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June 14, 2012

Gino increases Weight and Emma has severe Egg Problems again

From the

Diary as of 3/19 – 3/21/2012

3/19   The weather is awful again – rainy and cold. Not a good combination – for the pijjies neither. Our brave little princess Pina went out nevertheless.

Today was weighing day for Gino after we forgot to check him yesterday. He has 310 gr!

This is an indoor day for little Gino. He enjoyed so very much the time being outside in the sun but today it is simply too cold and wet. I gave him some cardboard stripes again for playing and some twigs from my lavender. So he decided to train how to fly with twigs in his beak. Obviously he has observed Rudi the last time when he built his nest on the closet. Very funny to watch this little guy schlepping one twig after another either into his box or somewhere else in his mosquito net pen.

Emma did not feel very well today. She has a hunched back again. I didn’t know whether this was the weather or whether she was working on an egg again which would not be so good. I gave her Calcivet, Propolis and Bene Bac. The last days she was feeling very well but today…

3/20   Micky  slept outside this time. I let her. It was quite cool but dry. So this was no problem. Manny and Micky were still trying to build a nest on the balcony which is really a problem. I hope that they would learn soon that this was not possible with Emma and Lucky having their nest here.

Emma was sitting on the nest tonight again. I have given her the full dosage of calcium for 3 subsequent days. I wondered how she would manage with laying this time – kept fingers crossed.

It did not work out – Emma “laid” a totally screwed up egg – it was #87, the contents were spilled and I was not sure whether there was any of the stuff (egg yolk) in her body. She looked very sick and I was so scared that she would not make it this time. What should I do? I was totally desperate.

The whole day I watched Emma and knew that she was feeling extremely bad and I was quite sure that this time she would not make it any more. She made only fluid poop with even some blood in it, hardly ate something, was breathing much too heavily, hunched back, blinking with her eyes often which indicated pain. I was totally torn between giving her antibiotics again and taking her in or just put her on calcium and propolis and leaving her alone.

The first option would have tormented her again, keeping her separated from her beloved Lucky again and additionally this would totally screw up her body calcium again. The second option was giving her peace of mind, every possible help for self healing, accepting the fact that she might die. I was really torn and feeling very bad but I decided to accept the fact that her time might be over. So I put her on massive calcium and propolis and left her in her nest on the balcony.

3/21  A miracle happened: Emma seemed to feel a bit better. She even came inside to eat a few seeds. So I started to hope again.

Usual Calcium and vitamin day for the other girls and for Gino.

3/22  Emma was definitely feeling much better. I could hardly believe it. You could see that she was making progress. Quickly. I was extremely glad that I had refrained from giving her antibiotics – instead the alternative medication helped her to come back to life. She even enjoyed some sunshineon the balcony.

So the following photos could have easily been the last ones of Emma and Lucky:

3/23   Emma ate like a little pig again, was sitting on her plaster egg and her poops have improved as well. As if nothing had happened. I am giving her calcium now for 5 days per week, nothing during the weekends besides her daily propolis. I am perplexed. What an amazing bird!!!! I will continue with this program until she is laying normal eggs again and then cut down to regular calcium doses.



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