Pigeon Tales

May 29, 2013

Jimi is on the Way to Recovery: Preening and Singing

From the

Diary as of 3/17 – 3/22/2013

3/17   Today we weighed Jimi: 443 gr. And now I can say that he is definitely on the way to recovery because he started to breathe normally again. Today he even greeted Pina when she came into the bedroom while he was perching at the window and watching the others outside. You can imagine what a relief this is to me after all these worries. I could not sleep any more, was in tears now and then and my nerves were on the verge of cracking down, especially as I had no access to internet and could not have called for help even. But now the worst is over.

I can only guess what has happened. Jimi probably went back to his old home and found it occupied of course. He must have fought terribly and I really do not want to know what happened to his opponent. Jimi is a very large bird as you know and the fight must have been about life or death. Simply terrible. I don’t know how he managed to come home but if he had not made it home with his last energy he would have been dead by now for sure.

He cannot eat on his own and not drink. I was not able to take a photo of him – I was too shocked – he looked only like a little bundle of misery. My poor baby. Not at all like the big proud pigeon I have photographed and painted so often. He was very depressed for several days. But when he started to give me wing slaps and was wiggling I knew he would recover again. He is a strong bird. I am sure now. It is only a matter of time and loving care…

3/18   Jimi is still on antibiotics but definitely improving continuously. I am so relieved.

3/19   Jimi’s mouth is still very delicate and I hate to be forced to feed him. But there is no other way to keep him alive. If he would not eat he would die. Very simple.

3/20   Today was Jimi’s last portion of Baytril. I decided to stop it now. There was still some minor part at his beak where there might be a rest of inflammation but I thought it was healing nevertheless. I did not want to give him more antibiotics unnecessarily. His immune system should now do its work.

Jimi even started to preen himself a bit again standing on his favourite perch at the window. He could not do this at all before – probably because it was too painful.



3/21   Today I started Jimi on pro-biotics and he had his calcium again.

3/22   Jimi is definitely on the way to recovery and I think he is doing quite okay in the meanwhile. Feeding him still gives me the creeps because of the delicacy of his beak. His complete cere and part of his beak came off now – underneath is new skin but still very raw. Under his lower beak is still some pus stuff but I think this will come off soon also. He is still neither eating nor drinking – so feeding him continues to be essential.

He is incredibly brave. Finally he is making noises again and also is incredibly sweet. When I am on the balcony and bowing to him while he is perching on the other side of the window on his stone he wiggles with his wing. He has never done that before. I just love him so much…



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