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December 18, 2012

Rosalie is free, lots of new Eggs and Jimi, Micky and Pina are taking a Bath together

From the

Diary as of 9/10 – 9/30/2012

9/10   Rosi is free again. The weather was nice and sunny – so I opened the lid of the box in the morning when our gang came inside for feeding and let her go.

9/11   I had hoped so very much that Rosalie would appear for breakfast this morning with the others but she did not. I can identify her easily as she is wearing a ring on her left foot.

9/12   Still no Rosi around. I think when she is living near us she would come for breakfast. But apparently she is a traveller. How on earth did she know then that she would be treated here I wonder. That’s a mystery.

9/14   In the meanwhile I have given up seeing Rosi ever again. I only hope that she is doing well and that her toe is further healing.

9/15   Pina is in pre-laying mode again and a bit stargazing as usual. Her nest is ready to go with a layer of dried moss and the famous cardboard stripes she likes so much.

9/16   Pina has laid her first egg # 64. Perfect! Calcivet twice a week seems to be sufficient for her. We will see.

9/17   Emma has also laid her first egg #96 and Maggie as well #5. Maggie’s egg is perfect but Emma’s egg is looking bad again – the shell is too soft and slightly damaged at one end. So she is still suffering from Calcium definciency and 3 doses per week are not enough. I have to give her daily calcium in the week before laying.

9/18   Pina has laid her second egg#65 and as usual perfectly smooth and shiny.

9/19   Now Emma and Maggie have laid their second eggs, Emma’s  is #97 and Maggie’s is #6.

This time Emma’s egg looks much better than the first one. But I am still not content. I have to continue the Calcivet treatment.

9/22   Now it’s Micky’s turn. Micky laid her first egg #5   and everything is okay. The egg looks perfect – there is only a tiny littly bit of blood on it – nothing to worry about.

9/23   Exchanged Micky’s nest. The strange thing is that she used the nest of last month instead of the freshly prepared one. The one from last month was quite pooped on so I exchanged it with the freshly made one and moved the egg into the new but hung the new nest at the same place as the old one while Micky was eating inside. She is always getting paranoid when I do something with her nest while she is near. You should have seen er when she came back. All suspicious and irritated but then she calmed down after she realized that her precious egg was there. Well – how would YOU feel if you had been away and someone else has changed your interior design in your absence??? Oh my!!!!

9/24   Micky has laid her second egg # 6  and everything is perfect.

9/26   Nothing special. All coming in for breakfast and supper as usual.

9/27   You won’t believe it: Rosi appeared this morning for breakfast as if nothing had happened. She was running around without any limping at all and had a good appetite. And then she was off again. If I had not banded her I would not have know that it was she. The injured toe looked in perfect shape. What a relief!!! I was so happy.

As today was not very nice weatherwise Jimi apparently thought to rather stay here for a while. When he came for breakfast he made himself comfortable on the table he is always eating on (because he does not want to eat with all the riff-raff) after he finished. He perched on the thick towel I always put on the table for him and slept there for quite a while. It was so sweet. Just as he often did when he was still a youngster – sleeping behind my back on the chair or on the easel while I was sitting at the computer:





9/30   Bathing time today: Jimi and Pina sitting side by side in the bath tub. What a sweet picture this is – so peaceful….


Micky, Pina and Jimi


Pina and Jimi

Micky and Jimi

Micky and Jimi



Micky and Jimi










In the end the carpets were wet, I was wet and the pijjies were wet… but who cares???




  1. Hi! I love your blog and pigeons, and the way you take care of them!
    About the bathtub, how deep should it be for the “pijjies” to like it? Cool or warm water? Thanks!

    Comment by kaboot — December 21, 2012 @ 7:54 pm | Reply

    • Thank you!
      The bathtub should be able to take about 2 to 2 1/2 inches of water not more. Also the bathtub itself should not be deeper than 3 inches – otherwise the bird fo not feel safe enough to jump inside. In wintertime I give them handwarm water – in summer they love to bathe in cold water.

      Comment by pigeonwriter — December 28, 2012 @ 6:42 pm | Reply

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