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May 11, 2013

Pina is flying again, Jimi is out of his Box and All have their big Bathing Day

From the

Diary as of 2/2 – 2/22/2013

2/2   Pina is her old self again btw and flying out again and Micky is doing better as well. She is still stargazing but not flying like a kamikaze any more. So there is light at the end of the tunnel as well.

Only Emma still gives me heartaches still. Her first egg 2 days ago was awful again, but it came out as a whole at least, the second egg was a bit better and had a stronger shell. If she only would stop laying eggs! But as long as high doses of Calcivet help her it is okay for me and apparently for her as well. I do not consider an implant for her nor any hormones as these have side effects and are not really recommendable if the egg laying problems can be kept under control. Other than laying thin-shelled eggs Emmily is very lively and healthy and gives Gino a lot of slaps when he is behaving  too naughty.

Gino is the typical papagallo – he is after ANY girl but somehow Pina and Emily are very special magnets for him and I don’t know really why. Each time Gino tries to get close to one of the both ladies he receives only heavy wing slaps. Maybe he is addicted to S&M???

2/3   It was weighing day day for Jimi today again. Need a lead to be able to check his weight – he had 443 gr – so he did not really loose weight.

2/4   Jimi is doing quite okay. His poops are still looking bad but this will certainly change with time to the better.

2/5   Today I mounted the mosquito net in the bedroom and put Jimi’s box behind it. So he had more freedom to move when he wanted to stretch himself. He was very pleased about it. The net also served as a protection against wild Gino and Micky. This way they could roam the bedroom but Jimi had his peace and was not bothered.

2/6   I think Jimi is looking forward to leave his box each morning in the meanwhile. He does not look so depressed any more and even likes the company of Micky and Gino. When Micky comes alone he even tolerates her presence:


2/7   Jimi is making progress each day – just a tiny step forward each time. In the meanwhile he loves to sit on the box near the large Buddha figure – and Lord Buddha smiles. He is totally satisfied when he has his peace and can listen to the music we leave on for him for the whole day. This way he does not feel so alone when we are not here.


2/8   Jimi is doing quite okay now. He loves to be out of his box and sit where he can watch everything that is going on. It is much better for his mood not to be “hospitalized” any more.

2/9   Gino and Micky are doing a lot of nonsense while they are in coupling mode: using my fruit baskets as nest:


2/10   Today was bathing day. Oh HOW they needed it all. First Rudi and Pina got their bath in the living room. It is always so funny when they hardly can wait to jump into the water. I just had the empty green bath tub on the floor when Pina already jumped into it, looking totally disappointed because there was no water yet. Finally the warm water came and splish splash, half of the living room was already underwater.

Was weighing day for Jimi again: he has 438 gr – not too bad for a sick pijjie!

While Rudi and Pina were taking their bath in the living room I prepared another one for Micky and Gino in the bedroom. When Jimi saw this he was so eager to take a bath as well that he desperately tried to escape through the mosquito net – so I opened it. As a true gentleman he waited until Micky and Gino had finished their bath and then he jumped in and got really soaked:


And after the big bath they had their chilling time – first Rudi and Pina on the old sofa in the living room – how sweet are they?


And then Gino and Micky chilled in our bedroom:


2/12   Micky laid her first egg #15 today and as usual it was perfect.

2/13   Pina laid her first egg #74 today also. So these both girl seem to have an appointment. And of course hers was perfect as well.

2/14   Micky laid her second egg #16. Now she can relax again in her house. No more nervousness and running around like a nut and being chased by Gino. Good for her and good for us.

Gave Jimi Calcivet today to help him with his PMV relapse.

2/15   Pina laid her second egg #75. So she can relax now also. Peace for everyone!

Weighing day for Jimi again: he has lost some weightand is now on 415 gr. I am not too worried about this but have to go back to feeding more again. You see it is very important to constantly check weight on sick pijjies even if you have the feeling everything is okay. It might not be.

2/16   We have two new squeakers: Ronny and Sunny – the kiddos of Sandy and Adele:


2/20   Emily is off her plaster eggs and I have to get her back on intense Calcivet. Oh my – hopefully this time it will be better with the eggs but I fear not.

2/21   It is weighing day for Jimi again and to my joy he has increased his weight again a bit: 423 gr. That’s the right direction.

2/22   Nothing special.




  1. WELL once again these Tales have made me so very happy, and I will smile for the rest of the day!!! The pictures are wonderful, especially seeing Jimi feeling a lot better- LOVE him perched on Buddha!!!!! Sending love to you Petra,and to your family and gratitude for all that you do- and of course top of feathered head kisses to the FLOCK !!!!! ❤

    Comment by Donna Smith — May 12, 2013 @ 8:54 pm | Reply

    • Hello Sweetheart you are making me smile also. Your comments are always so heartwarming! Thank you Donna and many kisses back to your feathered angels!!!

      Comment by pigeonwriter — May 18, 2013 @ 3:57 pm | Reply

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