Pigeon Tales

November 19, 2012

Gino shows Signs of Canker, Weighing Day and 3 Couples on the Balcony sitting on Plaster Eggs

From the

Diary as of  7/10 – 7/26/2012

7/10  Rudi’s toe is truly on the mend but I still do not know whether his nail will be growing again. He is running around as usual, no limping. The swelling is nearly down to normal (although this toe always has been a bit thicker than the others) – there seems to be a crust still on the tip which I refrain from touching. I am not sure whether this is from the Propolis that functions like a glue or from the spray bandage. Anyway – it functions as a kind of protection still. So I leave it alone.

7/11   Weather is not good – much too wet and much too cold for this time of the year.

7/12   The pijjies make a lot of liquid poop on the balcony – no wonder with this weather – annoying for cleaning and much more work every morning and during the day.

7/13  Pina preferred to stay inside today, sitting in her sand bowel, one of her favourite places at the large window from where she can observe anyone and everything if she is not too busy with herself. She loves to play the peeping Tom.

Pina inside and Lucky outside

7/14   There it is:  Gino looked sick this morning. He was sneezing and then I saw him vomiting twice. He also did not want to eat this morning so I was quite worried. The weather is still completely crazy, one day cold with lots of rain showers, hardly 15° and then the next day hot and very humid with temperatures jumping to more than 25° again – it’s a terrible jojo. It’s a wonder that not all the birds are getting sick.

I did not fiddle long with Gino, waited until he was sitting on the nest – grabbed him and checked his mouth. Could not detect anything suspicious but a bit reddish inside his mouth but with these symptoms I gave him a Spartrix and a Propolis pellet. (I prepare these always in advance with just some breadcrumbs and rough cornflower formed into pellets with a bit of water, then 2 drops of Propolis on top and then let these pellets dry until the alcohol in the Propolis has evaporated). Then Gino could relax on the nest again till the early evening when Micky went back to the nest. In the evening he apparently felt much better, came in as usual, ate quite a lot and looked like “old” Gino again. I will give him another pill tomorrow though – just to be sure.

I will also monitor Micky whether she does show any signs of canker and reacts accordingly. Canker is something I am not playing around with for sure. But I think Micky is protected by the Propolis pellets she gets twice a week.

7/15   Weighing day for the ladies: I thought I might check this time on Emma and Pina – just to be sure what’s going on. Emma always feels so thin so a check is really needed:

Pina had 372 gr which is quite proper and Emma had her 329 gr which is also her normal weight. So absolutely no need to worry.

Gino seems to be his old self again but I gave him another Spartrix just to be sure. Canker is something I am not fiddling around with. Definitely not!!!

7/16   Maggie has laid her first egg #1 (I start to count from here on) finally in the bowl I gave her as a nest on our balcony. This means we have now 3 couples on the balcony sitting on plaster eggs. It is in fact amazing that they all keep peace instead quarreling all the time as it happened in the past.

Pina is finally off her eggs and heavily cuddling with Rudi again. I gave them a bath and Rudi and Pina could hardly wait for the water. I watched closely what would happen with Rudi’s toe but it seemed to be alright. There was no bleeding at all although he was really soaking himself  in the water.

7/17   Rudi’s toe is still okay and slowly I think I need not worry any more.

Gino is definitely okay again and Micky does not show any signs of canker at all. Since Gino is completely okay again he has a bigger appetite. He still feels quite light for a pigeon cock but then I always forget that he is still so young – only half a year old. He has a lot of time still to grow into a strong tall pigeon – as his dad is – who cannot be anyone else than QuakQuak because Gino is making this very same sound sometimes – quakquak, quakquak and aw-ee, aw-ee like a donkey.

He is the true clown in our family!!!!

Gino drinking

Gino’s typical posture: always curious and examining anything…

7/16  Maggie has laid her second egg #2   in the bowl on the balcony. Now I have to replace them soon.but she is so beautiful

Her daughter Chica is still on the balcony – she refuses to have her own family although she is old enough. Apparently there exists something similar with pijjies: Hotel Mama – as you can find with human 2-leggers as well. Very funny and a bit strange …

7/19   Micky is still sitting on her plaster egg although she could have left it already since a few days. I hope that the Calcivet helps her to lay proper eggs the next time. Gino is keeping a good eye on her. They are both so sweet.

Micky sitting on her nest (left) – Gino watching over her

7/20   Emma laid her first egg# 94 – shell is a bit rough again. So I think she still has some calcium deficiencies. Maybe I should go back to 3 times a week.

Here she is enjoying some time with Lucky. I just love it when they sit close together on the balustrade with a “pergola” above their heads…

7/21   Checked Rudi’s feet. Had to cut the nail on the twisted toe again and put some DMSO on his other foot where I detected a tiny pressure mark underneath on the pad of one of his toes.

7/22   Today is quite cold and the pijjies are very hungry. Every minute one or the other wants to come in for food.

While we tried to have our nap this afternoon Pina and Rudi came into the bedroom and jumped on my bum – tried to steel Micky’s and Gino’s goodies again – as if they don’t get anything to eat –

Emma laid her second egg# 95 – shell is better than the first one again but still not quite perfect – too rough and too thin.

7/23    Pina and Rudi have started to “build their nest” on the usual place again – on the other cupboard in their usual cardboard box.

7/24   Pina laid her first egg #62 in her nest. As usual it was perfect.

7/25   Rudi is heavily moulting. Gave him a portion of Calcivet. Everyone else is doing great.

7/26   Pina laid her second egg #63, a beautiful shiny egg. I am always sad when I have to replace them with the plaster eggs but it would be no good for her to have babies. Too much stress.



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