Pigeon Tales

June 25, 2012

Micky has become a little Devil, Gino is our Sunshine and the usual Feeding Chaos

From the

Diary as of 3/24 – 3/31/2012

3/24  While Emma is on the way to full recovery Micky has turned into a little devil. She thinks that she can stay on the balcony and tries to build a nest with her partner Mani – every day. I have to shoo her away because there is no way that she can stay. It hurts me that I have to do this but Mani is additionally quite an aggressive pigeon and tries to bully Lucky. So this would end up in bad fights which I cannot tolerate. But I am glad that Micky knows what she wants and also fights for it. She is a real little amazon. But in the current situation this is not very helpful at all.

3/25  Today was weighing day again. Gino had 317 gr – so he increased his weight by another 7 gr. Not much and probably only fluctuation but nevertheless wonderful!!!!

As it was quite a nice day I put Gino in his box with the grill from my oven on top and put him on the balcony. You can see the pics here.

3/26  Gino is our current sunshine. He is so funny. He has taken over Micky’s place in the bedroom. There he has enough space now to train his flying and balancing skills and wait for his feathers to grow. At the moment he looks like a little cotton ball which has been thrown into the washing machine – a totally messy plumage and the quills sticking out everywhere. He just has 3 screwed up “feathers” (at least it reminds of feathers) left for a tail and the rest – well – better not to speak about it. When he tries to fly it sounds like a whole flock of ducks is taking off – LOL. So much noise. Which actually reminds me of another pigeon outside whose tail is completely missing. It looks so funny when he is flying – it looks like a pregnant hummingbird. It’s amazing how he can manage although the situation is clearly not funny for him at all.

3/27   Micky and Mani continue to try to nest on the balcony. They are both a nuisance in the meanwhile – incredibly stubborn. I have to shoo them away all the time. I think Lucky will soon get a heart attack – he cannot stand them hanging around all the time near HIS nest!!!! I can fully understand him.

3/28   Micky and Mani are still a problem. I slowly do not know any more what to do. I am hoping that they eventually will give up.

3/29   As the weather is quite cold again the pijjies are really hungry again. So the following pics show you the common chaos while being fed:

3/30   Nothing special.

3/31   An absolutely normal day…



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