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February 28, 2013

Snow in the City, Gino remembers his Trauma and a new sick Pigeon on Xmas Eve?

From the

Diary as of 12/12 –  12/24/2012

12/12   Wonderful winter landscape outside: much snow and full sun!!! It is so beautiful and very rare for Munich. We went out for 2 hours, photographing!


12/13   It is quite cold during the day: -6°C. Outside the city the temps even went down below -12°C which is quite cold for December. We decided to stay inside although the sun was still shining. In the afternoon Gino came inside and did not want to go outside again. He went straight away to his favourite place high on the book shelf besides the motorcycle helmet and stayed there. So I prepared his box for the night. Apparently he thought it was too cold for him to spend the night outside so he preferred to stay with us. What a clever little guy.

Micky is much braver but then she has Casa Gino all for herself as she layed her first egg# 11.

12/14   Again Gino came inside to sleep in his box. Apparently he thinks it is still too cold outside. He probably has also bad memories about last winter. No wonder he hardly survived the last one. So sweet that he apparently remembers everything and that Mommy saved his life.

12/15   Our little majesty Prince Gino is sleeping at Hotel Mama again. This little bugger discovered the convenience of having a warm safe box inside with fresh bed linen again instead of a stinky (from his own poops!) hanging planting pot outside on a drafty balcony with all those riffs-ruffs also sleeping there like a bunch of homeless beggars. And in the morning he will get up, well-rested, after a splendid breakfast, ready to visit his royal wife Micky outside in Casa Gino and bid her a good morning. And then he will be ready for the day and court every lady who is unfortunate enough to be near. What a brat!!! We love him sooooooo much!!!

Micky laid her second egg# 12   and Pina is still stargazing and NOT laying. She and Rudi though were on a nice flying trip today after they have not been outside for a week!

Emma is finally off her plaster eggs. This is 1 1/2 weeks later than usual which is good because longer pauses between laying is essential for her and gives her body more peace.

12/16   The weather continues to be crazy – within 3 days the temps jumped from -10°C to 7 °C. This really knocks you off and the pijjies too. You can see that they suffer from these jumps as well. I only hope that this does not trigger another wave of sickness as it often does.

12/19   Finally Pina has laid her first egg #70. It is perfect. Everything is okay and I am sooooo relieved.

12/20   Today Maggie should have laid but apparently she is delaying too. Good for her.

12/21   Today we had to take Robby (a youngster still – 5-6 months old) inside because s/he (still not sure) had canker. I am sure because of the crazy weather. Especially the young ones who do not have their immune system completely built up yet can become  victims of weather stress. He was behaving the common way – a bit listless, rather reluctant to fly around, puffed up, prefering to stay on the balcony on his sleeping perch. I already thought that there was something wrong a few days before but did not want to overdo it with medication but when I discovered that he had vomitted during the night I caught him when he came inside for feeding.

After I had checked him I discovered the common leasions in his reddened mouth and gave him immediately a Spartrix. The next morning he was definitely feeling much better and demanded to be let out. So I decided just to give him another Spartrix and let him free. During the day he came in several times, ate with great appetite. The next day we could not detect a single sign of sickness. He was flying around, ate like a piggy and was happy. I was so glad about his quick recovery.
The Spartrix works really well when you react immediately – especially on younger birds. It is awesome how it helps within hours, especially when they are still strong and have not lost too much weight (essential). If you wait for too long though the strength of the birds deteriorates very quicky and Spartrix does not work equally well and you need additional meds such as Metronidazole.

Pina laid her second egg # 71.

12/22   Robby is doing very well – there is no relapse and he is eating as usual. So this was really a quick healing.

12/23   There won’t be white Christmas again – the temperatures are up to beyond 10 °C. Instead you get some sort of early spring feeling. I don’t mind at all.

12/24   In the afternoon of Xmas Eve I heard a turmoil on the balcony and went out. There was a pigeon lying on his back and desperately trying to get up, twisting his head all the time, while others badly attacked him. I grabbed the poor pigeon immediately and brought him in. Of course my first thought was PMV and I was really mad. Xmas Eve and another sick pigeon and that potentially for weeks!!! What a mess.

I put him in one of my hospital boxes and covered it with a dark cloth to give him some time to calm down. After a few hours we took him out and I checked him for any injuries and symptoms for salmonella etc. But I could not find anything at all. So I put him back into his box – he had something to eat and drink in there. I checked a few times but he was standing completely calm on his perch, no seizures, no stargazing any more. No signs of PMV. This was a relief. So I thought  that this pigeon probably had some sort of trauma – either some predator had tried to get him or he had flewn into something. During the night I checked a few times but he was completely calm.

In the early afternoon Gino came in as usual together with the others to get his supper. After he had fed himself he flew to his favourite perch on the bookshelf and indicated that he wanted to stay for the night. So I prepared his box for the night. What a sweet bird – he wanted to stay with his mom and dad for Christmas Eve. We were truly moved.

Emily laid her first egg #102 today. The shell was rough but undamaged.



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