Pigeon Tales

December 29, 2012

Rudi is working on 2 Nests and Lady Emily is capricious

From the

Diary as of 10/1 – 10/19/2012

10/1   Everything as usual. I love to watch the pijjies when they are having their breakfast orgy. The small wooden foodbowels I provide for them makes it easy to them to access whatever they want to eat. Going from bowel to bowel is like walking alongside a buffet…

10/5   Thank God it’s Friday. It is always the best day of the week. So relaxed…

10/7   Pina is off her nest and has now time together with Rudi again. I love it when they are both together for the whole day. In the evening I bring them to bed (into their sleeping boxes) side by side. It is really sweet when Rudi looks through the handle hole to see his beloved Pina. And they both get a lullaby of course.

10/7   The pijjies are enjoying still the nice weather. Some are still moulting and Loki looks like an oldfashioned silhouette:


10/11   Rudi is building 2 nests this time and he is working like a berserk. Oh my – which one will she use?? Pina has become (or rather she always was) a real diva.

10/12   Pina and Rudi had 2 flying trips today. When they came home again Pina was panting a bit. Maybe she should train a bit more again???? I don’t understand these birdies who rather want to stay on the “couch” and play couch potatoes instead of flying outside. If I could fly….

10/13   Pina and Rudi had a wonderful warm bath together. I was not sure whether they would use it because it was quite dull outside and a cold wind blowing. But surprise surprise Rudi hardly couldn’t wait for the warm water and then Pina joined him. It was so funny to watch them both together again… I just love it when they splish splash heavily and have their joy. And afterwards I have to clean up the mess they are leaving behind. Oh my…

In the evening Principessa Pina went to her normal nest on the closet as I thought she would.

During the night Pina laid her first egg #66

10/14   Weather is nice again today – we have 14°C and there is no sight of winter yet.  There is only a very nasty wind again which is quite cold.  The pijjies are quite agitated today – as if we were in spring time. Strange. But they are probably as happy as I am about the weather.

Pina again did not want to go out. Maybe the wind is too cold to her liking. She hates cold winds. I do too!!!

10/15   Pina laid her second egg#67. Perfect little thing again!

10/16   Weather is still fine and the pijjies are enjyoing the sun.

10/17   Emily laid her first egg#98 and it was not as good as I hoped. The surface was quite smooth but the shell was relatively thin. I’ m not satisfied. So the calcium therapy has to continue. Other than that Emily is in good shape, eating well and apparently very happy.

10/18   What I am not so happy about is that Emily decided to have her “nest” on the roof of her real nest. I know she loves the moss but the place she is sitting now is quite unprotected regarding rain so I have to build a roof on the roof of her nest. Stupid!!!!





Here you can see the real entry to the nest – all covered in moss!

10/19   Emily laid her second egg#99 and it is a bit better than the first but still not as it should be.



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