Pigeon Tales

August 20, 2012

Gino comes Home every Day and Pina lays her Egg into my Hand again

From the

Diary as of 5/1 – 5/16/2012

5/1   Gino still comes home every day – sometimes several times. I am very happy about this arrangement. I was afraid that he would love his freedom that much that he was going to explore the world and disappear. I was so wrong!!! He is such a sweetie.

5/2   Micky has a new partner – apparently the other one was a wimp and could not fulfill her expectations. I knew it would not work out with Mani after she beat him up more often – oh my. She is really a little devil. We called her new partner Zach and he seems to be a bit more bossy towards her which she definitely needs ?? Some females apparently need a strong hand…

5/3   Pina laid egg #58 in my hand again!!! It is a single one again. This is really strange. But it is definitely better for her body (the one egg).

It was a bit strange again. She was due on the second of May but did not lay. Possibly because she and Rudi stayed inside for 3 days – maybe it was too warm for flying around. Pina is very special in this case. On the next day they finally went out and flew around  quite a lot. When they came back Pina became very nervous, ran around like crazy and seemed to be completely irritated. So I picked her up to see what was happening, fearing that she might have a seizure or something like that.

Instead of flying into her nest she suddenly popped the egg into my hand again. Oh my – I put it into her nest, hoping that she would come and sit on it but she ignored it for a couple of hours. In the evening she finally went to her nest and started sitting on the egg as if nothing had happened.
Strange – isn’t it?

5/4   Gino must be around 4 months now. What a proper little chap he has become!!

5/5  I still continue to give Emma Calcivet every other day for another month just to make sure that this egg issue is stopped. Her eggs were not fertilized though but this may be her age or there is still not everything 100 %. The shell of the second egg looked perfect but it was still a tiny bit too thin. I crushed it with my fingers to test it after I had replaced the eggs.

5/6   The weather is cold and rainy and pijjies are in bad mood or sleeping. Gino went out despite the low temperatures and the rain – brave little boy. But he comes home each evening again – sometimes in between when he is hungry.

5/7   It is Monday and the weather is still awful. The pijjies are still in bad mood, fighting all the time and very hungry. They make a lot of liquid poop again and I cannot clean the balcony properly…what a mess.

5/8   Nothing new.

5/11   Hatty (Matty)received another portion of Calcivet. Btw – we re-named her/him Matty because it turned out that Hatty is not a hen but a cock. It was very strange. Normally I am mostly right when it comes to define the gender of a pigeon but this time I was totally wrong.

Strange thing is that the Calcivet definitely helped him to be able to use his legs properly again. Other than the re-curring problems of hens with calicum deficiency, the males normally don’t have this problem but maybe Matty had a mineral deficiency as well and this could be treated with the Calcivet. I am glad that he is in good health now.

5/13   Nothing special besides watching Gino discovering the world and finding new friends is a big joy.

Here Gino looks exactly like his Dad QuakQuak


5/16   Weighing day for Gino: 307 gr. This is perfect. Considering that he is outside the whole day and feeding entirely himself now this is very good. I am relieved and happy that he has become so independant! He still comes in each evening to sleep in his usual box.



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