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May 18, 2013

Jimi’s Release and Return with awful Injuries and near to Death

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From the

Diary as of 3/6 – 3/8/2013

3/6   Today Jimi decided to leave short after 2 °clock. I weighed him in the morning before feeding him: he had 438 gr – so nearly the weight he had when he came to us. He then had a good breakfast, ate some seeds later on and when he was still not eager to leave I told him that he had time until 3 °clock to leave otherwise I would not release him today. But then, when the others came for their lunch Jimi left. I was a bit sad but also happy for him that he was doing so well again. You probably know these kinds of mixed feelings.

3/7   Anxiously I waited this morning for Jimi to appear to get his breakfast. And then – I was on the balcony around 10 °clock, cleaning as usual – I heard some flattering behind one of the large planting containers I have on the balustrade and when I looked I saw a bloody (literally) face of a grey pigeon who desperately tried to land on the balustrade. I immediately removed the appropriate container, hardly recognizing Jimi but knew instantly that he tried to land with his very last energy. He literally crawled to the water pot, drank some water, cleaning off a bit of the blood that was on his face and cere. I called him in, he flew inside and went straight into our bedroom to his usual place at the window. I let him sit for a while to catch some peace.

Later we examined him: he had major injuries in his face, his cere was totally bloody, looked as if someone had tried to chew it off, his beak was severely injured – later I realized that it had several cracks, his “chin” , the skin under his lower beak had some holes (which I also realized only later) and he must have had other minor injuries as well but which I could not see for the moment. I was in total shock as you can imagine.

While my partner held him, I cautiously cleaned his face with warm water to see better what was wrong, then poured some peroxide over his cere and beak which was not so comfortable for him of course. Thank heaven his eyes were okay – no injuries there. After his face was dry again I dripped some propolis on his beak to “glue” the cracks on his beak (this seemed to me the most important at the moment), carefully trying to avoid getting the stuff into his nostrils. It was painful for him but I had to do it. Poor Jimi – he was very brave. Then we put him in his box in the bedroom to give him peace. He seemed to be quite okay now.

In the early evening I took him out again to give him some food. The problem was that his face and especially the area around his beak was so swollen that I hardly could get the tube into his mouth but somehow I managed and Jimi was very brave again. Once I had the tube inside it slipped quite easily down – this was a blessing because I knew then that I could feed him at least.

During the night I checked on him several times but he seemed to be quite okay. The next morning I checked his wounds again, made some chamomille tea and gave him careful face wash. His mouth was still terribly swollen and he could not really open his beak – so I could not check what injuries he had inside. I repeated this procedure for the next few days. I also put some Bach Flower cream on his cere and the area around his beak to help the tissue to soften a bit because all the skin and tissue had turned into some very hard stuff. This must have caused a lot of additional pain. Other than that he tried to relax in his box, stayed inside although I left the lid open. I was so worried.

3/8   Micky and Pina are both off their plaster eggs. They do that often at the same time. Sometimes I have the feeling that they arrange their laying eggs and leaving them again. Very funny.

Jimi is doing quite okay under these circumstances. He is sleeping a lot which is good. But each time when I have to feed him I am very worried about hurting him further. He still cannot really open his beak and I always try to open it just that much that I can push the tube inside. Poor Jimi – it is depressing to see him like that. He must be in pain really. I do my best to soothe this for him.

no photos today



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  1. Poor Jimi – how awful! I wonder what happened to him? Maybe he flew into something. I hope on the next update to find him much better.

    Comment by anniefaith — May 18, 2013 @ 8:50 pm | Reply

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