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January 31, 2013

Pina and Micky lay strange Eggs, Emma lays Egg #100 and a new String Injury

From the

Diary as of 11/11 – 11/25/2012

11/11   Pina laid her first egg #68 – strange thing happened – the egg was quite small. Wonder whether this happened due to lack of calcium although this cannot be. Micky also laid her first egg #9 and it was also quite small. Strange incident I have never witnessed. But both girls doing the same? Looks like a conspiracy to irritate me.

11/12   Everything going as usual. I continue to watch Lucky closely. He seems to do well and the tossing of seed is becoming less. I am glad that I did not need to medicate him with the usual heavy stuff.

11/13   Pina laid her second egg#69. The second egg was normal size again. How strange indeed! And the funny thing is that Micky’s second egg #10 was bigger as well although their difference was not as big as those from Pina. What is happening here???

Here is the proof:


Pina’s strange eggs – look at the difference!

11/14   Emma abandoned her plaster eggs and is cuddling heavily with Lucky again.

11/15   3 new squeakers have learned to cope with the mobbing finally. I always feel sorry when they are treated so badly by all the others but this is unfortunately the rough educational program by Mother Nature. Only when it is getting too rough for my taste I separate them from the attacking pij. I always fear that they could be injured. That that can happen with dangerous consequences I have experienced unfortunately with my beloved Pina and her brother Peppi. Pigeons are not always the birds of love!!! Pina and Peppi have been attacked IN THEIR NEST on the balcony by a foreign pigeon and I nearly came too late to save them. You can read about this horrible story in this post and the following thereafter.

11/17   Lucky still tosses seed from time to time but it has improved greatly. So I spare him getting caught at the moment for any treatment but watching him closely for any relapse.

Maggie is off her plaster eggs as well and Emma is sleeping in her little nest – the cardboard box.

11/18   Emma laid her first egg#100! and it was normal with a strong shell! I am so relieved.  But imagine the qunatity! A little bird like her has been laying 100 eggs – ouch – probably even more because I can count her eggs only since she’s been here on our balcony and that’S now since March 2008. The treatment with Calcivet finally seems to work. So I will continue to give her calcium 3x/week and in the week before laying (when she abandons her plaster eggs) I give her Calcivet daily until she lays the second egg.

11/19   Today I played with Gino again while he was sitting on his new house. He is still so sweet, the very same baby when he came to us to seek help. I think he has observed how I am playing with Pina therefore his playing with me is similar: I can stroke him and he attacks my fingers just for fun, very softly biting me (sometimes not so soft but rather like a carnivore!)  while he is looking at me with his big baby eyes, smiling. And then he is wiggling!!!! Oh my – I am always melting when he is doing this. He has not become a stranger although he now lives outside with his wife on the balcony.

11/20   Emma laid her second egg#101 – it was undamaged but I realized that the shell was a bit thinner than that of the first egg. But it was undamaged – so no problem for Emma. I wonder whether she will ever get back to normal calcium levels – I don’t think so. But as long as I can help her she will have my support.  She is such a sweet personality.

11/21   Worked on the balcony again to prepare the last plants for winter although we have quite mild temperatures still. The pijjies are watching me and try to interfere all the time – begging for food, very hungry.

Maggie is sitting on one of her nests – maybe she will be laying tonight as well. We will see.

Nearly forgot to say – had one of those “string injuries” again. A pigeon came in, Featherly, whose feet were bound together. A piece of those dreaded nets was bound around her toes and feet but thank heaven had not caused any swelling yet. In a few seconds I had cut her free and off she went for breakfast…

I should not be but every time when I had one of those pijjies in my hand for treatment I am amazed how quickly they go back to usual business = feeding from the pots. Although these are free living birds they don’t seem to be traumatized in any way. As if this were totally normal to be handled by a human. I am so grateful for this extraordinary experience and wished that all these bird and other animal haters could experience this. It would certainly change their lives and hearts.

11/22   Maggie laid her first egg#9 in her little nest underneath the balcony balustrade.

Today was big bathing day again. You can see all the photos below.

11/23   Pina slowly gets little spikes in her face. It has been a very long time now since she started the moult. I wonder why it always takes so long for her to develop new feathers. Could it be that the former PMV infection causes this?

11/24   Maggie laid her second egg#10. Her eggs are absolutely perfect. Nevertheless I have started to give her Calcivet also once per week just to make sure everything is going okay. Since she lives with her mate Woody on our balcony as well her breeding cycles have become shorter because I am exchanging her eggs for plaster eggs as well. So I give her extra calcium in order to avoid her getting problems.

11/25   Ugly day – cold and very wet. The pijjies are pooping allover the balcony and I have to clean it every hour. When I wait too long the mess won’t be better….


Chica, Pina, Emily and others


Chica and Maggie (mother)




Chica and Maggie (mother)


Beautiful Chica (Woodie’s last daughter)


Chica and Maggie


Chica and Maggie


Pina (left), Chica and Maggie


Chica and Maggie


Chica, Pina (right) and Maggie


Nermel (very cheeky)


Pina, Chica, Maggie and others


Pina, Chica, Maggie, Nermel and Emily


Pina, Chica, Maggie, Nermel, Woodie, Emily


Emily, Chica, Nermel, Maggie, Woodie (tail)


Chica, Emily, Nermel, Maggie


Emily, Chica, Maggie, Nermel


Nermel, Maggie, Emily, Chica, Pina


Nermel, Chica, Emily, Maggie and…



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