Pigeon Tales

May 12, 2013

Rudi and Pina had a Bath, Jimi ate 90 Peas

From the

Diary as of 2/23 – 3/5/2013

2/23   It is still very cold and below zero during the day but the pijjies feel something – were going crazy today.

Jimi continues to improve and I played with him the spider game again. He continues to behave less distant. What a sweetie. Fed him defrosted peas for lunch so that he has some fresh greens.

2/25   Gave Jimi Calcivet again – this should help him with his development.

2/26   Maggie laid her first egg #15. Jimi continues to improve. We have to be very patient though.

2/27   Emily laid her first egg #106 and it was awful as usual. But at least it came out in one piece.

2/28   Jimi ate 90 peas in the evening! Oh my!!!

Maggie laid her second egg #16 – it was perfect as usual.

3/1   Jimi continues to increase his weight and I am very happy about this:  429 gr now.

Emily laid her second egg which is #107 now. Well – as awful as always but now she has peace again for a while and me too.

3/2   Nothing special besides that Jimi slowly indicates that he will be ready soon to go.

3/4   It’s bathing day again: Rudi and Pina had a wonderful bath today. Apparently it was necessary – lol. Pina could hardly wait to jump into the warm water and Rudi followed immediately. The both splished splashed full-heartedly so that even the carpet got some bath as well – will dry again…

Jimi ate 90 peas for supper again!!!

3/5   Today Gino got his bath and he enjoyed it thoroughly. What a joy to watch him. He is such a clown and you can clearly see and hear when he is happy.

Tomorrow will be the big day for Jimi’s release when the weather is fine. This afternoon he showed us that he had power again and was able to take difficult flight maneuvres by landing on the top of the bookshelf. Also he  “told” us that he wanted to leave by using his voice often and looking out of the window with that longing in his eyes. Again I told him in the evening before I gave him his good night kiss and when I held him tight to come back immediately when he was feeling bad again. I will miss him so very much but I hope that he will come every day again to get his meals here and say hello.





  1. Nice pics! I am surprised Jimi did not turn into a pea!

    Comment by posttraumaticcommuter — May 16, 2013 @ 3:50 pm | Reply

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