Pigeon Tales

June 27, 2012

Gino plays Easter Bunny, Micky spanks her Mate and Jimi has a Tumor again

From the

Diary as of 4/1 – 4/10/2012

4/1   Weighing day: Gino is on 315 gr. So this seems to be his normal weight now. He continues to lose his old feathers. If it continues like this he soon will be bald –  . It simply looks pityful.

4/2   Everything as usual.

4/3   Today was a rainy day and I could not put Gino on the balcony because it was a bit too cold. But this funny little amazing bird always makes the best of it: he relaxed most of the time on our bed in “sitting bull” mode and enjoyed classical music. From time to time he played with his moss and tree bark or climbed on his food box with one of the cardboard stripes I cut for him, that Pina and Rudi use for their nest.

4/4   Tonight Pina has laid her first egg #56, another perfect one. She was flying outside at least once for a couple of minutes – that was all. I wonder why she is so reluctant to fly currently. Perhaps because of her egg laying mode…

Checked on Gino’s feathers today. Oh my –  they look really ragged – he continues to lose also his flight feathers. No wonder that his flying skills do not really improve – with such shitty material you simply cannot fly!!

4/5  Weather has become quite nasty again – cold and rainy. Not a good combination at all. Pijjies are in bad mood and especially Micky is behaving like a little devil. Today I even saw her spanking her mate Mani. Poor Mani – what a bad wife he has got. I really feel pityfor him in the meanwhile. I cannot understand why Micky has changed from that sweet cuddly pigeon into such a beast. She seems to have no fear from anything and anyone at all. I really hope that this does not give her severe trouble one day. She is too reckless.

I forgot to mention – Jimi has a body tumor again, on his left side under his wing. 4 days ago I started to treat him with propolis to strengthen his immune system. I cannot do anything else. Poor Jimi – why does he always get these problems? No-one knows. I hope that it does not get that bad as the last time where the nasty thing was huge and it took weeks until it fell off. The wound closed nicely by itself though.

4/6  Today Pina has laid her second egg #57, again a perfect one.

Today Gino did one thing that all of our pigeons do and I do not know why: they all fall  into the bin one day. Gino continued this tradition:

4/8   Gino had his weighing day: 314 gr. And Hatty received an extra Calcivet portion. Just in case.

4/9   Today Gino finally adopted his new box with moss that I prepared him for playing. He had an exciting day: first he got out again into the sun for one hour after the last few days were awful. Then he was visited by Pina in our bedroom for the first time while not being behind a net. It was  very sweet when they looked carefully at each other and finally Gino took a nap on his beloved moss in the box. He was so happy and looked like an easter bunny.

Now look at this face:

4/10   Oh my, Micky continues to nerve. She has become a real little devil. She still tries to nest on the balcony with her mate Mani. Both are very aggressive towards Lucky, Pina and even Rudi. So I cannot let her to continue like that and have to shoo them away.



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