Pigeon Tales

March 6, 2013

Noisy Night, no-fly for Pina and Rudi and celebrating Gino’s Birthday

From the

Diary as of 1/1 – 1/14/2013

1/1   The night was terribly noisy. I checked on the birds several times during the evening – they could not sleep of course. Gino was very nervous. In order to avoid that he flew off in panic when the worst would start I took him in after 8 pm. I put him in his box and placed him nest to Rudi on the sofa in the living room. Now my sweet little boy was safe and could sleep in peace and I as well without having to check every 5 minutes. All the others sleeping on the balcony were used to the awful noise and did not care really.

1/2   Again Pina as well as Rudi refused to fly out. I don’t understand why. I don’t think it is the construction site opposite of our building because the birds should be used to it in the meanwhile. Even Gino tried to stay inside as long as possible these days before Rudi was having the crisis and tried to “beat” him up. It is so funny to see how Gino tries to provoke Rudi all the time by dancing in front of him and “making faces”. At least it looks like this…

1/3   The weather is quite cool again but still no frost. Still neither Rudi nor Pina want to fly out.  Even Woody stayed inside for at least half an hour, as well as Lucky. Strange. I have no explanation. It cannot really be the temperature because they can cope with worse. But apparently they love to be inside from time to time to enjoy peace and warmth.

1/4   Another day where neither Rudi nor Pina wanted to fly out. I could understand why Pina was reluctant to leave the appartment as long as she was stargazing because she might have felt insecure. But I don’t understand why Rudi wanted to stay inside as well – maybe simply solidarity and emphasis for his wife…

1/5   Today Jimi did not show up for breakfast/lunch. This was the first time since his recovery from PMV 3 years ago that he missed his meal. It could be though that he appeared on the balcony while we were having our nap and he lost patience to wait for me any longer. My poor baby!

1/6   This morning I was totally hysterical and in tears because Jimi still did not show up. I already thought that he had decided to go somewhere else and I would not see him ever again. Stupid me – late in the afternoon – who appeared on the balcony? JIMI!!! Oh my, there must have been an earthquake from the bump the huge rock made when it fell off my heart. No my whole world was totally okay again. And Jimi spent even some time inside…


here you can see the lump in his chest from the tumor


Pina and Jimi – Pina loves her uncle…


Pina – my sweet one


Jimi and Pina dozing off a bit…



1/7   Micky was heavily stargazing today. It looked terrible when she had her little head between her legs. Strange thing was that she was doing fine otherwise. She continued to fly like a little devil and she was eating well. But at the moment she spends most of her time inside, sitting on the closet or in the bedroom listening to classic music. Apparently she needs the peace and I let her of course. With her symptoms I rather have her inside than outside.

1/8   Micky is down from her nest – which is quite late, 2 weeks over – and cuddling with Gino again.  I am glad when she takes longer pauses between laying because this is another stress of course for her. Especially as she is still heavily stargazing. New stress for her now while Gino is chasing her around. So I am glad when they both come inside and spend lots of time on their favourite perching place on the bookshelf in our bedroom. There Micky can find peace.

1/9   I wonder whether these PMV relapses are happening due to crazy weather changes. There must be also a reason why it rather affects the girls and not the boys. I have never seen Jimi with any symptoms ever again. Also I think it might become rather bad for those who have been very young when they were infected. Apparently this damned virus damages more in a young bird than in an adult one. That’s at least my observation.

1/10   Emily’s breeding cycle should be over soon also. I wonder for how long she will prolongate this time. I hope she will stay on the nest for a longer time. Currently she gets Calcivet 3x a week and other than her ongoing problems with the eggs she seems to be totally healthy. She eats with great appetite and loves to fly around when the weather is okay and joins even the flock sometimes when she is not on the nest.

Pina left her eggs today and is together with Rudi all the time again.

1/11   Cleaned off Pina’s nest and removed the eggs.

1/12   The weather has become very cold again. The temperatures stay below freezing and the pijjies are very hungry. I wonder wether this may be an additional reason for Micky’s heavy stargazing.

Feeding the gang several times a day…


only a few of them – but how orderly!!! lol

1/13   We celebrate Gino’s birthday today although we do not know exactly when he crawled out of his egg. He was about 4-6 weeks old when he came to us midth of February last year as a totally emaciated baby that could hardly fly. So we decided to give him his birthday party today on the 13th because this was a lucky day for him and for us also because he is such a wonderful personality.

1/14   Micky laid her first egg #13 and it was perfect. As usual.




  1. How is everybody? We are missing Pigeon Tales! Hope all well. Laura Harmour, pigeon person Surrey England

    Comment by posttraumaticcommuter — April 16, 2013 @ 3:54 pm | Reply

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