Pigeon Tales

February 24, 2013

Lucky and Gino are going mental and Pina has a PMV Relapse

From the

Diary as of 12/1 – 12/11/2012

12/1   Sandy comes in each day for feeding and he is behaving as usual – totally normal, bossy, chases the ladies. I think his wound will heal all by itself and I am not going to do anything.

12/2   Pina left her plaster eggs and has fun with Rudi.

12/3   Was quite sunny today but cold. Rudi and Pina took a nice flight together. I just love it to observe them when they fly together – looks so beautiful. Pina is always leading and Rudi has to be careful that he is not left behind – lol. Pina is a real racer and the most funny thing  about her is that she always spies on me whether I watch her when she is doing her acrobatic tricks. I can see how she always looks in my direction as if she wants to say – “Hey Mommy – do you see what I can do?” What a show boater!!! I am sooooo proud of her.

12/4   Pina and Rudi had a long splishy splashy bath while we were shopping. Half of the carpets were wet despite the towels I always put on the floor – but who cares. They will dry again quickly. Afterwards they enjoyed their “dry out” together in the little flat basket with the kitchenpaper on the shelf by the window. Best place for peeping on all the other pijjies outside on the balcony…

Had 11!!! pigeons sleeping on the balcony tonight. That’s too many because Lucky and Gino are going mental about the intruders and there is a lot of noise on balcony. Not good at all. Don’t want to alert any neighbours… Were Loki and Lotti besides others who spent the night here. They have to go home the next time.

12/5   Loki (the former crop rupture – you can read about it here) and Lotti tried again to sleep on our balcony but this is not tolerable. As I said already – too much noise and I have to be careful because of the neighbours. I understand why they all want to come here but – alas – this is not possible.

12/6   Jimi still has his body tumor and I can do nothing about it. My poor little baby. It hurts me when I see him every day with this lump on his chest. He seems not to bother about it though.

12/7   Emma is still on extra Calcium and I think she will be until the end of her life. I wished she would stop laying eggs entirely but nature apparently has different plans. I don’t like this. If I only knew how old our Emily is…

12/9   Pina is due to lay and she went to her nest on the closet but she did not lay. Maybe tomorrow.

Today was quite sunny again and Gino and Micky were nejoying the sun. Look at the happy little buggers:


Gino – the MAN!


12/10   Pina and Rudi are still together in mating mode and Pina did not lay either. My poor girl is heavily stargazing again and is not feeling very well. I think she has a real PMV attack again and that is probably the reason why she does not lay eggs. I mean it is not a new infection but simply a relapse where the damage the virus caused probably in her brain is causing symptoms again. I think it is the crazy weather that keeps her off balance. I have observed this often. The same happens with humans. When the weather is going nuts so do the humans.

12/11   There is still no improvement regarding Pina’s stargazing. On the other hand she is playing a lot with me and she enjoys her time with Rudi. But this also means stress for her regarding mating time.

I gave her a warm bath today, hoping that this would relax her a bit but she is still not laying. There does NOT seem to be a problem with egg binding though as she is running around as usual and eating well. So we just have to be patient and sit this out.



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