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June 16, 2013

Jimi’s Fight, his Injuries and a new Patient: Tibby with a broken Foot (Tarsometatarsus)

From the

Diary as of 3/23 – 3/29/2013

3/23   I am still washing Jimi’s face every day either with chamomille tea or with warm water and some Bach Flower Rescue drops in it to soften all the hard crusts and support the healing process. I cut off the parts with a little scissors which have come loose but do not fall off yet because I am fearing that it might itch and then he could scratch too much and cause some bleeding. But so far everything went well. Jimi has also started to use his beak for preening in the meanwhile – he could not do this for several days – so everything goes into the right direction.

His complete cere came off and beneath you can see the new skin. It looks terrifying though that raw new skin but it will heal beautifully. The pictures prove how bad the injury really was. And what you cannot see in these pics how many holes full of pus he had in the skin underneath his lower beak:


It was a miracle that there was no injury at all to his eyes.

I have thought a lot about where Jimi’s injuries might have come from and I don’t think it was something else than another pigeon. I have seen other pigeons fighting, heavily, beak into beak. The tips are very sharp and CAN cause holes and those injuries Jimi had. Especially when they are strong males and fight with all their power. You know how possessive they are with their nests. I think if it had been another animal he would have shown other injuries on his body, puncture wounds, missing feathers etc. But his body was strangely okay – not even a feather broken.

Thankfully all our other pijjies are in good shape despite the crazy weather and temperature drops and snow etc. I am really really glad about this.

3/25  You may not believe this but we have another patient:  a new pigeon (Tibby) with a broken leg or rather foot!

She is a small pigeon with the tarsus broken right in the middle (wrongly assumed it was the tibia – therefore we called her Tibby). I was totally in panic because I had to deal with something new and where I do not really have experience besides treating once a broken toe. A broken foot is something completely different as the bird needs to stand and walk on it again.

The injury seemed to be fresh, it was bleeding a bit so I just poured hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) over it for disinfection and in order to stop the bleeding. Waiting then for the part to dry up I applied some Neosporin (an antibiotic ointment)  with a q-tip. After that I used a layer of band-aid to cover the wound and then used some shortened matches to stabilize the broken part, adding some more band-aid. I could only hope that I got the bone in the right place and that it would heal properly. Oh my – I did not know what to do else. I was so lost…

3/26   Our new patient, Tibby, seemed to do quite okay. She had a quiet night, drank some water and even ate some seeds. Her foot was warm not cold but not hot as with an inflammation.  This also meant that the blood circulation was okay. Hopefully the feeling in her toes would return too. Her toes were limp of course – but that was no wonder with this injury.

Maggie laid her first egg#17 – and as usual a perfect one.

And in addition to this all – this is how our balcony looked like on 26th March – temperature: -3° C. The coldest March since centuries they say…. NO COMMENT!



3/27   My friend Teresa told me that a clean tibia/tarsus break would heal beautifully in about 3 weeks and recommended to take off the matches and give her another week to practise walking on it, so that she could put more and more of her bodyweight on the leg. Then Tibby would be ready for release! That’s faster than many string injuries.  This is really true!!! To support her healing and growing new bone I gave her Calcivet.

Was weighing day for Jimi again: 420 gr which is quite okay for him.

Emily laid her first egg #108. And as usual it was looking creepy. But it came out in one piece.

3/28   Tibby is doing great. Her look is very clear and alert and although she is such a small pigeon – she has a lot of power and constantly tries to escape when she smells a chance.
The foot still seems to be okay and when I feel her leg above the break it looks totally okay – no swelling, no discolouring.

I feel so sorry for her because she is in her box for the whole day but I cannot let her hop around outside – she could hurt herself even more… She can watch tv though and can listen to music for the whole day and she can hear Jimi and the others outside. But still – I feel very sorry for her.

Maggie laid her second egg #18.

3/29   Emily laid her second egg #109. Thank heaven it is over for now – till the next time.

I was very worried this morning about Tibby’s foot. Her toes looked swollen and on the upper side there was a spot where the skin was somewhat greyish and also it felt a bit soft. According to my friend’s advice I put Tibby on antibiotics today just to make sure that no inflammation would take place.

I cut the bandage a tiny bit open. I think I made it too tight for fear that she would tear on it and get it loose. Tomorrow I will make a new bandage – then I will see how her foot looks like. Oh my – what a mess. I also poured some DMSO on her foot – that will take care of the pain if she has any and hopefully kill the bacteria also if there are any…




  1. Glad Jimi and Tibby doing so well with your loving care. I always enjoy reading your blog, and look forward to the next one. I have a new arrival – a young pigeon with only one leg, goodness knows what happened to the other one, but he is coping well. You can find me at http://faithsdoves2.blogspot.co.uk if you are interested.

    Comment by anniefaith — June 16, 2013 @ 8:08 pm | Reply

  2. It amazes me again and again how these birds are able to cope with the worst injuries. They are incredibly brave ❤

    Comment by pigeonwriter — July 7, 2013 @ 9:34 am | Reply

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