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August 26, 2012

Pina hides behind my Chair and Gino has found a Girlfriend

Again I am very late with my entries but so many things are always coming in between….

From the

Diary as of 5/17 – 5/31/2012

5/17   I am very happy to say that Micky is coming in every day again several times for feeding. She runs immediately into the bedroom and takes her meals there in peace and then flies out again. No more aggression. She is very sweet. My sweet little girl again and very healthy so it seems. Great appetite!

5/18  Pina was molested by Lucky – he always tries to “adore” her and Pina fled behind my chair again. She always does this when she is afraid of something. She hides behind me like a little human kid. Very sweet. Same does Jimi still btw – the largest pigeon in this area but when he is afraid of something he also still hides behind me or even flies on my shoulder. He did this always when he was a squeaker still. Apparently he never forgot about it. How sweet is that?

Gino is still our sunshine. He has nearly finished his moult now and looks already very adult. He has a wonderful collar of metallic feathers which glow in the sun all in amethyst colours and emeralds. Although I really miss that totally dishevelled little thing he was – oh my. He is flying around all day and still comes home in the evening to sleep in his usual box. Early in the morning – around 6 °clock – I let him out each day which makes him always so happy and then he takes off each time as if the devil were behind him. Very funny.
I am so happy that he gained so much self-confidence that he has his place now in the pigeon society. And he still loves his home. I wonder what will happen when he finally has found a girlfriend.

The following photos were in fact taken 2 months later but he already looked like this:

Isn’t he a beauty????

Oh yes – he is!!!

I told you that Micky has a new partner. Now she seems to have a nest somewhere and is very happy. Her aggressiveness has totally gone. This means I can let her in again so that she can take her meals here. What a development – I am very happy about this also. It was so sad that I had to chase her away all the time because she was behaving so badly.

Was  “talking” with Teresa about Hexamitiasis. Haven’t seen any signs of Hexamitiasis here – only in the past I have seen sometimes (very rare though) that awful looking poops, very dark – nearly black and very smeary. Cannot remember now whether they were smelly. I have always thought that this might be a symptom for worms because I once – in all the years – have seen one poop with small roundworms (4-5 mm) moving in the poop – Yuk. And this poop was nearly black. I often check the poops the pijjies are leaving on the balcony for signs of sickness in order to be “prepared”.

5/19  I want to mention the importance of ORGANIC APPLE VINEGAR again. There is a big difference between the regular and the organic. I hardly could believe it myself but I tried normal apple vinegar in the water twice and these buggers only “wrinkled their noses” at the water i.e. THEY DID NOT DRINK IT! As soon as I went back to my organic ACV everything was as usual. They absolutely know the difference although it’s only a tablespoon of vinegar on 3/4 l water which is not much but they get it every day. And although they have various sources of water here too they extra fly to our balcony to drink here. Even when it is raining and they have enough puddles to drink from everywhere they come her to drink the ACV water. I am sure they know exactly that this water is good for them. Or how do YOU explain this behaviour?

5/21   Emma left her plaster eggs and is heavily flirting with Lucky.

5/24   Pina is off her nest and cuddling with Rudi again. I could watch them for hours – they are so incredibly tender to one another.

5/28  Emily laid her first egg #90. The egg was nearly perfect, the shell not quite smooth as it should be but undamaged. I have to test still how strong it is.

5/29   Everything going as usual.

5/30   Emily laid her second egg #91. Same withher first egg – shell still a bit bumpy and probabyl not strong enough. So the treatment has to continue. Pina laid her first egg #59.

5/31   Gino has a girlfriend: we named her Adele – a little grey one. She suddenly appeared on the balcony.

Gino and Adele

Gino and Adele (right)



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