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December 30, 2012

Caught Jimi who has a large Body Tumor and new Eggs

From the

Diary as of 10/20 – 10/27/2012

10/20   Maggie has laid her first egg #7 in one of her little nest bowls right beneath the balustrade.

10/21   I caught Jimi today. He still has this huge tumor in his chest on his right side. It is a hard lump and must be very annoying. Sometimes I have the feeling he feels a bit clumsy with this thing. But what can I do? I gave him Calcivet for his moult and a propolis pellet for his immune system.  I wished I could catch him more often because of the propolis but he is such a sensitive bird and easily spooked. It took me several days to re-gain his trust so that he jumps on my knee to eat the sunflower hearts from my hand. He simply hates to be handled. It is very difficult with him. He is also such an intelligent bird. I tried to trick him with the propolis by adding it to a few sunflower hearts and mixed them with crashed peanuts in order to hide the taste and smell. But this worked only twice then he noticed what I had done and refused to eat the sunflower hearts as well as the peanuts.

I really don’t know what to do with his tumor besides waiting for this damned thing to fall off again. I also don’t understand why he continues to develop them. It is the 4th time now and each time they are getting bigger. I feel so helpless…

 10/22   Maggie laid her second egg#8 and Micky laid her first one #7. Both girls produce perfect eggs.

10/23   Weather is still quite warm although the forecast says that the temperatures will drop dramatically during the coming weekend. So the pijjies are all in good mood still.

10/24   Micky laid her second egg#8 and I exchanged the eggs of Maggie and Micky now before I forget about them.

10/25   Were driving to the forest  to get some moss before the snow comes. Best stuff for protecting not only the plants, but I dry it for the piegeon’s nest also. Emma loves it and it makes a perfect nest material for her large nest, inside as well as outside for perching on the roof. And when I stuff all empty planting pots and let the moss sit on top it stays green and adds a lot of colour to the otherwise grey concrete of the balcony as I hate it in wintertime.


Lucky drinking


this is how my balcony still looks like at this time of the year



the pot with the pigeon in it is always empty – it is a kind of landing spot…

10/26   I cannot believe it but the remaining plants have to come in – it starts snowing!!! Temperatures have dropped by about 23 degrees within 5 days. Awful.

10/27   It is freezing cold  – below zero now – and the pijjies are very hungry.



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  1. Your balcony looks wonderful! Poor pidgies in the freezing cold – hope the temperature rises soon.

    Comment by anniefaith — January 1, 2013 @ 7:31 pm | Reply

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