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May 7, 2012

Hatty is standing, has a Jungle Climate in her Box, Gino starts cooing with his Baby Voice and Pina lays an Egg into my Hand

From the

Diary as of 3/7 – 3/8/2012

3/7   This morning I could not see any major improvement with “Hatty”. She had left some poops during the night which were a bit soft again but the “right” colour with white urinates. So she definitely had no infection. During breakfast I gave her Calcivet again and some time later I gave her a nice warm bath. During holding her in the water I tried to feel whether she had an egg inside but still was not sure whether yes or not. A couple of minutes after she was back in her box I saw her standing for the first time. YEAH!!!!!

Now Hatty is sitting on a damp towel (thank you Teresa), a warm water bottle beneath her box and she has some jungle climate now in her box. She seems to enjoy it and looks quite content. Maybe this is the beginning of an improvement. I keep fingers crossed!!!

Gino had his day today: he courted Micky with his baby voice!!! What a funny little chap! He even made a little dance for her. Early starter!!!!

Look at this cheeky little chap in his pen (a mosquito net):

Today I had the most touching and yet strange experience with “my” pijjies:
our Pina (PMV survivor) was quite in stress today – first because she was short before laying, second because she hates it when we have other sick pigeons in our small appartment. She feels angry and jealous and is afraid of losing her home then. When I picked her up to comfort her a bit that she should not worry she suddenly laid her egg directly into my hand. I was totally “shocked”. She stayed for a few seconds on my arm and then flew to one of the book shelves. I took the egg – which was a perfect one – and put it into her nest on the closet. First I thought she was going to ignore it but a couple of minutes later she flew to her nest and there she is sitting as if nothing had happened… Btw – it was egg #55

Emma left her plaster eggs.

3/8   I have only seen the pijjie with the drooping wing once yesterday but she did not come in for food. She came today and ate with great appetite. She still has her drooping wing of course but she seems to do amazingly well. So even if I can catch her again for giving antibiotics it would not be reliable – so it would not make much sense I think.

The plan says to let Gino go next weekend. He is incredibly sweet and very diligent. He makes his exercises every day, trains his abilities to eat, he trains his beak by hammering on all and everything he can get hold of – he’s probably going to be a crafter – and he is such a funny chap. The name is exactly him! He’s started to court Micky when she is in and dances for her – can you believe this?

His body is full of quills now and his new tail feathers have begun to grow as well although it will take some time still until they are fully usable but I think he will manage well outside. He is going through the development process he should have 2 months ago. I think he is a bit older than originally thought. He had no yellow “hair” but still the typical dark baby feet although he still had the squeaker voice when he came for the first time. His upper “nose” is covered by tiny spiky quills now as well which gives him a younger look now than before. I very much hope that he will come back for food. His eyes also have started to lose their baby colour although they are still quite dark. Maybe they will stay like this. I will miss him dearly!!! And most important: he increased his weight to 305 gr last Sunday!!! (from 210 gr he had before, 4 weeks ago).

Micky sleeps each night in her box still. I let her our each morning after giving her a breakfast. After some time she is regularly coming in again, walks straight away into the bedroom to go to her foodbox there and then takes a little nap. I have to keep an eye on her because she still tries to get Rudi of course which makes Pina completely nuts. So I have to separate them immediately.
Micky tries to find a partner outside but she is very picky. And she is very tough. She definitely can defend herself. She has beaten up several guys and girls already. Oh my! She has mated with several boys and even cuddles from time to time with a black one. But that’s only temporarily. Apparently no-one yet has fulfilled her expectations. Which is good. We don’t want our little princess to marry some nobody – don’t we?

I think she’s developed a good basis for survival outside and I am curious how this will continue when the weather is getting warmer. At the moment I am very happy that she is sleeping inside as we have very low temperatures still and it is very wet outside.

Micky taking a nap:

Hatty is making progress too and I hope very much that I can release her in a few days as well. After giving her breakfast with thawed peas – surely the first ones she has ever eaten – lol – she was standing for the first time on the little pottery saucer covered in kitchen paper I always put into the pigeon boxes as a perching place and tried to balance on her feet.

I had already noticed – while she was in her “batman cape” – that she struggled a bit with her feet which she could not do yesterday. Also we could hear her voice for the first time – she did not make a single noise since we took her in 2 days ago. So this is a very good sign as well.
I have realized that all pigeons somehow lose their voice when they are really sick – like an ill human who does not want to talk any more.

Hatty has also started to preen herself today which is a very good sign as well. We will keep fingers crossed.



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