Pigeon Tales

October 15, 2012

Gino is the new Bouncer

From the

Diary as of 6/26 – 6/29/2012

6/26   Our little princess Pina laid her second perfect egg #61 in her new nest.

I replaced Emma’s eggs today and candled them. They were not fertilized. So Emma can keep her own eggs in future and I need not replace them any longer. I will keep her on Calcivet though for 3 times a week. The second egg btw had its usual strength. The shell was strong and smooth and shiny.

6/27   I think Gino has taken over the role of a bouncer and he was employed by Lucky. While Lucky enjoys sitting on his perching place or on the plaster eggs he lets Gino do the job chasing all the others. As a payment he is allowed to stay on the balcony with his new wife. Can you guess who it is?  It is our wild Micky. So funny and incredible.

Apparently Micky has sent her second mate to hell as well and then she fell in love with Gino. I can hardly believe it. Are we a kind of pigeon partnership organization or what – http://www.pijjie love.org???? It is soooooo funny. And apparently our Gino is exactly what our wild Micky was looking for. She is so sweet again and Gino has her fully under control – he, our youngster, has become a MAN!!!!

And you know what – they have their current nest (one of my hanging pots!) on the balcony and Lucky and Emma are tolerating it at the moment. We will see whether this will continue. I have the feeling that Lucky has made a contract with Gino – he – the latter – helps Lucky or rather Lucky delegated the job to Gino – to chase off all the other pigeons who do not belong to the family. As a “payment” Gino may stay on the balcony with his mate. Isn’t this funny? Oh my – I think I am becoming gaga slowly with all these stories…

Micky (left) on the nest – Gino on the second nest (right)

Anyway – Gino and Micky are such a sweet couple now coming in every day together, flying straight away into our bedroom where they still have their food bowl to take their meals there and then they leave again together and fly to their nest or are taking a round trip in the neighbourhood until they are coming back.

6/28   It’s getting very warm so I put the pigeon bath out on the balcony again in addition to their usual water pots. Of course they loved it all.

6/29   Maggie laid another egg on the balcony. She and her mate Woodie are still trying to nest on the balcony as well. This is not possible (how wrong I was at this point). Now we have 2 couples here: Emma and Lucky, Micky and Gino. That is more than enough. More would be stress for all of them and this is not acceptable. I feel very sorry that I have to chase Maggie and Woodie away because I like them very much and they are the parents of Lucky and Micky but as already said – too much now. (I was very wrong at that point of time – you will see!!)

Rudi is still limping. It will take a while till the new nail has grown. I suppose the old one will fall off eventually but apparently it still hurts him. So I need to treat him tonight again to make it a bit easier for him.

Pina is sitting on her nest and refuses to fly out. I can understand her – it is simply too warm outside so our little clever princess prefers to stay inside. It is a few grades cooler here than outside.

Jimi came in, heavily panting. He really has problems with the heat. He is a very large bird and his thick plumage is a big disadvantage at the moment. So he relaxed for a while inside. He is my sweetie, so loyal and seeking my presence every day. He always wants to be hand-fed by me with his favourite seeds of course: sunflower hearts. It is very touching.



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