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July 22, 2012

Gino had his first Adult Bath with Pina, Maggie had an Egg glued to her Belly and a new Baby

From the

Diary as of 4/11 – 4/15/2012

4/11   Today Gino had his first “adult” bath – one of the larger green bowls that I am using for pigeon baths. At first he was very shy and did not dare to really step into the warm water. But then he started to dip his head into the water and finally the spell was broken and he enjoyed it very much. So sweet. Unfortunately I have no pics because there was not enough light to make a little video.

Later on Pina came down. Apparently she was motivated by Gino to take a bath also. So both were finally bathing side by side. After the bath both enjoyed drying on the carpets, side by side again. What a harmonius and sweet view this was!

4/12   Gino had his day again. First he was outside in the sun again in his box of course where he was immediately greeted by Lucky and then he had some time to roam the whole appartment. Pina observed him closely but was not much interested. Then Rudi came out and send him back into “his” room – everything happened without any aggression. Was quite funny.

Today we had a little “emergency” case: Maggie, the mate of Woody, arrived with an egg glued to her belly. I have no idea how this could have happened. I grabbed her and washed her belly with warm water in the sink until she was clean again and the egg came off with a few feathers. There was no injury – only the egg was a bit damaged of course. Maybe her nest was dirty and/or she had been  sitting too long – I simply do not know. Later on she came again and her belly looked dry and normal again.

4/13   Weather is awful again. The battery of my car died and we had to contact the breakdown service. Now I have a new battery again. Shitty day. But at least I have a new Oleander tree again. The last one which had grown so beautifully last year had died in February when the temperatures dropped far below 10 °C.

Forgot to say – Emily has left her plaster egg and is in cuddling mode with Lucky again. I am very nervous how the egg laying will go this time. I very much hope that it will be okay. The last months were really very stressful with Emily getting into trouble each time.

4/14   Gino played easter bunny on the bed again because the weather was so awful. He is doing everything right. What a sweet chap – he is always so content and can play with himself. From time to time he gets visited by Pina or Rudi. So he has contact with other pigeons too. I love them so much!!!!

4/15   Today was weighing day for Gino again: 321 gr! More and more he looks like a proper little pigeon boy. In the meanwhile he has grown some new tail feathers – at least the ones in the middle and you can hear that he can fly better. There are a lot of new flight feathers still missing though.

Micky has started to appear less frequently. And I did not feed her for several days now. Maybe the spell is broken finally and she has stopped to insist on nesting on our balcony. Phew – was heavy work to convince her that she has to find her own place. I am very happy that she is doing well although she has turned into such a little devil.

Woody and Maggie just brought their new child. I could not see very much because Lucky chased them away but what I could see was that it was another colourful baby with lots of whites and light grey and some brownish colour as well. We will see…



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  1. i hav come first time to ur blog….its so sweet .so happy to read ur blog,frm now will b regular visior.i have two pigeons in my kitchen,i saved thm frm a cat once and frm then they started to trust me a little..

    Comment by shivani — September 4, 2012 @ 9:28 am | Reply

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