fifi – of course they were still a couple. Today I made a video (due to come) of them sitting in one of the hanging pots on the balcony and cuddling with each other heavily. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? So everything is in order currently – I only wonder how this will continue. I never ever want to be forced to do this again what I did on Thursday. Thank heaven everything had a happy ending so far. But that feeling…being totally fooled by a bird – I will never forget again. I felt sooooo silly – oh my!

6/16   The world at Pigeon Castle is okay. Everybody appeared for breakfast, Jimi eating sunflower hearts from my hand again. This is how I love to spend the Sunday: sitting on the balcony, watching the pijjies and listening to Jimi’s and Fifi’s love-talk. Everything is peaceful…

Look at Jimi, the little trickster:


6/17    Jimi and Fifi continue their romance. I am very happy about this AND they have found their home currently on the balcony in one of the hanging pots and wonder oh wonder: all the others are accepting them. Can you believe this? I would have expected at least the slightest fighting – but nothing happened at all as if they all knew that this was Jimi’s real home. Now we have an extended “front” against all other intruders and they are really working well together.
Oh my – I still cannot believe this. So finally Jimi has returned home to his mother’s house (because Emily is his mom). He has more rights to stay on the balcony than all the others.




  1. Nothing surprises me about pigeons – they are very intelligent birds. I totally understand how hard it must have been for you to chase off Jimi and Fifi – pigeons wind their way into your heart. Thanks for a lovely blog.

    Comment by anniefaith — September 29, 2013 @ 7:41 pm | Reply

  2. Awesome story! I couldn’t I imagine the pain you must have felt releasing them. I definitely would have been in the same emotional state. In fact I ended up keeping my feral, female and we got a racing pig, as her mate over a year ago. We built a beautiful loft out back and they have been inseparable ever since. Now, the fun begins, as I have had a west of England Tumbler bred for me and so soon I will bring him home and have to introduce him to the loft. This I’m sure will not fair well for the first few days. There should have been two but his sister or brother didn’t hatch! 😦 So, in the spring we will breed another Westie for him or her as a mate! I to love my birds so incredibly. I’ve been away for almost a month and I miss them so much! Thank you for your story!

    Comment by Wendy — October 1, 2013 @ 12:56 pm | Reply

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