Pigeon Tales

November 23, 2012

Worried about Jimi’s Tumor and Micky lays shiny Eggs

From the

Diary as of 7/27 – 8/2/2012

7/27   Jimi has a large body tumor again since a while – this time in his chest on the right side. Poor Jimi – I am always worried about him and it hurts me seeing this and not being able to help but he seems to deal with this his own way. I leave him completely alone. Although he is the largest pigeon I have ever seen he is extremely sensitive and hates to be handled or even touched. Only during his PMV recovery he allowed me to stroke him a bit.

He still has a very strong relationship to me though as he always wants to eat on my knees and is always a bit miffed when I don’t have time and he has to eat from the regular food box. He always rejects to leave when he does not get at least a few sunflower hearts from my hand – although he gets them in the food box as well – he insists of eating them from my hand on my knees. I have never seen a bird that has so much patience. And he is also the one who always waits in winter time until I get him his warm apple vinegar soup – i.e. ACV in warm water after eating. You should see him then how he is drinking – like a gourmet with long sips, then holding his head and drinking again. Sometimes 4-5 times. He is absolutely loving it. And I have no video of this – need to change this!

7/28   Now it’s Micky‘s turn: she laid her first proper egg #1 in her hanging nest. As I do not know whether she has ever laid before I number it as the first. Not bad for a little pijjie who is a PMV survivor.

Here are some pics short before she was laying eggs. Look at these little buggers – Gino and Micky – aren’t they sweet or what?

At the moment it is quite hot and the pijjies wished they could put off their feather coats. As this is not possible it looks like this:

Micky heavily panting…

7/29   Nothing special besides that I am sick now. Some stupid bacteria…

7/30   And this time Micky laid a second egg #2 – also shiny and smooth and a strong shell, a little bit smaller still than Pina’s but then Micky is much younger. I am so glad that I can control her calcium level now.

7/31   Feeling a bit better now so that I can do the most necessary stuff: cleaning off the pigeon poop on the balcony before it becomes a real mess. Trouble with the administration again…

8/1   Getting better.

8/2   Did I tell you that Jimi is still coming every day at least twice? He did not miss a single day to get his breakfast and/or supper. EVERY DAY. I love him so much and feel so sorry about his body tumors which are appearing from time to time. He never leaves without insisting to eat at least some sunflower hearts from my hand and he always wants to sit on my knees for that.

Sometimes he stays for a little longer after eating and enjoys a little nap on my knees. How sweet is that? Just like he was as a baby…



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