Pigeon Tales

August 31, 2013

Jimi stays at Home, Emily lays awful Eggs again and Pina does not lay

From the

Diary as of 4/25 – 5/14/2013

4/25   Emily laid her first egg #108. It looked as usual, even with the higher dosis of Calcivet. I don’t really know what to do else. The shell is not getting firmer.

Today Jimi did not want to fly out. Apparently he needed still some time to relax. He was soooo tired yesterday after his big adventure being outside again after 7 weeks. Clever Jimi – he is always doing everything with much thought. I was so very happy. Tomorrow will be a new day and we will see what he is up to…

Now tell me, that pigeons do not understand what we are saying!!! And look at his sweet face:


Maggie laid her second egg #20.

4/26   Jimi indicated already in the morning that he wanted to go out. So again  after a good breakfast I opened the balcony door and off he went. Later in the afternoon he came back again, went straight to his favourite place in our bedroom, obviously quite happy and content but tired. After supper I put him in his box where he fell asleep right away.

4/27   Emily laid her second egg #109. Thank heaven it is over for now – till the next time.

Jimi flew off in the morning and again he came back in the afternoon. He seems to be quite content with the current arrangement. I love my clever baby and I am so relaxed now as I know that he is safe back again.

4/28   Today Jimi came very late BUT HE CAME HOME! It was already 6.30 pm when he suddenly came inside, slipping through under the balcony door while I was still feeding the others. I did not expect him to come home at this time but I was extremely happy as you can imagine. He is getting stronger each day now and is building up his fitness which is very important. I am really glad that he stays at home during the night still. So I can feed him in the evening and in the morning so that he does not need to look for food.

I have started to give him our “power pellets” instead of the cereal which are meant to get him used to seeds again. The pellets contain some grinded regular pigeon seed mixture plus an extra of polenta (corn semolina), grinded sunflower hearts or organic sesam, millet and some breadcrumbs (the latter is the glue for the pellets).

4/29   Jimi again came home in the afternoon, went to his perching place and stayed. Isn’t this sweet? Such a big relief for us – we need not worry where he might be…

4/30   Jimi has lost a bit of weight – he is on 397 gr now – but for his current condition this might be better.

5/1   Public holiday today but the weather is awful. Very cloudy and quite dark. Not a day to enjoy outside. The pijjies did neither.

5/2   Nothing really special.

5/6   Pina should have laid her egg tonight but she did not.

Weighing day for Jimi again: 395 gr – so he is keeping his current weight. He is feeding himself so I need not do anything at all besides preparing his sleeping box each night. What a wonderful arrangement!!!

We drove to our forest and visited Flea’s grave. I wanted to know whether the wild animals had left her alone and they did. I planted an evergreen on her place. We are still sad that she had to go so early. Sleep in peace, my little angel.

5/7   We are still waiting for Pina to lay. She herself is getting awfully nervous about it but apparently the egg will not be laid. She’s had extra calcium and a bath but still no egg.

5/8   Micky laid her first egg #21 and it was perfect as usual.

Instead of going to her nest tonight Pina slept in her box again. She was definitely feeling better today – not as nervous as before and even flew out several times with Rudi. Apparently she has accepted that the egg laying will be postponed. Better for her little body!

5/9   Today Jimi came home very early: at 1.30 already. It was quite warm and quite humid. All the pijjies seemed to be a bit tired and at the same time in quite a bad mood. So I was glad that Jimi came home early – he seemed to be very tired also.

Gino was quite nasty today – each time he came across Rudi they started to fight so that I had to separate them. Maybe the weather was guilty – there was a lot of fight on the balcony as well – sigh!

5/10   It was raining heavily. So I wondered what Jimi would do. Well, he went out despite or perhaps because of the rain and sat quite a while on the drainpipe from the appartment above ours and took a shower. After that he came in again and stayed in our bedroom, enjoying a calm life, sleeping, eating, drinking and watching tv.

Micky laid her second egg #22 – perfect little egg as usual.

5/11   Usual business. Pina still has not laid but she is in very good mood and flies a lot together with Rudi. Sweet girl.

5/12   They did not let me sleep!!! Sunday is the only day where I could sleep a bit longer and where there is no noise from the construction site opposite of our building. But the pijjies are merciless. What have I done??? This is really unfair!!! I have to get gup and bring some order into the chaos.

After feeding the little roughnecks I weighed Jimi again – just to be sure: he had 402 gr. And to get a feeling about Micky‘s well-being I weighed her too – haven’t done that for a long time: 330 gr. So everything seems to be okay.

5/13   Jimi was coming home at lunchtime again and stayed as usual. I even got a little gift from him – look at this:


How cute is this???

5/14    Nothing special besides Jimi coming home again. What a bird. I think he loves the new arrangement and he loves his bed box – LOL



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