Pigeon Tales

March 5, 2013

“Sick” Pigeon was not really sick, Rudi bumped his Foot again and the usual Chaos

From the

Diary as of 12/25 – 12/31/2012

12/25   This morning I put the box with the “sick” pigeon  in front of the open balcony door (after I had checked during the night several times to see whether he had still sysmptoms – but there was nothing) and opened the box to see what would happen. Our “patient” jumped on the edge of the box and then flew off. Wow! That was it! Oh my – what a quickie. I was very happy of course and quite puzzled. The poops he had left during the night  showed no signs of sickness at all.

In the early afternoon Gino came in again to get his supper and he stayed inside again. Apparently he wanted to spend the evening and night with us again. What a sweetie.

Maggie laid her first egg# 11.

12/26   Rudi has bumped his bad foot again – he was limping. Checking him out I could not detect anything at all. I cut his nails but he neither had any injuries nor were his pads revealing any pressure spots. BTW – the nail he had ripped out a while ago – remember? – is actually growing again. It comes out quite coarse and much thicker than the normal ones but it is a real nail. I only need to cut it once a month when it becomes too long. Due to the malposition of most of his toes they do not get used off as usual with a bird so I have to help him before he gets stuck somewhere again.

Today Gino spent the night outside. I have no explanation why he wanted to stay with us during Xmas although the temperatures were mild other than he wanted to tell us how much he loved us!!! What an incredibel bird. I love him soooooo much.

Emma laid her second egg #103. Same as the first one, undamaged but the shell very rough. But I am satisfied that she did not have any problems laying. I don’t think though that she will ever have normal eggs again.

12/27   Today in the early afternoon Gino came in as usual after Micky took over her turns on the plaster eggs, went straight to his food bowl in our bedroom and then – instead of flying to his favourite perch on the bookshelf he made himeself convenient on our bed like a little bunny again. Just like he did often when we had him inside still in February as a baby. He looked so incredibly sweet, his eyes closing from time to time and in between he watched tv together with us. Later he went out again to spend the night on the balcony in his hanging pot. What a bird!!!


exactly like this again – Gino playing Easter bunny

Maggie laid also her second egg #12. Both her eggs were perfect.

12/28   The day was ugly – much rain and the temperatures were a bit lower than the past days. The pijjies were hungry.

Today Sandy tried to spend the night on the balcony again and I had to shoo him away as he brings a lot of noise with him: our balcony residents do not like pigeons on the balcony who do not belong there and are making a lot of noise then – especially Gino is getting the crisis. It simply adds too much stress so I have to shoo him away.

12/29   I am worried about our birds because of the noise these rocket idiots make already from time to time. I hate New Year’s eve and the all the craziness going on. Does anyone think about the consequences this has for all the poor creatures including the pets?  I think I will keep Gino inside in the night of the 31rst.

Bathing day for Gino and Pina.

12/30   Today it was quite windy but sunny and mild for December. In the morning only a few pigeons came to take their breakfast here. They preferred to fly around. In the early afternoon Gino also decided to go on a flying trip with a large group of pigeons and it got later and later. Dusk arrive and I was getting more and more nervous about the little bugger. But finally, it was already 5 pm and nearly dark, he appeared on the balcony, without his usual aw-eeh aw-eeh, went straight into our bedroom to his food bowel. I was really mad at him because he had given me nearly a nervous breakdown but of course I was extremely happy that he came back safely.
He did not eat much and went out again to his sleeping pot. He seemed a bit sheepish as if he knew quite well what he had caused me – LOL. But who could earnestly be angry about this little bugger???

12/31   Pina is still reluctant to go out. She has become very timid and still stargazes from time to time. I am sure one day this will improve again. My poor baby – she loved to fly around so very much but now – on the other hand – I am glad she rather stays inside for her own security.

Gino came in this morning and had a ravenous appetite – I assume from his adventures yesterday. Now Micky is sitting on the bookshelf and enjoys the classical music. And we are waiting for the things and noise to come…

Happy New Year



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