Pigeon Tales

December 5, 2012

Gino steals Nest Material from Emma’s Nest and Bathing Time

From the

Diary as of 8/20 – 8/31/2012

8/20   Micky is also off her plaster eggs – more or less. When I tried to remove the eggs from their nest she and Gino got very angry and protested with fervour (he landed on my head as if he wanted to say “how dare you!”) – so I put them back into the nest. Instantly Gino sat on the eggs – sulking. Silly little guy naseboren
Well – I will leave the plaster eggs in the nest for a few more days – what difference does it make??

It is also so funny to watch them when they come in for having a snack. I still keep one food bowl in the bedroom because there they can eat in peace without the others disturbing. Mostly Micky is in front and Gino close behind her,  pushing her slightly as if he wants to say “come on baby, get your ass into gear”. Very funny.

Emma laid her second egg #95 and it is also still not quite smooth but the shells are strong again.

8/21   Pina laid her second egg #63 and as usual it was perfect. I need not worry about my little princess.

8/22   Micky is finally off her eggs as well and cuddles heavily with Gino. They are building their nest which means Gino steals the cardboard stripes from Emma’s main nest because he thinks I haven’t cut enough for him. I am slowly running out of material i.e. empty paper rolls – lol. It is quite stressy to prepare nest material for 4 couples…

It is still very warm and the pijjies get a bath each day.

8/23  We have 3 couples sleeping on the balcony now and our indoor couple Rudi and Pina. Imagine how many pigeon babies we would have in the meanwhile if I would not exchange the eggs for plaster eggs!!! Uh….. (look at the numbers above….)

Chica is still sleeping on the balcony more or less tolerated by the others. Amazing.

8/24   Replaced Pina’s eggs. Was very late and I always have a bad conscience but there is no way that she should have babies.

8/26  Micky laid her first egg #3.

8/27  Calcium day today – everybody got their Calcivet again.

8/28   Micky laid her second egg #4. They are both a little bit smaller than those of Pina or Maggie but totally perfect. I think I can reduce the Calcivet for her to once per week. She is always such a problem to handle, always fighting and fidgeting like an amazon.

8/29   They are all having a bath today – I have one inside and one outside. Some of our outsiders come inside to take their bath together with Pina and Rudi. They are having fun like crazy!!!!!

After bath they all were lying around drying up. In every corner a little pijjie. What a view!!!


Rudi – the Boss







Pina’s chill-out








Gino – baby boss


8/30   Nothing special to report.

8/31   Dito.



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