Pigeon Tales

January 16, 2013

Micky abandoned her Plaster Eggs and Gino is recovering quickly

From the

Diary as of 10/30 – 11/3/2012

10/30   Micky abandoned her eggs (were only plaster eggs anyway – so no harm done). This is better for her because then she can come in regularly for eating instead of sitting on the eggs and worrying about Gino.

Gave Gino his second Spartrix, Bene Bac (pro-biotic) and Propolis for his immune system. I realized that his mouth is not quite as red as before. I am still tubefeeding him.

10/31   As Gino has stopped vomiting entirely I decided to stop any further canker medication but instead gave him only Bene Bac and Propolis. I wanted to see whether his immune system was strong enough to fight the canker instead of weakening him further.

11/1   Gino is down on 284 gr but I am not too worried about this.

Gino is much better and on the way to recovery. During the night he made a lot of good poopies!!! So he just got another millet cereal with yoghurt, applesauce and propolis this morning and I let him out of his box again in our bedroom. Now Micky is with him together in the bedroom and they are grooming each other and enjoying classical music and peace. Yesterday already Micky stayed with Gino nearly for the whole day inside and I think this added a lot to his quick recovery. He has lost a lot of weight though and we need to foster him back up again. He’s never had much on his “ribs”. Just like Micky he is a delicate pijjie and I doubt he will ever become such a bull like Rudi.
I think I keep him inside today still because outside there will be stress again and the low temperatures are no good at all. But I am extremely happy that our little djungle boy is nearly the old one again. I very much missed his voice: quak quak – aw-ee aw-ee (like a donkey). He is so funny. This morning Gino and Rudi sang together while they were still in their sleeping boxes. Sooooo sweet and beautiful. <3 <3 <3

11/2   Gino had another millet cereal with Propolis and he is doing well.

11/3   Weighing day for Gino:  287 gr. Not much more but he is increasing his weight! So this is the day to let him out again.

It was interesting to watch how intelligent our little Gino is:  instead of flying around like crazy he stayed on the balcony and saved his energy to get used to “fresh air” again. What a clever little pigeon boy. So he slept outside for the first night again. Micky must have been incredibly happy.


Cuddling time again…






  1. Keep up the good work, you are doing a fantastic job! Laura, London

    Comment by Laura Harmour — January 16, 2013 @ 7:04 pm | Reply

  2. Petra I just read the latest ” addition” of Pigeon Tales and of course smiled the whole time!!! I am SO glad that Gino is feeling better , and had a nice ” take it easy ” day outdoors with his “love”…. I have to tell you that the 2 pictures following the story are the MOST BEAUTIFUl ones of them you’ve ever Posted !!!! The second one of her with her sweet little eyes closed, and Gino preening her head left me so touched. I wish I could Share it all over the world ( giving you credit of course ) . It is breathtaking, and peaceful and filled with love …. these birds are SO amazing !!!

    Comment by sixdoves3 — January 16, 2013 @ 10:31 pm | Reply

    • Oh Donna, I knew it was you. You are always writing so lovingly and sweet. Thanks for this wonderful and sweet comment again. The birds are the most important for you – aren’t they? My dear partner slowly thinks it’s the same for me – it is true – but don’t tell him. Oh my – one can get soooooooo addicted…

      Comment by pigeonwriter — January 17, 2013 @ 9:38 am | Reply

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