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July 7, 2013

Tibby has a new Bandage and vandalizes her Box

From the

Diary as of 3/30 – 4/9/2013

3/30   We actually removed the bandage this morning and Tibby’s leg looked good – not swollen at all, no discolouring. Only the lower foot was swollen a bit still. So I was sure the swelling (lymphedema) came from the bandage I made too tight.

The wound bleeded a bit again so I poured some more peroxide on it and then applied some more Neosporin. I covered her leg with 2 layers of sensitive band-aid careful not to make it too tight again. Instead of the matches I used now a piece of a toilet roll which I cut to the right size and formed a tube over a pencil out of it. This I applied with another piece of plaster. So I think this time it was not too tight for her. After that she got a little breakfast and then her medicine.

Tibby was such a brave patient. She lay totally calm on her back (I am always using a large piece of soft cloth formed into a big sausage and then bent to half so that the head lies higher than the remaining body), a light towel covering her head, while my partner held her so that I could work on her leg and foot. We will see how it goes now…

See pics:


My friend Teresa gave me a good idea regarding support for broken legs etc.:

she uses a “piece of the handle of a plastic fork or knife — you know, the ones used for picnics. With most leg fractures, it’s the back and the sides of the leg that need support.
The handles that are like half a tube are best, and if you start with a larger size than you need, there’s room to line it with gauze or human plasters, so it’s soft against the skin. For most adult pigeons a 2 cm length is just fine.”

3/31   Today was big weighing day!

Emily has her usual 337 gr, Jimi is on 445 gr!! and Tibby on 339 gr.

Tibby’s foot was still swollen but not as bad as before – difficult to say as these parts are so small. Could it be simply lymph fluid which will probably take some time to dissolve? And the greyish colour has become less grey somehow. I will try to take a photo but it may not be visible.

Tibby also had the front toes down from time to time – so I assumed this was a good sign as well.

Jimi was doing fine but today he did not feel so very well I think. Maybe the PMV is returning because his poops were very spaguetti-like again.

4/1   Tibby continued to take her course of antibiotics. It was day 4 now from planned 7.

Jimi scratched off the left part of his nose where all the tiny feathers were hanging around!!! The skin is quite raw still of course and red but now he looks nearly like Jimi again. What a relief – everything is growing back where it belongs….

4/3   The swelling on Tibby’s foot has gone down completely now and she is such a brave and sweet patient. She already exercised on her injured leg and tried to stand on it as often as possible. How do you find that? Tomorrow I will give her a larger box so that she can move around better and stretch her wings. I won’t let her out of her box yet though because I think it might be too early.
I think that her progress is astonishingly quick. I am quite amazed about that and very happy of course.

4/4   Pina is off her eggs and heavily cuddling with Rudi.

Yippee – it is Tibby’s last day on antibiotics – now there is nearly normal life again. Her constitution is amazingly strong and healthy. I think I need not even put her on pro-biotic – the joghurt she has in her breakfast from time to time is sufficient.

4/5   Tibby is vandalizing her box. Poor little Tibby – she does not understand that I cannot let her out with her broken foot yet. It is much too early and the bone must grow stronger first before I can let her out of her box. It must be awfully boring to be in “prison” for the whole day.

4/6   Micky is off her plaster eggs and cuddling with Gino again.

Made Pina’s nest new – threw out all the old stuff, moss, cardboard stripes etc. After it was newly made she flew immediately to the closet to check it out whether I have done everything correctly. She is such a control freak – LOL!!

4/7   Still awful weather – cold, dark – not a great basis for recovery. Jimi therefore is as depressed as I am. He must have vomitted yesterday evening – probably I fed him too much. His digestion is a bit slow again – I should have skipped his supper. I think he has a full PMV relapse again – no wonder after his terrible adventure. Poor little Jimi 😥

Rudi and Pina had their bathing day and did enjoy it. At least two pijjies were happy. Tibby is very quiet today but she is standing on her broken leg. This is also a kind of exercise. I think her leg will mend completely again.

4/8   Pina laid her first egg #79.  Again it was perfect!

4/9   Micky laid her first egg #19. Emily got some BeneBac, Pina , Jimi and Tibby got some extra vitamins.



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