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November 24, 2012

Gino the Watch Dog, Nest building and Bath Time

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From the

Diary as of 8/3 – 8/19/2012

8/3   The gang is doing well. Nothing really special.

8/4   Little Chica is still sleeping every evening on the balcony. She really enjoys her childhood and I have never seen a young pigeon staying with her parents for such a long time.

8/6   Gino is playing the watch dog as usual. Whenever a foreign pijjie appears on the balcony he starts cooing in his unmistakable voice. He and Micky are still a couple and I am quite sure that they mated for life. This does not mean though that Gino is not courting any other female – on the contrary – he is a real sunnyboy and Micky needs to be very tolerant. But she is….

8/7  Everything goes as usual.

8/11   Maggie is finally off the nest also.

8/13   Pina is off the nest already. This is much too early.  She normally has a cycle of 28 days which is quite short anyway. I hope that she does not lay yet.

8/14   All of the pijjies had a bath again – the ones on the balcony as well as our’s inside. Rudi and Pina could hardly wait until I had filled the tub – same with the ones on the balcony. It is so much fun to watch them all, who is first and who has to wait – lol.

8/15   This morning I was sitting a bit on the balcony and watched Woody and Lucky. Both were in the mood of nest building so I took my scissors and cut the cardboard rolls from the kitchen paper in narrow stripes again. It was so funny because there was obviously a kind of competition running between Lucky and his father Woody, i.e. who would be able to catch the stripes quicker than the other one or who would own more than the other one. In the end they even had a little fight about the pieces which I compensated by trying to  cut even quicker.

Pina and Rudi went out twice this afternoon. It was so wonderful again to watch them flying their circles above the buildings. I love them so much…

Micky  is still sitting on her eggs.

Micky sitting under (false) palm trees – actually a Yucca

8/16   Currently the pijjies are getting a bath every day. Rudi and Pina enjoyed their’s so much as always. It’s the only time where they can have a bath together and they love it so much.

8/17   Maggie laid her first egg #3 in the second nest I provided (directly beside her first one).

8/18   Emma laid her first egg #94 and it was completely normal, smooth shell. I am so relieved. I will give her the Calcivet program (3x/week) for another month and then go back to normal: 2 times a week if everything goes okay.

8/19   Maggie laid her second egg #4 and sweet Pina laid her first one #62. You should see her nest on the closet – a layer of moss (provided by me in a cardboard box) and on top of that a little throne of cardboard stripes neatly assembled in a circle – done by Pina. Really beautiful and so orderly.

This morning something sweet happened again: Pina wanted to drink but Lucky was also inside and as usual bothered her so she flew up on the closet. As I knew that she really needed some water – it is very warm at the moment – I took the water bowl and presented it to her on the closet so that she could drink there. She did and after that she bowed to me to thank me. It was such a human gesture that I was very moved…



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