Pigeon Tales

July 27, 2012

Gino is free and Emma is laying Eggs again

From the

Diary as of 4/26 – 4/30/2012

4/26   Yippeeeee!!!! It is the first warm and beautiful day since weeks and we released Gino:

I was terribly nervous and so was he. I simply put his box on the balcony in the morning…

Gino in expectation

and opened the cover when Lucky came to great his little friend.

Lucky greeting little Gino

All the past weeks it was so sweet to watch Lucky greeting his little adopted “son” whenever I put Gino’s box on the balcony to give him sunshine. When a foreign pigeon jumped on Gino’s box Lucky came immediately and chased him away. Apparently he “protected” Gino from any potential harm. So I thought this might be the perfect way to release Gino in the presence of Lucky.

Gini listening to Lucky

Gino checking his environment

“Am I not pretty??????”

Gino and Lucky

Lucky and Emma and Gino

Gino exploring…

the gang taking advantage of Gino’s meal leftovers

Gino looking a bit embarrassed at this chaos

“Look at me – I am grown-up now”


At first Gino was very shy and anxious but finally he took all his courage and off he went. When I saw him finally on the opposite building I was sure that he could manage.

Finally on the opposite building

Of course I did not do much on Thursday besides following Gino with the binoculars. He came back a few times to our balustrade, exercising the difficult landings. But then went off again.

I was not sure whether he would come back to sleep inside again or whether he would disappear completely. I felt very unhappy on one hand but also very glad. You know what I mean. Then, it was already quite late, he came back!!! A bit insecure, anxious, took a long time until he decided to fly inside but he did and went straight to his favourite perching place, high on the book shelves. He was veeeeeery tired. I let him stay there for a while and finally put him in his normal box. I think he fell asleep immediately.

4/27   Today Gino was so tired from the day before that he wanted to stay inside. Most of this day he perched on our bed looking like a little rabbit (see here). Probably he had sore muscles and sore feet. It was so human.

4/28   Today Gino went out again in the morning and I watched him several times being together with some others – so apparently he had already made some friends. What an amazing little boy. In the evening he came back again, flew to his perching place and I put him in his sleeping box later again.

I cannot tell you how happy I am. Gino looks totally rotten at the moment – he is in full moult now – but he has already made such good progress in flying in difficult situations that I am amazed about his learning abilities. He had no parents who could have shown him all the things that are necessary for a little pigeon to learn but he obviously manages everything on his own after we have given him the best start a human could have given him.

Gino moulting

I have noticed that he is very careful and tries to avoid difficult situations. But he has also gained a lot of self confidence while he was still with us. The poor anxious and emaciated baby that he once was, that was mobbed and attacked by any other pigeon does not exist any more. I feel somehow proud as if this were my own child!!!

Emma laid her first egg #88 after a very long pause. It looked quite good. The shell was nearly completely smooth – there was only a little hole probably from a little stick because the shell was a bit too thin still. But I am so happy about this result. This means that my treatment 5 days a week with Calcivet was fully successful. I am sending a prayer to heaven.

4/29   A calm day actually. Gino coming in as usual, taking his meals and then flying out again.

4/30   Emma laid her second egg #89 without any problems and this time it was nearly perfect. The shell is still a bit too thin but the surface was smooth and undamaged.



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