Pigeon Tales

October 6, 2012

Gino is in Love with Micky and spends his first Night with her

From the

Diary as of 6/16 – 6/25/2012

6/16   Nothing really special. Gino stayed outside during the night, sleeping on the balcony.

6/17   Today Gino decided to come inside and slept tonight in his box – how sweet that he still considers this as his home where he can come when the weather is bad.

6/18   Gino has started to court Micky heavily. This means that he does not let her alone for a second – wherever Micky goes – Gino follows. I think Chica is still too young for him although she has shown a certain interest for him as well but she is just 3 months old. I am not sure what I should think about this relationship. Micky has proven to be a very difficult partner but maybe Gino is developing the neccessary self-understanding now to keep her under control. Does this sound human? It is!

6/19   Emily is off her plaster eggs and cuddles heavily with Lucky again. As our balcony is now really overgrown Emily loves to sit under the leaves of our Tropaeolum. So do the other pijjies when there is place:

Lucky and Adele (left)

Woody and Maggie

Gino and Adele

6/20  Gino continues to court Micky. This is a true surprise and I wonder what is going to happen.

6/22  Gino and Micky spent their first night together in the hanging pot. And they had their first coupling round! Oh sooo SHOCKING!!! Our little boy has become a man!!!

Gino – playing the clown again

6/23   Emily laid her first egg #92. It looked good. The shell was a bit rough still and I do not know about the thickness yet but first glance was satisfying.

6/24   Micky shows heavy symptoms of stargazing today. It is the first time I can watch this since her recovery from PMV. I think it is the stress she currently has with Gino who is fully in love with her and chases her around a bit. They have chosen one of the large hanging pots on our balcony for their nest. I let them for the moment as I do not want to put her into stress additionally while chasing them away. It would break my heart if I have to chase Gino away.

We will see what happens. At the moment Lucky is tolerating them both. If this changes I have to take action unfortunately.

Pina laid her first egg today – #60 – this time everything went normal. She had built her nest on the other closet – on top of the cardboard boxes which I have stored there but properly in the flat basket I providd for her. Apparently the box on the other closet is too warm at the moment. Weather forecast says it will become quite hot next weekend so I think Pina has chosen the right place.

6/25   Gino and Micky were heavily cuddling. Micky was still doing stargazing but not as much as yesterday. The weather was rainy and she spent most of the time preparing the nest. Gino was busy with chasing all the others off. Good boy!!!

Yesterday evening we had to treat Rudi’s foot. I had watched him limping quite heavily during the day so there was something wrong. As it turned out he had injured his toe – the nail was ripped half from the toe and slightly bleeding. Probably he got caught when he brought the nest material to Pina’s nest. So I shortened the nail as much as possible and treated the toe with peroxide to stop the bleeding. Today the limping was a bit better. We will see in the evening how it looks like.

Emma laid her second egg #93. It was smooth and shiny again. I am so relieved that everything seems to have come back to normal.



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