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May 6, 2012

Micky wants Rudi, Pina goes nuts and 2 new Rescues

From the

Diary as of 3/1 – 3/6/2012

3/1   Micky has been sleeping in her usual box during the night. So she was warm and cosy. In the morning I gave her breakfast and out she was again. Came back later to get a second breakfast and went out again. In the early afternoon she was in again, went straight into our bedroom and stayed there for the rest of the day. Apparently she did not find a boyfriend yet nor a new home.

3/2   We truely have a problem here: Micky wants to have Rudi as her mate. But this is impossible and I have to seperate them strictly. Rudi of course wants to mate with Micky also as he seems to be a great womanizer with all the female pigeons outside but he is married to Pina. Pina is very jealous and if I do not pay close attention she is fighting grimly with Micky. I cannot let them do this as they could hurt each other. Also this causes too much stress for both girls. So we have a very precarious sitation here now.

3/3   Micky’s poop is still much too soft. Apparently this is still due to the PMV. Nothing has really helped so far. I don’t know what to do in the meanwhile. The virus has damaged a lot but I hope this will heal eventually as it did with our other PMV survivors also.

3/4   Rudi and Pina had a bath today. Oh – how happy they were to be able to lie in warm water together.

Gino got a bath also of course. Happy sweet little fellow. He looked so cute and he loved it so much!

3/5   Weather is cold and rainy. After breakfast – I have also given her a propolis pellet again – I let Micky out at 7.30. She came in again 2 hours later and was quite wet. So I kept her inside again for an hour and let her out again. Each time it is a game to smuggle her out without her being able to see Rudi – because he of course is the only reason why she wants to get out. I really hope that the weather is improving soon and that more pigeon boys are flying around because Micky desperately needs a boyfriend.

Regarding her digestion I will give her some Bene Bac this evening again.

This morning I had a pijjie with an injured wing. I had seen her already yesterday but she did not come in. Her left wing was drooping and on the outside of the wing I could see that some feathers were in disorder. This morning she came in for feeding and I caught her easily. I checked her wing and realized it must have been broken but not to an extent where she could not fly any more. The injury was not new and while I treated the spot (just below the wrist) with peroxide I realized that there was already some necrotic (green coloured) flesh along the bone and some pus.

I felt very sorry but I could not do anything else. I am not sure that this will heal again or whether she will lose that wing. I cannot take her in because I have no facility to keep another bird for weeks. Rudi and Pina are already very nervous because of Gino and Micky – so another sick pigeon inside will not make it easier for both. I also cannot keep her in quarantane for a while as Micky is already occupying our bedroom. So I released her again. We will see what happens tomorrow.

I will not bring her to the bird clinic as I do not trust these people any more. I am sure they put her down or take her as a living meal for their wild birds.

3/6   I took an adult female pigeon in today (Hatty) – one of our regular balcony visitors apparently because she came inside without hesitation.

Noticed that she hardly could walk – but was able to fly quite good. Her feet were paralyzed but not the complete leg. The grip reflex was missing but there was no visible injury. Her plumage was completely well preened, no parasites, no injuries, no swellings, no warm joints. She was well fed, her poop showed white urinates but was a bit too dark green and a bit too soft. Her eyes were clear, her nostrils clean, her cere snow-white. She was perching the whole time, calm, but not puffed up. Looked perfectly content. Her vent was clean, no swelling.

To be sure that she had enough in her tummy I tubefed her with millet baby cereal, applesauce and joghurt and gave her Calcivet because my suspicion was severe lack of calcium. Due to her ability to fly perfectly I didn’t think it was a neurological problem. I am a bit clueless though how to proceed further…

This is Hatty – look at her beautiful plumage!



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  1. Hi, I just came across your pigeon diary while looking for info on the net. Very interesting, and I will now follow your posts! I also love pigeons, have a dovecote and look after sick and injured doves/pigeons. I have a blog on Blogger if you would like to have a look – faithsdoves2.blogspot.co.uk

    Comment by Faith — December 27, 2012 @ 5:37 pm | Reply

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