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September 27, 2013

Fifi and Jimi are heavily in Love

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From the

Diary as of 6/1 – 6/12/2013

6/1   Today it was raining again. After we had breakfast I lifted the cover of Fifi’s box and we waited what would happen. Jimi sat in front of her box as usual and was singing. It took quite a while until Fifi realized that she could leave the box when she wanted to. Oh my – she took a leap and flew over to our bed. There she met with Jimi who immediately celebrated their “engagement” when you understand what I mean. And Fifi – she was mesmerized. They soon took their cuddling place under the bookshelf where it was dark and were sitting side by side like an old married couple. Soooooo sweet!! As if they were used to each other for ages…

From time to time Fifi did some exercise but after a while I put her back into her box because I could see that her leg was hurting and she still was curling her toes. So tomorrow she will have some more time to get used to freedom and to train her leg. I hope that the nerves in her foot are recovering because it is not good when she continues to walk on curled toes. Poor baby – the nerves in her toes must have been damaged severely by the bite.

6/2   Fifi is doing quite okay and Jimi as well. Both are very much in love and grooming each other  often.


6/3   Jimi does not want to fly out any more. Without his Fifi he is going nowhere at all. Basta.

Fifi already laid an egg today. This was quick. Jimi had started to pull on the cables from the TV – he obviously wanted some nesting material. This is not good. I removed the egg immediately. We cannot encourage them to have a nest inside (because this would cause severe problems with Pina and Rudi). I very much hope that this was only a first sign. But we have to do something about it. I only hope that Fifi is not going to lay a second egg now.

6/4   Micky laid her first egg # 23 and it was perfect. Of course.

6/5   Regarding Fifi I gave up on trying to help her keeping her toes straight. I made a shoe for her (my friend Teresa recommended this), also tried to tape her toes but she was fiddling around so much and soon had it off again. I do not want to cause her more discomfort or pain. The toe that shows backwards is okay but the 3 front toes are really strange. The blood circulation seems to work well but they feel as if no bone exists in the front half of the toes. They feel completely limp. When she lands on a narrow edge – like the water dish – the toes are all outstretched but when she is walking on the floor her front toes are curled. I have checked her pads whether there are any lesions but there is nothing to be seen. So it seems to be quite okay for her.







I really don’t know any more what I could do else but leaving her alone. Apparently the leg itself is still hurting because she often keeps it off the ground although the wound is well healed and closed. No inflammation at all. Probably the muscle still hurts.

I cannot confine them too long any more which means I cannot possibly wait until Fifi’s foot has healed completely. If she lays another egg I have to remove it again but then it is time for them to go. At least she will have some time till the next egg-laying-pressure to find a new nesting place  and will not be in panic to have to find a place immediately.

It is really a stupid situation. Jimi and Fifi are so in love with each other and I hope that they will find a good place outside. The weather was so awful these last weeks – you have probably seen the terrible flooding here in Bavaria on TV – but now it seems that the summer will finally arrive. So I am waiting for a few more days until they can leave. Jimi does not want to go outside either without Fifi. But they need to be free again soon. Oh my. Never easy.

Look at these little buggers:


6/6   Micky laid her second egg #24 and it was perfect. Again.

Today was nice weather. Just right to let the babies go! BUT – we nearly had a little drama this morning in our Pigeon Castle:
After Fifi’s bite has healed wonderfully she was desperate to get out since 2 days. With a heavy heart – because her toes are still not normal – we decided to let her go together with Jimi. Remember- they both fell in love here at Pigeon Castle (another success for elitepigeons.com!).

So when the visitors were fed and most of them gone we opened the balcony door to let them out. Hui – off they went. After half an hour Jimi was back – no Fifi. Jimi went straight into our bedroom, starting to look for Fifi – I don’t know why he thought that she was there – but no Fifi of course. Then he started to cry, I mean REALLY CRY. I have never heard him making these noises. I nearly started to cry as well – it was a heartbreaking sound.

We were absolutely clueless what had happened. Apparently Fifi was a much quicker flier than Jimi and he obviously lost her. I assumed that she was heading straight to her original home and Jimi was not quick enough to follow her. So he decided to come back home rather than looking for her. Oh my. Now the nervewrecking waiting began. Would she come back or not? After an hour or so I saw her suddenly on the balustrade of the balcony, she tried to get in but was chased off by Lucky. She tried again but this time Gino gave her a hard time. I also saw that she was wet but something with her left wing was not right. Apparently she had a bath somewhere and I was afraid that she might have injured her wing. So more worrying. She flew off chased by Lucky again. After a while I realized that she was perching right on the edge of the balustrade behind one of the planting containers. Now I was quite confident that she would come home again.

I opened the balcony door in the bedroom a bit so that she could hear Jimi’s calling and voilà it took only a few minutes and she managed to slip through the door of the living room. I was very relieved. She hopped on the food bowel and there she let me take her and bring her into the bedroom. You should have seen the enthusiastic greeting dance of Jimi and Fifi. Now the world at Pigeon Castle was all in order again…

6/7   Let both, Jimi and Fifi, out in the morning again. Same procedure as the day before. But this time everything went well and none of them seemed to have problems to find their way back home.

6/8  Again Jimi and Fifi went outside but they returned too early again. Apparently they did not find it so interesting to behave like free birds – they preferred to go back into our bedroom in order to have a one-on-one. Oh my – what are they? Couch potatoes????

6/9   Same procedure as always with Jimi and Fifi.

6/10   Jimi and Fifi are still not showing any intent that they are looking for a nesting place outside. Although we chase them outside seveal times during the day now – they come back much too early and rather want to spend their time in our bedroom.

6/11   Nothing new with Jimi and Fifi.

6/12   I think Fifi’s feet cannot be corrected. A few days ago when I checked her leg I realized that obviously one of the tendons has been severed because a little piece of a dried “string” was sticking in the skin which I misinterpreted as the remnants of a little feather. So the damage had been done already and I have no idea whether birds can “re-grow” that in some way or whether the muscles take over this job to a certain extent.

Apparently this injury does not do great harm to Fifi’s toes – the back one is functioning normally, one of the front toes nearly normal and the other two she bents from time to time but I have seen her walking also with all toes outstretched. The nails do not cut into her pad because they are turned sidewards. The only result of her bent toes will be that the front half of the two toes will keratinize a bit but I don’t think that this will develop into a real problem. At least she can land perfectly. So this is what we wanted.



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