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September 3, 2012

Gino is caught in a Venus Trap and finds a new Girlfriend: Micky

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From the

Diary as of 6/1 – 6/15/2012

6/1   The weather is simply awful. It is raining since about 2 weeks. In between there is a bit sun shine but hardly an hour later it starts raining again. Not a good start into June. And not the kind of summer we were deperately hoping for. And the pijjies too…

The pijjies make liquid poop and you can clearly see that they don’t like this weather. I am only glad that no-one seems to be really sick so far.

6/2   I think Gino was caught in a venus trap. As it happens with humans this “sweet little” Adele is only playing with our poor Gino, trying to seduce him. Sometimes she is flirting with Gino and the other day she is together with Sandy. What kind of game is she up to???

6/4   I think Sandy and Adele are playing a real nasty game: in fact Adele is Sandy’s girlfriend but they both exploit Gino because they hope to get some food using Gino as a “door opener”. What a trickster pair!!! Gino – being so young and naive – hoped that he had found some new “friends” but in reality these both are cheating. I cannot believe this that pigeons can be so calculating.

6/5   Today Gino was perching in his hanging pot, obviously very sad and disappointed and watched Sandy who was cuddling with Adele. I think Gino slowly starts to understand that Adele will not become his girlfriend.

6/6   Micky is eating like a piggy so I thought she must have kids but I am not sure. I had her in my hands today and she has an incredible tough body, pure muscles. She is very slender but flying a lot and very fast. She is like a torpedo. No wonder that she eats so much. I wonder where she puts all that food though….

I am soooo happy that she is doing so well after she has been so sick (PMV).

6/7   Micky suddenly showed interest in Gino and was heavily flirting with him. Oh Gino. This is going to be a real drama.  Apparently Micky has sent her second mate to hell as well and now she fell in love with Gino. I can hardly believe it. Are we a kind of pigeon partnership organization or what – http://www.pijjie love.org???? It is soooooo funny. And apparently our Gino is exactly what our wild Micky was looking for. She is so sweet again and Gino has her fully under control – he, our youngster, has become a MAN!!!!

Gino and Micky

Micky – very decoratively placed between my plants

6/8   Micky and Gino have started to build their current love nest (one of my hanging pots!) on the balcony and to my amazement Lucky and Emma are tolerating it at the moment. We will see how this will continue. I have the feeling that Lucky has made a “contract” with Gino: he, Gino, helps Lucky or rather Lucky delegated the job to Gino – to chase off all the other pigeons who do not belong to the family. As a “payment” Gino may stay on the balcony with his mate. Isn’t this funny? Oh my – I think I am becoming gaga slowly with all these stories…

Anyway – Gino and Micky are such a sweet couple now coming in every day together, flying straight away into our bedroom where they still have their food bowl, in order to take their meals there and then they leave again together and fly to their nest or take a round trip in the neighbourhood until they are coming back.

6/9   More pijjies are coming to eat again. I think it is the wet weather. So I am feeding a bit more again at the moment because they are all getting very wet while they are grazing. This way they have more time again to dry their plumage. I don’t want them to become sick.

6/10   Today I watched Gino to court Chica. Awwwwww – this would be our dream couple. Chica is such a sweet pigeon girl. She would be a lovely mate for our Gino. But she is still much too young and has no real interest in Gino. We will see what happens.

6/12   Chica is something very special. First she is still together with her parents, Woody and Maggie, which is quite unusual. During the night she sleeps on our balcony and each morning she is picked up by her parents – then they fly together away for grazing. Second – she is very beautiful. I don’t know how she manages this but her white belly is ALWAYS white and she never gets wet or dirty. On one hand she is quite independant on the other she is still hanging around with her parents but she regularly comes inside alone for feeding. She must be about 3 months now.

6/13   Tonight was a bad night: awfully raining and cold – only 12°C. And today of all nights Gino decided to stay outside. Silly little bugger. After it was already very difficult to get him in during the last days he now wanted to stay with his girlfriends on the hanging pots on our balcony. The result was that there was a lot of flutter in the night so I tried to get him in again at 1 °clock in the night. Without success. He even flew away to the neighbour balcony where always a few of the balcony flock are spending the night. This silly little bugger preferred to stay with the raunchy gang instead of spending the night in his luxury bed. Teenagers!!!!

6/14   In the morning though he came in, a little bit sheepish, went to his food bowl in our bedroom, filled his tummy and then went straight away to his favourite perching place on the book shelf. There he stayed at least for an hour – probably to get warm again and relax from the adventure.

Today I managed to take some photos of our Georgi – the pidge with the unusual eyes. He is visiting our balcony since more than 4 years now and had disappeared last year for at least half a year. So I thought that he had migrated to somewhere else. But since a couple of weeks he is back again. Lovely Georgi – it is definitely him not only because of his eyes but I could identify him also from the colour of his plumage:

Georgi (I gave him a Russian name – don’t know why – lol)

What a stare…

and what a colour!!!

And this photo was taken in 2009:

Georgi in November, 2009

6/15   Today is the first day since 3 weeks where it has not rained yet. I could finally clean the balcony properly. Gino enjoyed the sun on his new favourite place – the wooden shelf on the right side between my plants. It was his second night outside and he slept between his two girlfriends: Chica and Micky. What a pigeon boy!!!



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