Pigeon Tales

December 17, 2012

New Patient: Rosalie with a broken Toe

From the

Diary as of 9/1 – 9/9/2012

9/1   We have a new patient again: Rosalie. I saw her heavily limping when she came in for feeding and immediately grabbed her. I saw that her toe was bleeding heavily and after washing her foot under the tab water and pouring some peroxide over it to stop the bleeding I saw a very deep cut in her middle toe. I was not sure whether it was broken or not. These pigeon feet are so delicate and the bones are soooooo small.

Nevertheless I bandaged her little toe with sensitive plaster (which is soft and strong at the same time) and added a piece of cotton pad around, bandaged it together with the other front toe to keep it from moving around. And off she went into one of my hospital boxes.  There she was safe and dry. Rosalie – this is her name – settled down and seemed quite content.

9/2   Looking after Rosalie: she made a good impression on me, was incredibly calm when I took her out and looked at her foot. After cutting off the thicker padding I realized that the plaster on the injured toe was still good and apparently there was no infection. So I left it as it was.

Rosalie was still heavily limping though but eating and drinking and seemed quite content.

9/3   This morning I removed the plaster to see how the injury looked like and it was quite okay. The wound was closed, no swelling. I put some propolis over the whole toe and then wrapped a new plaster around the toe.

9/4   Left Rosalie’s bandage where it was.

9/5   Changed Rosalie’s bandage after a day in between where I left the injury alone. There was still no infection, the wound looked good and she was standing on both feet from time to time. But she was still limping heavily when she was walking in the box to her food bowl. That brings me to the conclusion that her toe WAS broken. I think if this has been only a cut Rosalie would not limp like this still – it’s the 5th day now. I wonder for how long I need to wait until I can release her again without danger for the toe. I have no experience with broken bones. We will see and I think Rosalie will tell me when she is ready to walk again.

9/6   Rosi is eating well and drinking well. I leave her on my working table now (in the box of course) so that she can watch the other pijjies coming in and feeding. This motivates her to eat also which is really good.

9/7   Rosi makes good progress and she is such a sweetie. The strange thing is that Rudi and Pina don’t seem to bother about her at all. They greeted her, looked into her box to see who that was but that was all. Normally Rudi and Pina are very curious and even sometimes rather annoyed when when we have a new patient again. But this time they leave her completely alone. Very strange…

9/8   Rosi is doing very well and she has started to use her injured foot more often. So I decided to let her out of the box today in our bedroom where she could not be chased by Rudi or anyone else – not so many dangers hurting herself again as in our living room. She needs a bit exercise and also this way I could see how far she was with her recovery.

9/9   Rosi had a long time freedom today in our bedroom. She even had contact with Rudi and Pina. They left her completely alone. She did so well that I decided to let her go the next day.

Pina is off her nest again.

I totally forgot to take some photos of Rosalie while she still had her bandages but I took some while she was in our bedroom:




Isn’t this amazing? All our patients land at one time or another in front of our Buddha statue – as if they want to say “thank you”….






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