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July 26, 2012

Gino is our Sunshine and will soon be released

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From the

Diary as of 4/16 – 4/25/2012

4/16   Currently I am nervous again because of Emma. She is in pre-laying mode again and I wonder whether her calcium treatment will be successful. I hope very much because each time she was laying it was such a nail biter.

4/17   Micky is doing very well. Finally we have “convinced” her not to try to build her nest on our balcony. We see her rarely. I am quite sad that it did not work our with her in the same way as with our other “kids”. I was hoping that she would come for food the one or other day and did not expect her insisting on building a nest here so that we had to shoo her away.

4/18   Gino is our sunshine. There is no day without him making us smile and laugh. He is so funny and so completely different from Micky. He is always waiting patiently – he never quarrels, never is aggressive and he leaves my plants alone! He is in full moult currently and looks like a Struppi (when someone has uncombed hair) rather than Gino but he has finally grown some beautiful tail feathers so that he can fly much better now. He only has to become quicker. He is still too easy to be caught. But he is learning. He is not the cuddly bear like Micky but he is much sweeter in a different way.

I think as soon as the weather is much better and much much warmer we will release him. I will miss him dearly.

4/19   Pina and Rudi are doing very well also. Nothing to worry at the moment which is a big relief. Lucky is in perfect condition as well. Has to chase all the unwanted pijjies on the balcony. We still have trouble with a neighbour – I only hope that this can be settled soon. It is really nerving. People can be so stupid and obnoxious.

4/20   Slowly Gino starts to signal us that he wants to be free and together with the other pijjies. But as long as the weather is still so ugly and cold he has to wait. I don’t want a sick pigeon back again.

4/21   Gino now spends the whole day in front of the big window and looks outside with such a longing in his eyes. I really understand what he wants.

4/23   Weighing day for Gino327 gr. So he is really in good shape now. He is free the whole day and can do his exercises in the bedroom. He is so funny: each day he finds something new he can play with whether it is fresh moss, or a large piece of bark. He is always busy and never bored.

4/24   Waiting for a nice day – Gino’s day. As usual he still gets his treats to become a strong pigeon: “confined” in his “Batmännle” (sort of Batman cape) he can easily be held.

4/25   Pina is off her plaster eggs and heavily cuddling with Rudi again.



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